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The difJemtce between the Cburcb of Rome that 110w i<, ~~~~~ot;;h~~~!t~~~~;,o~~~~ =~~~~~{ ~~:~:1~~0:-1~~e~; ~;;:!;~~ff~~ie~·e: t~!\~~t~~1 ~; againftthe~ralferrion, thanthercisfortheP<:Pc. Thetr.t- purgatL?",tooktherebynolinJemam1Uofcxaltation7hro- ~~~~v;~e:~~CfU:!1~t ~~e~i~ed~~~:fc~~~~~~~~~e~ Jor~~~5;!~;fe·:f~refaid,the Bifhops_of Rome hadalfo anoelfeomit ic to anothn: rime, if the good plrafure of the ther artificial pra~ice, that in fen<hng out their Lect~ Lord !ball be to grant me further lei!Ure in anoJhtr Book :~.broad, as _rheydtd fo many, in all their Epifiles (if the Epi- . 1\lesbetheLrs,and not forged)evertheywere.harping of thegreatn~oftheirnam~:.,andoftheirApoftolickStt,and t ~~tr~~;;n~~t:.p;;~· :s~~~~f~e~;;;~~~~~ ~~~~~~!:o~~~ifi~ery,r:;r~~ ~~~~~.:~rh~;~ro;:~:; :~:~~t;Jm~~j~~~:~e~~~ZJ~J:!~~;;,~~; ~~~.~d~~d~1~~o~~~~~~fe~:~:~h::!h~;r~:\d~ an~;i,~:i?a~'!Church dirrdcdany writing 1 3 • yet by the common con!i:ut of Church(S were llop~d of to t.hem, wherein any ligmfication was contained of nt:ver ~i~ki~!:n~~~f t~:.~~~~o~~n~~; t~f :!th~J ~~etie"fo~~~r"cli~ufat~e;h~hat(~~~t~~: ~1'tbr: not this Regal Hate ofTnfe, juri(du9:ion andfulnefs of andconltmcdforplain fubjed:ionand due obech_eru:e, as tfllio~of~~:~~h:!~Y ~~[~~al~~~it:i~':h~ 1~t: ~~~'&~1gl~~~ht~iJ~~~~~~· ~~~~;z,;~e~~~~:;~~ bilhofSandRulnsoftheCh~h. And ifanyprefer~nt &c. lnEng/ijbthus: _But that yot~rcharifJJUlduhd~t: ~~ir~~~~~~~~:Q,!~ci~h~g~~~r~:~~;;;~xf;,~~~~~~~ ~e;:;;J:t~::zr:~fu~'!ei~~:t:t:~ 'i~~~fif.(5~,,~;~;: was 1t fo gi.ven o~the~ ~or anyfuchn~effity of Gods whereasrhe ~ifhoj:t.loftheEaftChwch ~tw!thtlandmg, Tnirtten ~~:;::,r,{~;~;:ro~;~~~rf: ~e'~~~~~~(~(:~~a~~: ;~m~j~:tr.~~:c or no reverence in thru Eiifile to Pope ;?~~~:t ~ccc~h~~~a~:~h;~:~t:~ft~~~~-nd refpelts, as may m~~~v~~:;~(~~e~~~cf~et:;ijt\~yh~~~ R•••· fJrwhlch, rhe firft is tht:greatndS of the City :md Mo- atchievro to this their great Kingdom and cdlirude O\'er 1 • narchy of Rome. Chrills Churdt, firft beginning the myfiery of their iniThe fccond, is the authority of the Emperor Ctmjfantine quity by that which was modefily and voluntarily given ;!ill~~~~·rt:?a~t~~t~~b;r::1~h:~:~r:1~~;1~ :0~~l~~ilie':~?Ju~;e~df;f~;n~:rr~:~~~~:b~ ~~~~i:~~ t~~l~~.~=:~·~re3~~~~~i~~fyr~~ ~1:~ ~~~~ ffjr~~c~~~c~ :C~~%~~t~hld~~~!~~fs~ Bi!l10p of Rcmt, partly to other Bifhops near by, to be dcci· c:!ll home their feathers again., which they fo long have ded,aslpJX<lrttlt,EltfibJik·Io.cap.5· ufurpcd. The rlt~d was the Counol of Met:, which con~rmed . And thus much CO?ceming_ the Lif~, Jurifcl!d:ion and I"~~i.t:-f tlte prcenunence of that Church eo have rhe overhghcof Title of rhe Roman Bifhops: m all which (as IS declared) & .... dlf"o:-: the Church(S bordering about it. they, and not we, fallen from the Church of &mt. ~"!;fit"' 4 . wJ3~e ~~~~t ~:l~~eof~h~d~~;~~t~~~~~~~:~!ro~eJ !