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26 Tbedi/fere1/ceberwee1l rheCburcb of Rome rbat 1JOJV M, but hold him aa:un:-w, yea if he were an. Apofde or An~d SClibcs :m~ PM.rifC"S, who under the name of Gcd crucitied ~. ·· ?T~~;~Ef;:J,h;il¥~i;~~::::!;~~':i~i ~~::~~~~~j~C~1.;!~fJ~~;:~~!b~~~~:~ ~4t7. . wllh~andmg all tlus forewammg. and d1hgent mfi~trion braggmg fo h1t;,hl~ of the T'mple if_ the Lord, the Ttmpft compmd !~'t:?.t:':'n o ~ th~bldfedApofile ofdlf!: Gf!: l.llliC'S, wh_atad&Chonof ifrhtU.rd, d1d mdL-«1 df!:firoy the m,u: Ttmplt of thtrogubtr. th• c~ur<b f:uthlS fallf!:n among th~ Gentlll'S, efpeoally among the Lord: nght fo ~h& pre~c:nftd ~thohcks inthefedays, Th•Popn ~~ R.•m•. Romans, whcreof the fa1d Apofilc alfo fOretold them fo after they have r.ufOO up a CarholKk Church of their own, ~""d,h llll· long before, fore--prophecying : Thattht~alo£ the Lord andhavcarmedthe fame with hws, and have gathered n::;,.~,bc fh~ ;z: ~::e~/}:p;ui~trbe ~'/'v~~,'j~f1;ou'td~/;fo~ ~~~f;~~:c~1, ~·\C:J~~j~~~d~~~~ ~~~~~ ~ ~~~::h; r! o[God,&e. Thef2. m~amnf5 (no doubt) ~y tlus~e-- take:: the1r pan; now under the name of the Ca.tholick 1::: i~~;'i; !~~H~i/~~~~fit~S ~~~~~ ;la~t~~~g:~~ ~i~\~~~ha~~~~~; ~~~:~~\~ei~ ~~~in~1fif~:~~t~~~~~~%~t;:~i:;:~:i orchil~. A •i•w of ~tR~=:~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~:~;~~ r~;~1~ 0f;~ ~~~~:~~~In;~~ :j~~:~~~h-~~r~0 to~~~::~:t~~:~&~:Crn.:~ic~ ~:d~e~ ~~!~ ~:r:1a~d~r!~~3I:~fh;h;~~~wo~1~~~~::r;~~~ ~~;;;~~w~~~:~~oraf:rcr:h~~d~~~~~ c~~~~~~cethb: T hdf.2. ofcrremonitSandtradltlons, thcfeMafS..books, thcfePortc- anxScripturc; butonlyfi.lch, whlch Will not JOYO with ;~t~:~~~~a~l~ed~~~~~~tht~~~~~~}:~ :!h C:h7sa;0~~efics, contrary tO thf!: honourofGod,and nrr of then Invocation, thf!:lr Ca1~0l1S, CenCurcs, and hter And ldlany fhould thit!k th~that ~·e hcr~ ~oteft ag1inft Councils., fuch fwarms of fupcrft ttious Monks and F ricrs, thcconupteri'OISand mamfokldcfomutiC"SohhlSiaterchurch fuch Seas, and fo many divers·Rdigions, the teftament of of Rome, to proettd. of any rancour or affcdion,rather than t St.Francu, the ml~ of~ t. Btne~if!, of St. Bri1gtt, of St. grounded UJ?Onn«effary cauftS.and demonfirat_ions e\~dent, AnthonJ, &c. the mtncatf!: fubnlnf!:> ~nd. labynnths of the mr purpofe 1S (by thf!: Lords lrave) to tJke hc::Rm fomf!: little Schoolmen,thf!:inllnitecaftSa.nddifimdionsoftheCano- pruns,as lhavecollcded:J.littlf!:lxforc the fum and con· nifis, the Sennons itl Churches., the alfcrtions in Schools., ttnts of St. Pa~tl's Dcdrine, wherewith the old Church of .;b, Uurch ~f~~~t~:~~Pr~;v~~~ r~~teo~~~!sC~~~~y,:O~c:~~ tu=;bfibfe =~~~at~:c~~~e;; '~~~:sas~~da!~ !gj~: ~~~~~;,;to~~~:~~;b~!;~:~:~E,J~~~~~,~: ~~:E.:~~;,~;:~=~~,l~:~~~~:~: l:'n•fm. IJ:lga.nifme r:ith_cr, brought m under the ~dow of Chn- Church of Rome that now IS,and the Churc~ of R.ome that fhamty, wherem remaineth a!moft nothing elfe but .ti:' then was plantf!:d by the Apofi!es in thf!: Primuivf!: nme.And nameonlyofChrifi, and the outward formofh isRelig~~ to the end to open unto .the fimple Rc:adcr fomeway en, the tn.le v~iu and dfcCt whereof is uttcrlyd.ccayed; as whereby he 1my the ~tter JUd~t in fuch