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The Teu fi>jl Perjecutio11s i11 the Primitive Chmch. ru::cr:~~~~~~~~1;~1~::j r!~~h~.~~~~,~~~~hc~il:n:h~ ~!;~: ~!~~~~~ i~,;~h:a:~~~ ::?~an:~:~ i~n~11fnd~h.l:~:· tinteof v,aor, whJChwJSabout the year of our Lord ocherufages amongtheChri1Hans. Forl~eflfioneday, two hundred ; a!rhough the diverfity of rhr~ ufages lx- fo~e two d~ys, fome otheJS fall mort". O~her.; there bt { ~:_o} ~~~\::ro~f ~~~ t~e dh~~~~Ji7(x~td3~m~~;;~ :~ ;t~c~~~~~;'}~t,or~~~t~~:~~.~~~i~.~~;· ;;;i~1~ 1~~ ~~:,ed~ j~~ettl~~fi~~~~ o~n;:~o~:~ A~~~ ~~t ~~f:~:r~~ ~~~:a~e»~;;r~~;~Jd~~l~';.~:~:t~~~~~~di~~ ~~io~tCt~~r~~~1Li~~; f~~ l'fc~~Jj'~,!~a~~~~ ~~:j ;;:• ~~! :h~e1:h:r1~chc;~n ili'ff~~e~~~e 0~*~~~~:~~~1':; ed by means of Irmms and ~hers, ~nd. fo contmu«i m :u~y thinS hind~r, but nthcr commendah the concord of Dlftrliry ~~~~~~~~!~ ~~~arD~~~~';n~\,~~nfa~tiibt~~;~ ~~~~ ~f~~~~ ~~~Ah;,/11:~;;;~~~e~~~~:~t~;~~~~~~~;!::;,~:;d}~~ Et;;~ differcnctS ofRittS and Cae1~0mc:s. . others, w_ho n~1tlltt obferved the fame u~age themfdvtS, fah!.. Now to rerum to Vifloragam, to fbew what dwcrfity nor~cnbed 1~ to others, and yet notw1thflanding kept ~~~~.'';!;~'~ *~~~~~~~ ~~~r~~~~c~h~t~· ~[~;~~~~~ ~~~~~i~~~:~.rv~~i~h ~h~~ fu:Cfo:~c~~:~~~~v~~i~:; .Anicttus in the )~ar of Chrifi one hundred fixty and they obfcrved, as wdl appeared by PolJ,ariJus and Anithree, thequefiionof EafttrdaJbcganfirfitobemoved, wus, which although they agreed not tUliiOrm atwhatdme.Pius, bythcrevel:uion of Htrmts, decretd cufiomo\~ires, yet refufednottocommun.icuetogether,, the obfervauon of th:~tdaytobc:changedfrom thewont- the?ncl;!vmgrf.vcrenceuntotheother. Timsth~comrocd manner of the founttnth day of the Moon in the Jirft \·erfte bemg nken up between lrrntt/1 and v,fl~r, re-- Moneth onto the next Swxlay after. Aft<r him r::lme mainrd frtt to the time of tl~ Nictm Council. tx ,~;, !:!;~·6. ~td~;:::U~~d ~;: f:~~~hP!;i~~n~h':fe ot~t:;,;;~~~ ~;;~o~rg;;:~n~~~~l~:~~~ ~~~d~;j~~~or~~:. f I ~rx:~;r~~;J~~~rr~;;~ as\~~t;:t:a~m~~ in ~da~~frh~Ji=: ~:.:~~~~a~~ili:~ ::/:t:: ~;~:~ ~~:;z~ ~~~~(~1c \~~~hr~~~~~tft; ili~c~~~::;e,~e~e~~or~j,~~ ~~r~~~~1E1;~:.'·7~ ;~fidl fZ,~~frifeh;;:::a~ ~~ ~i_:;F~ ~:~i~;1~h~~didgr~thft%~~~ni~:ti:~~~h: ~h~~: =~ 1~ifho~ ro~or&y~n~~e~f~~t~~:: o:~: ~ verC"nce, ;!nd de~rted u1 peace. And fo t!Je ~le~ranou ?f th.erdJc countenanc~ _of the llile,~or rhe mattert~reu~ con- Tht Epllllc &jftr day ret~lltltd ndJapburon, JS a thmg mdtf!'crent m tamed,nor the condition of the tane doth o_rherw{C' gtve to and Ordl. ~~~~~~~~d r;:~r~:u~~ c;,:(~~~JY ~:n;1f~,~~!