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The ten jirjl Perfewti011S i1z the Primitive C/mrch. { ~;:} ~~~~ ~}?~:lr;!ir~0rih~~~~~1 i ~~~~m~;,::dd~~: fen~'f~~~~r~fet~~;~~h:;~ ~~~d ~;~r~¥~·~o~~ ~;::;.!:~ ~~:~o~ri~~~~r~~~~t;rr«l~~~:ni~n~h~d~;;rnJ:j:j~~ b;~t~~~~1~:;~!~\~rr~~~~~e~i%~/~~~~:~~~2: ~~; ofluu'lll· Jchn was OOntfhed mto Pathmos for the tdnmony of the qmreth ofhun the pl«<gr, whtch m the wttndS of Chnft mur. ~~:r~~~~;~~rb:ai~~:~i~1~~ f~n~~g *~a!~d t ~~:p~~t:~~~refo~~h~~;~:::~~:ta':~~~~~~~~?]~~~ :,;;:i~!: bl~;!:a:~,~~,~~~~~ifu~lf!~;;:r ~=:g;hi!~~~hatdt ~~~o~:e~~d:e)(~~~~~t~~o~~~ one hundred. Where: he contmued mm! the ttme .of Tra- millru!l John, nor contrary his words) could not tdl what ianus, and there govemed the qhurd~ in Afia, whae ~ anfwer: Then Jo~ percdving his doubting, and utteralfo he wrote his Oofptl, and fo lJVed nil the y_car afta the mg IllS mmd more plamly: T~e youngman (faith he)and Pa1lion of our lord, rhreefcore and eight, wh~eh was the th~ Soul of our Br~tha comm1tted to your cuftody,I do reyear of his age, one hund~ed and twenty. . qum:•. Th~t the ~1flmp with a loud voice foyrowing and !1.':i~~b.f. we~:r;h~~~y;h:at~;e~~~~~;d~~~~~~~ili~f;hi~';~ ~;e~E~~~ ~~:,h~~ T::~~he7'fahl;~ Jj::~;~G!t{~~~ ~~a~~~~:e~r:S:h~ 1;;h ;i1~:;~,t~:~g:Vr:: ~h~ ~~r~:,e he" a~J/j:;:;;;:11e~;~;;;~0};~,!':~~~Ja~;~: Ir.,.tih.:, Churches and CotJgret~tJOilS. Irtndm in hiS ftcond Book VzlJams and ThzM.Its lzlu unto hzmfdfag_amft the Churc1. !~::~jc\~rj~h:;~e 06ifci;t:1~~h~~1i:c~di~ 'j~;a~i~: !:fo~faf(~~;:lt/t~:t~~~~~:~. ~~;~!r~fo~;: ~~:~~ ~~~eth~~~:; :~;~!~in~~~~a!~~.t~n: ~~r~0th~nf= ~~~ed~,~cr{~ H:n:~;;d~:~e ;!:r~~~~:e~~etr~~~~ ;~~~t Irmdus, /:b. 3· Hypothef. in hke words dtclarerh, f:tying, the Chwch ~s much as he: could, and coming to the fame The Church of the EpbtjianJ \xing firfi founded by Ptml, pl.:._ce lV-as taken_ of Thieves tlut watch~. But he, neither -afterwa~d being oon~rmed of ']o~n (who continued in_the flymg nor _rtfi.dmg, Caid, I ca"?t fir thzs caufo hitbtr, fameCnyuntotheume of Tra;amt! the Emperor) IS a le.:Jme,Catdhe,toyourCaptam. Sohebcingbrought,the true witne:!S cf this Ap:»iolical tradi_tion, &c. C_ltmmJ Captain all af!11ed, fiercely began to look upon him ; and C,, ..,., . AltxnndrmNs moreover noteth OOth the rime of t~ holy c:fc.fOOilS commg to the knowledge of him, \'t'aS ilrucken :,~·,,.J,... Apoftle, and alfo addeth to the flme a cmain Hifiory of with confufion and fhame, and began to fir. But the old ~im, not ~nworthy to be remembred of fuch whic~ de- man followed him as much ~she might,forgerting his age, ~-~ot~b1f light in tlungs honen and profitab_le. Of thewhich Hillory and crying, M.J $(111, whJ tkJft tbtJ1~ JlJ ftom th] Fathtr? an t,;•~h~ Sca.,omtnrf! alfo in his Commmtarm ma~et~ mention. The armtti '!'an ftom (111t nal:td.jJj'OWig man ftom an old man? •nitua. H~rrd! ;:b~~ea~d~~:/~~~;~ ~~~~t:~ ~~;ir,~h~~~~ ~~:r;;,t;:, ~j_'%;ffO:,~k: a~;;;;{;,{he:!~:o1::Zj!~ ounrput. ~~~ rl:;:l:!~c;~e ~h:1~e~!~b~f~~~ ~;~~:1~: ~~~~::to~;~[;j;;b~/;e 1e~~;'!