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Tbe Te1l.flrfl Perfec~ttio?Js intbe Primitive Cburcb. 53 ~~~~~~~~it!~~:~~h~~:~~it~~d~g1%~h~!~h;~~~: ~o~~~~~~:~;~t~v~{~~~~~~~:v!~~~~~a;;;~ ~~1, thought had the Raman he beheaded, the rd1dl!e but mv~ntr:d new and f~n~ry tOrments every day againft he gave to the Bcafls to be devoured. And tn!ly Chrill: \yas our bodies. ~e.ithcr yet did lt content them when rhey had much glorified by thofe which a little '?efure had demcd J>i!t the Chrijhan_s to death, for that they wanted the (cnfc him,whichagain,comrnryrotheeXJXd'atloncfthe l nfide~ of men: forwluch cau(e both the Magifi_nteand proplc ~f~~t ~~~~c;'h~1 r~;;t~~~~;1:he~ 0Jethv%;:~~~~: fuf~~e'J~x~~h~~~~~~~i~7.~e~k;; ;~~:~J~c;,l~tiU,:,e;~~~~~~ A~c.20j mg found conftlfors, ~vcre )Oyncd to the company of the J!1H:anJ be ~bat tJ Juft,lu h1mbe mure Ju.ft.For thofe which Martyrs,and had_ with them t~eir part. Bu~ there were then m t~eir Prilons they fl r.:mgled,they threw after tO the dog.'>, ~~cl~et:~&\~~=~~~ ;~dil~ ~~:~~l;t:~:h:;'~~~~:~ ~~~~~~c~s~:t ttu~%,a~~! b;~~~~~ ra:;~ht~~e~:~~~~~~~ at all of the !m of God, but bbfphemed his ways by t~e of thei r bones and bod1cs,fome ha lf burned,fo1~e left of the lewd converfation of their life, t \'tn fu_ch as wert: rhe C!ul- wild Ika_!ts, and fome all robe mangled,alfo ?ru~ging fOrth dren of damnation. All the re!idue )Oyned themfelves to heads ot others whicli. were cut off, and m hke manner .Atmnl< r . ~~e;:,'!e~t~;:);:~clb;;~:'\:~J~ p~~~ir:~~~i~l'h~~ ili:n:~::i~~~~:t~n~~ the charge of the kee·pe·rs to fee '}: ,!~!{d dwelt long 111 Franu, and known almotl: of all, for the love ~he Grnul~s JVinded a_nd gn:Uhed at the Cbrifh'!?s with he had to God, and bo!dnelS of fpeaking (mither was_ he thet~ teeth, Ccekmg wluch way they might amphhe t~eir ~~~~~J~~te~:n~ti~;~~ ~~,;!!~:~~~~a~~~~~~ ~~~~~k:r:;~~ib~~~~~ ~~~~e~h~t~~~et~f~~~x:~~;~~ :;t:l;;:;ro~::~~~~~ci~:rfo~~~;~ '~~~~~af!~:~ ~~.v:3te;~Jh~w~;v~~k~~~ ~e;f;,tj~eh~~k~: into he was defcried of the flanders by. The people: not the tceth,faymg.}fl~eo 1.1 JCifl"~o~ thatyo11 fo m~Uh bo.'ljf ~f? :~~~~;~~fii~r~~~h~~ ~~j~!f~~O~l~~:~;~~ i,:7?b~~t::~:~~"(u:J~g;£::::;/;;r;£~?:h: againfi.A/txanderas oneth:!.twasthecaufeofallthJSmat· Grnu!ts, butthe Cbrifhans in the meanwhil~ were in d·,~~~ ;{~~i~~ h~s,:o~~1 ~~ ~~J}~~;~~::m;~~~= ~:t~}~h~~~~~r;~~%:ni~~i:~~~~dh~~:t~ka~~~~ f!ian. He had no fooner fpoken the word, but he was ferve them to that ~fe, noranymne:Hy nor wagmg Judged to the Beafisof them to be devoured. them with moncy,wh1ch were appomtcd fOr warch-mtn: The. next day following.,Atta/u,,of whom I made men- but they fo mrrowly looked unto. the matte~, as though tionalmlebcfore,andA/exnnJer,werebroughtfonh toge- theyfhouldhavegotrengrc:~.tbenehtaudprohtthereby. ther. For the Governor granting Attalus unto the: ~ople, Thus were the bodies of the M:rrtyrs made a wondring l1e was blited again of the Beafis. When thefe mtn were ftock, and by lix days in the open tirects ; a_r length they brought to the Sclffold, and had t:lkcn a ~fre ofali .the burned rhem, aJ~d threw their alht'S