~ ~::~ ~~~~~tt~h~~ t~~~~~ ,: i:~~cf~~~; =~!;~ ter, endeavoured by all means and migh.r to.draw, ~ ra- rnfnly.and wickedly packr in by fame, whtch, to fet up ~t)l•~•••· thcr fubduc the Churches of A fa unto Ius opmion ; thtnk- the .Prunacy of R()tne, ha,·e .moll pdlilendy abu_fc<l the au- '· ing moreo\·~ to cxcommumcate all t!J_ofe ~ops a.nd thontyofchcfeholym~anoentFadltrs,todro:lvethelim­ ~hurch(S ol AfiiJ., JS Heretick~ :md SchiCm:mcks, wh1ch pie Church. For who 1S fo n:de,but thn i11 confidtring ondrfagrted li-om the Roman ord~r: had not Irtnms ut her· ly the (rate of thoft _tmi~le t1mtS he- may talily underHand will: rdi:raintd him from th:!tdomg, JS is :1fordlid, which (except a~edion blind hun) bdiJe 3 number ofothrrproUnlrorr!lhywasa~ttheyerrofOUrlordonehundredfourfcore1l.IJd babkcon~tStoleadhim,thatthe!X>Orpcr{ecutcdBifh· l~ctrrmo- eleven,m the R~ign of Commodus.Th~ then ~gan the l:ni- ops in that ttm.e would havebttn glad to have any &feco- ~.,r~~~h~d formity ofkeepmgth:~t holy day tobelirfi~equtredJSa~lung vert to put t!~CJr heads in: fo far WJS it olf, that they had a• • •hin~ necdf:rry,_ ant~ all they account~ ~ Herencks ~nd Sclufina· a1~y lufi or 11:ifure d~n to feek for any Primacy or Patriark- .. m!!~'f· ticks.,.whtc!Jdtlf(]Jtcd from the Bt~opand rndinonof R~m_t. llup,or to dnve all otha ChurchtS to appeal to the See of WJclJ Vttforftood Tht~ph~luJBiihopofCt[arta.,.tVarci}jln Romt, or to~xempt.all ~efts iiom rh.e .a~arion of any f! ~f~!:~:z: r~~~iih~! ~f~;;!::!::~~~J ~::;:::~i ~r;:~~~:~ ~:·~~~~~ll;c~}~o; ;~et;~;:~fc :::0::: 'f!~J ~~.~t::. which conddCendtd to have tl~e ce~ration cf Eafterupon E~k of IUs to the BilbOflS: of the Provin~ of Eypr,cou· ~t't'U.:.o the S~nday, becaufe tht)' .wOltld d1ffa from the 'Jews in tamm.g no manll(T of do&ine,nor confolatlonnecellary for of s;.u,._Pf all thmgsas near as they m1ght,:~nd partly, !xoule there· tlutumc, rituald~ to no purpofe, ar· · liuredionoftheLord feUonrhefameday. guethnoldS, butthe(aidEpiftlesnCJtherrofavourofthat ~~7:? the~~~~~\~~:t~~~:~~:~~f~;t[:1,fi~~~!\~~~l~. o~~k;:ro~~;]tf!~~~heconftirutionof ~h.c~tinsof Pulm of :~fe~~~"~~ ~h~~~~~~~o;:,~ro~~~~~l<i,~~~~r;~~~ ~:fi:~c~~i:;~r~:::~e~~~le~~~~~ ~~[~:;;:: ~f~hi; Ef~~·.n ~~~J~or:r~eth:~~~~~:c:V~d:~~d~~~~~~~%~,~ ~~01~~:h~t'::~~1tt~~ ~~~~~~~~:v~rf~~~ ~i£f!: · Wood,or ?f.Gia(s,or ofany other Metal,~xce~ onlySilver, ~:~~::' Gold and fm,&-e.But how the(e two tefiunomtS ofDama- ;,~;~ {U~i:t~~~~;f!~~:h;r;~~ ~~b!u~~h~;~; Al(o John the Apofilc and Evangeli~at.Epbt[MS, Po']car· a.fter him.Agai1~, wh:tt needed this Dtcreeo~GoldCJl Cha- g'h~~f;'.,, tu1 at SmpnJJ, Thr'!ftat at E~ema ~rhop :md Martyr ; hces to ~ ~fiabli111ed aftenvard in the Colmc1~ ':f1ibtr :~nd c.,..u;.~,. ~~~'itpi~;ll,;~a~,i~ta~~J;~Bei?J~~~cf:~fh:;;r~ ~~thts'~;~1~~i~1fa~:!edv'I::S%~~~;:;-;;j!sZ:~ It:;i:.·· of his 0\\I'Jl khtdrtd,an~ his own :tnce~ors,to the num~ of he d~ed in the ReJgtl of C:aracaUA~,:t.nd fate fevcnteen years. ;~~~;~~~a!\\'tr~l~1=hbt:!~~~(~:~llbe)h~~r)f! ~::~n~ld1~fa~t~h:l~1~~:/~~~r~:=;,~ ~~=~~~ f·~~~~~~~lil1\{~~ tendcth to tills cffed: That the vanance and dtffcrCJKC /w d1ed m Prifon about the year of our Lord two hlmdrtd of Cc-.remonics is no firange matter in the Ch~y-~h .of 3nd two, as"writeth Fivilegus. 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