}h~~Jh;[fon71;,[. ~:;Lff: Tohn was _retumed to Epht{tll, from the l~e ofPathmot, He he:ning thefe things, firfl,as in a maze, flood In\~ and flii<IU. ' i1ewasdehredtorefortto theplacesOOrdmngncar unto therewithhiscouragewasabated. Afterthathehad c:aft . ltim, partly to conllitute Bilh(lps, pJrtly to difpofe the eau· down his weapons, by and by he trembled, yea, and wrpt fes and matters of theChurch.partly to Ordain and fet fuch bitterly : .and coming to th~ old man, imbr-aced hiru, and oftheClergyinOffice,wbomtheHolyGhofilhouldeleCt-. fpJke untohimwith wecpmg (aswt!lashecould)being ~~'eili~~~:n~v~fn,~~ic~~~0:n~0daoc;:!~~~~~:~J h~~,'d ~~~ ~~~~~tco~~~. ~~~ t:S A~~\~ ~t/~~: had among otht:r things ~mfort~ the Brethr~, he ~k· he had prom_ifed and firmly afcertained him that ~e fhould ~!~~;:1~e~fa" ~~~~w~l ~~h~eit~:.~~: ~po~'h~:~~~;!~ff;&v:~a;~~~!;J;~re~1,,~h~~ of beautiful cvuntrnance, an~ of :1. fn:venc mn~d ; I con: for Chame he durH not fhew before,as now purged through mend th1s man ( fai~h he) to thee wtth grC:l.tdiligence, m ~1tance, bro~t h~m to_the~gauon. And wh~ witrtc£S hae of Chnfl: and of the Church. he h::!d prayed tor bun wuh contmual prayer and daily When the Bilbo~ h:td r~_cived of him this Charge.,and fafiings, and had comforted and_ confirmed his mind with hadpromifed hisfa.uhfuldtlig~ncctherein: •• the_fe-- m:tnySentences,wrntnotfromhnn(astheAuthorreport- =~n~;~~J;~:~~~nl:t~:: Th~~~~~~~:~~:~~ :!~:;~~e~;~h:~:~~~~~~e~,~h~ri~~flf:~~~~t~: ed again to Ephtfm. The B1fhop receivmg the young man, and a token of tht: vifibl~ Rc:funedi?n· ~~:~~~~l~:.£d~~~~i~l~~~~~~~~~f~~~~ thoofotef.,dJ,m~., m lib.J. cap• • 'nd &J~E' :~:~~)~15 t~~!~,~:n~~!~~r~ 1~~~ h;: t~~~~~~~h~~~~ rh~ Difdpl~ of our L?rd going into Ep efos to be walhed, "''k..t. a ccrtam Cure in the Lords behalf. The young man thus fee1ng C(rlnt"h:u witht11, he Jeaj)(d out of the futh unbath· hav~ng more hislibe~X· icch~nc~ that_certain of his Corn· ed,?ecaufc he fc:Jred the Bath lhould have: fallen,Ceting that ~~~~. ~~o~f~1ddo~~~ ~~c~t~~~d~:f~g~1~e~~~~~~u~~~;~~;~~ ~:d:h~A~t~~e(~i:~ ;,~:~~)~1;;3:h:~c~~~~d~~t~!: DJ dotbo ~::;~~h~h~~~~~t~~~jfur~h ~~Tt~::~:~dt~~t~~~~l~ ffil~:~tfo~r~:;~~\':h:~ ~~~: ~~rl~:~ld~~j~~ :r:t~~Tf Of rob and fit:a1,afrer that he was a.llwed by them unto grc:Jter John the bleffed EV:lngeliH,here comtfh in matter and OC· Ur!f~h~~~a';i~tl~,ic~~b:~~g !~:eiJ~~i~~oa~do~~~~e~fb~ ~~~ ~~~J~~~~~~~~ ~:~~' ~~~~;~~pio;g~~ rho: c:: lick,fubtJI,illummate, andferaphica!DoC"torsofthePopes Catholick Church, thc(e five hundred years. The difficulty isthis, Thac!Orfomuchasauricularconfdlionhathbern,Aea~ and is yet ttceived in the Popes Cath?lick Church for an~~ GI:lce, utterly forgetting and rc;tffing the wholefome ~ holy and neceffary Sacrament, cxtendmg uni,·erfaliy to all•tti2111"Peu· & of Salvation, which he had teamed before., bcg3n to and fingular Crc:Jtures Chrillian: here then arifeth a quefti· ~~.«~~>re&> fer his mind upon no (ina\1 matters. ~nd for as much as he on, Who was our ladi(S Confdfor,or ghoftly Father ? But SoMi= wascntredfotarintheway"ofpc:rdJt!on,hecared!lothow thatis_dccrred and ~nfeffed with full confentofallthe fitnha ht: proceeded i~l tile fame. And fo affocianng unto Catholtcks to ~ S:tmt John. Whofot\"tr dcnieth,. or him the company of hiS Companions, ~nd fellow Thiev(S, d~bteth of this, is_Jlraightways Ipfo (affo an Hmuck. took upon him to be as Head and Captam mnong th~m, in Thts tlt~n fo dctennmed,arifet~ another quellion or doubt, Aaoth~P committing all kind of Murder :tnd felony. that Cceu1g our Lady was Without all original Jin, and 4~=11' ~l(Q