into the m·cr of Rodes, l nl\nnnents that there wrre prepared for therr ExeClltton, fo tlut there m1ght appear no remnmt of them upon the and had fuffered the greatc:fiAgonytheycouldputthem earth. Andthisdidth~y. asthoughtheyhadbcenableto to, they were alfoat the length !lain ; of ~hom .Aitxandtr ha~e pulkd Cod out ol lus Seat,:md to ha\'e let the n·gene- · never gave fo much as a figh, nor held hiS peace, but from ratJon of the Saints, and taken ti-om them rhe hopt: of the the bottom of his heart ~ifedandpraycd _rorheLord. Refurr:edi~t , whereof they~in~ perfwaded (faidt~ey) f~:::::. !'fr1.t~~:rs:,~~1;~~i l~~ r:~~t~f\~~eb~~~~ll~~·;i:;~~ ~~~~1t1h :~ld ~:n~:~et~~i~~q~ee~~~~~ ~~~;~::~~~~~ :!,.~~ ~ ~- ~~~~~1(f1%~~e)0rt~~%J;~~~;~~~~o~:;~:~'fl~fo;~~ JiuA~!~gothersthatfuffered und_er A~toni1ms, mention 1•/i~•· A~de~t~ ~:r::;d'ed:l:: ~=~h~ :{n~~f ~~!etf? ~~::~~~f~~;z;~~:~1~;~~~~r~~~doYc~~~fr~:r~~ O~tr GoJ (Iimh ht)hath nofucbnamtasmm havt. Then ~le, the one to the SeluteofRom,~andtheorhe:toA'I· ~a~~ ;~Z~c~r: ':} ;;;, {~nJ/::/a,tr God can help you, ~h;~~~~~~:;f~:~Jvber~'1(C~~~:fut~~~*;;~~ ~!d~:~:;. asa?n~~~~~~::11a:~;~,;s~ad~hil~~t ~r!~:;:~d~:~ ~::h'::~'.fr~{c:~'B!~h~~~.':J~tJ;;:FJJ~~~~ili:~f; ~:!~;~.~ ~;i~b~n ~~;fc:i~~!~~ ~~al:~~~t~ft'h~Jr~~~st~~~~~~~c~~~ ;:;~ 1~f ~i~~~u~~ ~;~ ~tf:~~ldt~~=h'y ~~~~{: - Fa~r. p:lled thereby to fwear by their Idols. But becaufe they pher, of whofc excellency many leamtd and notable men conllantly a~e in th~ir purpofe,and defied their Idols,the do rt;OOrd.F'or firfi he being al togcth~ inflamed and ~vifhwhole multitude: ~vas ma rage \_vith .them, neither fparing ed With defirc~f knowledge, would m no wife be fausfied the lge of the Ch1kl, nor favo~rmg the Sex of_the woman, in his n:tind,bdo~e he had got ten Infiruclors fingularly ken bat. put them to -a~! theyumfhmem and pain they could ~ n all kmd_ of Ph1lofo~hy,wheuupon he writeth of himfc:lf '"'''" ~~:,i~:¥~i~~~~~~f~~~~~;i~~~~y~~~ . . ~ili~~ ~~:4; mu~1 ud ~~~~~~~~~;!1f:e~1~~~f~~:J~n;~~th~f~~t~~~:~ ~t=d i~£r::t,f~~~:f:d~:~h~:f~:t~~oibek:~~a~ exhortattonsuntoher Chik:l ren, andhadfentrhembefore ry)heforfookhim, andwenrtoanotheroftheSedofthe :m~~6~,:SJ~t~~: ~~:~!~:UC:tfl:t:s~f~ ~~% ~~~;~ ~eht~t;~~1hea ~adk:~t:~vh:,n~~~~~d~f~f; .::~ ced of her Ch.ildrens death, and fo haJined her_ own, as fii~d for his taching, for the better contir~tion of their ~~~· ~~"~~~ ~~h~~i~~oA:~~ ah: ;?~f~ C:~i~ ~f~J~~:)~f~~~::Ua':Jll;t~:d: .. CCX~~~;~ ~~~~f~i~fioJh~ ~~:::t: IIIUIJ<<d. pin_g.,herdebveryrotheBeafts,andhertormentsupon thc rni_nd,butddirousrohearof!Urt.herlt:J.rninginPhilofophy,lofcpbJ. ~~~~~ ~~d ~~~: :1:~~fueash~t~~ ~~:~~~~;-'~ :~~:. ~:{c~·~~:l~~~~ \~~r;:~~n~Jfi::~:e~:~ an~ wounded with the: homs of the fame Be:tfi,and felt no- himfcl[ Whom after he had fo!Jowed a time, his Malfer ~~.~~-~~~c~1fh~hl~!d\~~~~~ri~~~~erh~~S;ct~i:;~~!:t~: ~~==J~fa~~~n~;!:~~;;, ~~~~:~:ca1~~1fsht11~f~li~ &~~~~:~o;~~h~:~:~t~~:~~t!:~~~p~e~~t~;tt~fth~~ ~~~fedg~e ~f~d J~~tu~,~~ 11f~li~ty :p~uJ~ISrr:r~;e t~ ; J~~f/f!J~: f~~~~\h~h~ff~~~cl1 :~1illNt!~~h~~~~i::3t~ :d tl~~cd~~ne~~kti~;!s :iin~i,;;mh1~clt~~~e. miX~~ E 3