matters ofDOCt~ tothem whtch lift to ex:~mine :11! t!Jf!: plrtS of thiS new R~ rine, and ~tot be dccCJ\•cd in d1fi:CJ1!ing truth from error ; mi.fh Religion may foon arprar. firfi we.wJll propound certain pritJCJples .or genmJ p:llitiFor favconly that they rretcnd lhefo!enm form and words OilS, as mfa~Jb!c rules 0~ t.ruthsof the ~lpture,whereby all of thf!: Croo:l ,and arf!: bapnfed, confelling thf!: Name of the other Doctn.n(S and Opuuons ofMnt bemg tried and exa~ Fathcr, the Son,:~.nd the Holy Ghofi ;. as touching all other mined, as with the touchfionf!:,may the more cafily be judgp:lilllsandtrue fincerityoftheChriftJanFaith,whichthey edwheth~r they be true or contrary, :mdwhtthcrthcy outw:udly profefs,theyareutterly drg(]JCratedfromthat make agamfithf!:Scriptwe,orno. wl~i~~-~h;~ ~:r:a(t~~f~t~~~\~:;,a~~tu~\V~lmi~ Cert11in Principlu, or general VerilitJ grounded ~~~' his Wo~dexprf!:ffcd they renounce; his.grace theyacknow· ltpon tht truth of GodJ Wgrd. ~Si: .. ~~~h~0:e~v~~~cs;h~~~r;:n~~es~L;~~h~ ~ei1:! The firfi Pr~~~ple. . ,ha;~ :Z~~;:~~rt~~~/;if:V~~~Y~ili~~~~h~j~;:~~j:;: I. As ~::en~ ~Oa~~::':j~h:;li':n~,%, r~; ~{,~;;~fo ~~? of~i~;~~?f:1;he name of Chrifi his Son in \\·?rd they ccn- ;;gah:e;f:1:;:/f:eJ:j;i: 1f:'lin;;ftt 1a~~B~;t:;;e;~: ~!~S:~ fcCs.,bmlusvfficf!:ind~edthcyddXeanddinuniih;hisglo- . The {ecou Prmcipl~. Rom.s. rytheyfccknot, but under his name theydofcckthcir 2. T~ promifoof_God~asfteiygwm toOHr firft ,pa· own; th.e power of his blood and paJTion tht)_' k1101v not, rmtr 'mtho11f tbm dt[tM.!mg; that t~[ttd of the woman or elfe dilfcmblc it, whom neither tbf!:y adnut to be the ffiOU!tl break the {trptnts, G(lt·3· Gn1. 3· HradofhisChurchalonf,norSaviouralonr,nortobeour Thctlmd ~inciplt:. ~~~~Yo~~~~0Pa~;~:~~.t':h;:~~~~~~f~ ~~~~~fii~~ ~hr~~~: ft~~J;;:~,~:1ri~:t~!;:/Jf:t~~~h;,~,f!foo:id t dom bath his pccuhar Patroa'bclidtS Chrill to hold by. h/ejJM,.Gcn.I2, Gf!:ll. I2. In like manner they confdS the name of the HolyGhofi, but God himfdf knowcth how f3r they are from the corn- add, nor take fOrt,knowled.gcand~ftf!:oftllf!: ~olyGhofi; asn:cll mJy Deut.f. a.ppearbythelrCouncJl~, by the1r expounding ol Serif>- The fifth Principle. =~J ~~o~~~i~T,~;~o~oh~=OI::~b1tl~r fi~~ LcJi~.~: rt;:L;~th thtworks ojt~e ~w.jhaU live rhmin, l.evit. IS• . and ftones,anJto?(3d crcar:urcs, bythe1r fcrupulous ob- . The .rlXth .Principle.. . Ga13. ~~~ ~~o:r~~r;~~:E~:~~:i:1~?:~!:~,; ",:,~:::t:t,"~£-£i~:~$,~;;vd:!.;:·g ,h., ~t;:· ~~~~f~ ~~~;~~. ~~~Ya~~~r~~~:=~~ ~';h~i~,fa~~~~i:~ 7 • God unf].u '~ri~~J1~r;;~:6. Luke 4· ~~· :· ohott~J contn.rytothe workingofthf!:HOI}' Spir.itofGod. S. Allournghttoufntjflli:ke a defiled d~th of aw~ • AndthustheChurchofRome,prctendmgonlythenamc m.m,Efay64. Efar 6-f. !ti::!':"'h ofChrifi and of his Religion, is fo far altmd from the T!.JC ninth Principle~ f'T~mcl<th truth of that which it prctcnd~th, tlm.under. the name of 9· In aU "'1 Wiy Ml thq jllllll not J.,IJ nur flab faith tbt E&. :{;7,~~1~· ~~~~~r~~~~~~l~e~~:~~~n~~tJ;~ ~~!:~:~ ~~o;t; lArd, Efay 11 • 65 " Tile tmth Pri~ple. . cl; ~' ;t;!:{.rta ~:1~:~i;~~~u~hd~~~;~1 ;omthe~ld s;~~ or: ok.~: ~oi~;;: mmJ and qbrlftm~t mm thRn facrifoe , zRe;g. ~ S 11><