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The ten firfl Perfecutimzs in tbe Primitive Church. :~ifJit~~:~~~·h:~r;:h:rt;:a~~o~~h~~!n~~ft}'~~ ~;i::!~~~r~:~~c~:~~~~ :~u~~:l~~~tc~:!~= we gonotfromour Confcllion: b~tcontrary, the more t_hcrlluffcdwtth Laws, lnJundions, andfiatcly Decrees, ~church f:~~it:~~~gh~e;~ ~~~~~~t~f~~~a~~ 1~t}J~~ ~~:~etf~~h~h~;n~:1ir~l~:~~ ~~~e~~:~~:J lna-ea(cth no othcrwife than if a man cut the Vine·Trte, the better the tWQ Epifllcs of this Euarijfus. ~ ..!•rf«J· the Branches grow.. For the Vine-Tree, planted by God And when he had given thefe Orders, and had made and Chri(l our Sav10ur, is his people. Ju.ft. fix Pridls? two IHJcons, and five Bifhops for fundry places(f:mh the !lory) he fuffere<l Martyrdom. But et To comprehend the 11:1mes and number of all the Mar- what kind of death, for what caufe he fuffered, what contyrsthatfidfcred _in all thcfeten Perfecutions_(which are !lan<:y he lbewed, what was theordcr oroonverfation of ~~~~~~bl~:erlit~t i~t1 r0~~~~~ ~!~~:hrad;J~~~:; !~~~~f; ~ J~~~~~9 ~~~c~~ic~1~urf~:t~i~~rit~~ d~~ alldcourfcofyearsanclumes, thatettherfo?J-ebenot ltft becaufe the?ld ancu:m Writers have no remembrance out, orthateveryonebereduced intohisr1ghtplace, ef- th~reof, wh1ch otherwi(e would not ha•·e paffed fuch pecially feting the Authors t~emfelv~ whom in t~ pre· thmgs over in filence, if they had b:eett true. Again,neither f~nt Work we follow, dod~verfly ~1fagree both u1 the dc~heAuthorsfully?grce mtheu~e ofhisMartyrdom, ~~ ~E~?1:!~~!~~~~~:i;~~~:~;,;r t;;J!rl.E£r~lg~~i.1~i:;!1:~~~~: Author• making no mention of C!ettu, but of Anadaus, £nth, the limple tnlth (as feemeth) doth affirm that Euari.ftzu !51~, of l!t~d~~~ba~i~sj~~~~~~~~~~;:/A;!,:i;,~~~ ~~~: ~(~m~j~l~n}':~t~~r~d 0io!I;~·~h1~~b;~~~ E!· ~;:::~~~5g:~:t.:~~;t:?~~z;;::;;:~~: ~:.~~;,~~~:.~~·~~~t:~{;;,rf~~~.~~~; .~·~ ~~~·~t ::t~/~,.:O~~~l~f~~ 1~~d~ 1u;t:tr:,:hile ~t~~~:: ~~rz:~: ~nh~~tb~~'i~;:pu~"~~;~ha~';:ff= ~.,;;.~ cd in his Apofildh1p abroad,_ and fo faith Mananus be. Som~ fay he was the fi~th, and fame the fevcnth : A_utbon ~f~~a~/~:~~ki~~~~~;~~tti&~ ~f~~~~~~~re(V~~;t~~ ;:~:;~x~1,~s~t 7h~efi~:h:1v~~~~fo:~ffi~~~tr,:h3~! f~ dill~'" · may appear by the way, what credit is ~o be given to the was in the Reil?n ofTrajan. And how can that be? when decretal Epifill"S, whom a!! the later Hiftorics (If the Pope the faid Damajus affirmed before that J!-uari.ftus his Pre-- , his Church do_foUo~ in thlS beltalf, &c. Moreov~, where dl"Ce!Tor fuffered in the lafi ym of Tra1an, and tha1 the ~;:;,:;:u';vi~n~~h~~~:' l::.t:!u~/~tPJs:e~/:r~;, 8~%C://n~: :0fh~ckfa~~~:~a~d~r a f~~~~edv 0;u~~~~;~~h~~~ Ana&lttiiJ, ~uarijf11s, .Aie:.:ande~, Bi~ops of Rome, that year of Tra1anu_s. But then how om that fiand with that they dted Martyrs : EufebiUs, m his EccleGaflical Bede and Manam1s Scotus ? which fay that he fuffered Hifiory '~riting of th~m maketh thereof no mett~on . under Trajanut, orwith Orho F"f'iji_ngmfts; which faith he et·•••'• And hrfiastouchmg Clmunt (whomManamu Sco-- fufferedthe fourth year of Hadrtan, when he had been Blfho~ tus calkth the firfi. Bi!hop of Riime after P~ttr) they fay Bi1hop ten years by the ~cneral confent of mofi Writers ? M~,. 