~e= !:tJ ;o~$~U:eh~~~~;::m~~~ f.:blt in thofedays with Sed:s, Fal!tions and 0Jifencions, whcrrof from thenlle ofScripture, anffrom the fieps of the true ,':'~nt we troy read1 SocratJ1b.2. ct~p.15 , Soz.omJib,3, cap.S. Church of Rwu, which govmunent~ it hath bem, and "!'he fifth, w.h~tas Synods wer~ called by otbn Metro- ought to be only fpiri~ fo hath theBifhop of Romt u(«{ ~~:~~d rf~~~?~1t~~~:~~;~b~:~~~r~fre~:~~~ ~: ~~::~:t~~~~~c:;oh~h~: t~~d ~~::r!:rh~i~~~ occalion thereof they began at l_ength to take thdr ft'lttence glory, power, terror, <;JUtward fireugth, force., pri(on~death, for :t Canon or rule &~ldiafhcal , and thmby to refufe cxecut!on, laws, poli~es,promo.ti~g his frimds ro digniti~ otl~er Synods, where thetr Decrtt or Sentmcc was not rt- rev~tging his affctbons, purufhing and correCting faults qu1rcd. :Jgam!thisperfonmore than other cffencesagainfi: God Another ~ufewas, that whmany cominon matter was committed, ufing and abqling in all thefethings.the Word inhandatotherplaces, whatfoever was ?one, coffil!'Only ofGodfurhispretext:andcloketoworkhis worldlypur- ~~ti~~ejt~etfa~~~tfo~;~~li~k:~i~y~~o~!~(~l~~oaf: ~ffucl!t~~~~v~;r;::~~t~V~~~~~is~~~~~ had m ChrifisChurch,as appeareth,L1b.r o. Epijf.]S. Am· according to the faying ofrhe Apo!Ue; .ArmamJiltl.e rw1· ~~o{::1fo~f~{:·the teftimony fometimts of the Roman ~~A;ril{~:r~ili'S~~'t ~1,£~t~i;;/!fu~. !~~~= B:!hop was wont in tho~e days alfo to be ddired for ad· but fp1ritual: fuch as ferve not agamfi Ae!l1 and blood, nor mitcing T etchers and Bifhops in other Chwchts, whereof againfi the wc:ak per(on ofman ; but againH Sat:m,againfr B. w~~;:o:~~: ~~:;!:!·~e~~ft;i~p.of that Church, ~~g:~ o~Hell, and the profundities of the wicked pow~ wl1ct1as .their fentence not only was reqwred, but al_!O re- Wluch A~mour, as it is all fpi~inul,fo out?ht they, which Row tilt ~7::!~~~~~~~~~~: '!n~~iren~~ :r!:~~B~~ :fu~d 1:~~h;ng f~hoo~:::J~:: !r:~ol~~~: ~;f. ~~;~, d~~i~~t~~~ ~~v~tt~c:t;ttr;~~~0a~~e!:~~~~r~! ~~d~~r !~d t~~~r:f~~~ i~ftt~ ~~~C:e~1i~~~~;v:~~ otd, hea~ng and decidm_g of the ~ufe,asd1d Mac arms and H~ nonm : with inward intdligroce and fol'(:light of the crat: Jjchstrs fend eo 1ulull then Bdhop of Rome, &c. ty cogitations and operations of Satan, with power of the !l· Arfr;';j~;: t~ff~:drau~ ~~~~:~~:;J ~=;~s~ifu~~h~f ~e~~~~~~~~t~~~f;r~ {;~t~~~~~~~ ;:r;~~:rr~J Romethcirlilxls?fRrpentance,~ndwere _ofthemrecei_v- ofSatan: withhea\'etlly_difc:retion to difr:ern fprnts, and,asUrfottmandValtnsdidto1uhus, Socrar. itb, nuthfrom untn~:th: w1th JUdgment and knowledge of :~,~~~'l',~~~~::~l~~o~~ ~;,:~;:h,~'~~~r:,; ~~7;:~~:~ ~;;~%::;:;:~~~~ '~~~~~~~~~ whic?D.amafiiSBilhopof_Rom~,andPett:rBifhopofAitx-- dmt, With tears and compa~10n on other mens grid's: ;mdr~ndidhold, SOU>mJsb.7. cap+ . withftoutnefsat~~ courageagtnfiproudan~ fioucoppr_ef- •th:~;~~~~gif~; ~~r~!t~i~;~Jn~:h;~o~:~: ~h~ ~o:f~ 1 ~ft~~}i:dJ~!e br~~~~v:fe-;:~15~~~