1 that he was ~mt out into b::milbm~t ?f Tra}lmlls, beyond ~ey which write ot the dffll:s and doi~IT of this blef- !'aon;:~tr.r;~~~t~'; :::;a~~:hi~ti:f'rh:s~~~:I~ 0 ,:;; ~f~~h:sm~e:f::fa:~~a1h~h~d~!J;~:Sy~t = condemnedtotheMines. Afterwardbem~accu(ed_rothe ofthe Senators to theF::tithof Chrift, amongll whom fa~i:Jr;t!~t'h~ n:~,\~~~i~~t t~~i~f:,thh; ~~/1= was Htrmu a great ~n in Romt, whofe Sor~~!:f ~;! caflup and buricd(asP/arma_f::tidt)atthep~acewherethe r then abWell was m1de. Some fay 1t was found hrfi in the days Governor of ~;~:gJf~~~~@~~~~€1 E_piflles, nnt~ly _( 35_ may fe~m) afcribcd ?nd mt1tukd to th~ugh three:_doors with three_ locks a piece, was brought Mmyto. ~~;~f1~1~ ~~~t~fJlil~~.1 ~~!!11~t~~~-~;~~~~~a~f~~~~:J :~~3;~~h~1 ~r~f~~l ~;i~~~~ ~~-e ~';i:t;r~}d/ki~= the Church of Rcme nme }'eus, the fatd Clemmt left the mu his Kecpt:r, named Balbma, by reafon whereof the fa~d ftlcccffion therrof t? Euarijfus. fi?.uirimu, with his wl~ole Houlhold, were all baptized, and Of which J!-uarijftu next Bifhop of Rome, ~hus we find fuffercd alfo forth~ Fa1th ofChri/1. in_Irtnd:US, M. 5· 't1f· 3· Pmrand P~u/(fllthhe)com- Th?S thetl ~faith the frory) about the fecond rear of mttted the Charge of that Church to LmuJ : after whom Hat!r~an,Aurdranus_the Rt~!er took Alexander the Bilhop, came Anaclttus, then fi1cceeded Cltmms, next toC!tmtns with Htrmer, hisW1fe, Cluldren, a~Ki his whole Houlhold. followed Euarijfus, af~er whom came Altxant!tr, and to the number of one thoufand two hwtdred and fifcy,and. :~~; :;;;;; ;~~~ ~/~p~~~~;'rh~~l~!"~~:~h~~~7:~i:~ :!:,~;, ~:.~ ~~!:;)~: 1itis1;;!;~a~~~!~t:~ea;:jdth!1;;fi Animru. And when Sottr took the place afttr lum, then were bum...d m a Fomace. Theoduft1s another Deacon of the twellih Bifhop of Rcmt was Elmthtrius. Thus after Altxant!tr, fceing and rebuking the cruelty of the Tyrant, Chmtnt follow«l (as is (aid) Eua~i 111 in1he fecond or fuffercd alfo the fame Martyrdom 1hird ye::tr ofTrajanus, as 6ith Ifu tbius ; or as Nicepbo-- !!J."i.rinus alfo the fame time (~. f:Uth Anroninus) having ~· .rr.,;.. r1u faith, the fourth yor of tl1e f.11 E~pcror. Bt~t how- firft lus Tongue cut out, then his hands and _f~t, af~er- ';';""::.1: focver the count ofyearsfiandeth, lit~le ornodung re-- W::trd ·wasbeheadedaJKI call to the do~: EquJltn,s(a~th, mainedt of the Ads and Momunents either of this., or of that he was behead~ and cafl: into Tt~tr in the R~ign of other Bilhops of Romt in thofe days. Whereby it may t~e Emperor Clnudtus; but that cannot be:. al\X'i~ Pla- ~fJho;i t~~~t t~~~fegJ~;s,a:f: ~frs ~~~1 O:~s~~~~ili: D':c;~J~r:%~di.~~~~-i~~~~~;::;,a;<:;i~·~~e ~:~~f ~~·~~ , either fo lightly rtpn~cd, or (~ flenderly co~tutted to this B1fhop, Saphtra of Am:o,h.andSnbma a Rqmanfuf. 1:;.,£/m· ~~~ t;J.i;._ Hift\.•ry. Notwithfiandmg, ccrtam decree::tl Epl.!Ues are re· fertd Martyrdom. , Fiorilfgul,