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The Ten firft Perfecutions in the Primitive Church. !:~';;r1;shf~ \~F~h~~ ~;;~ ':d_ ~~te~~ ;:~:, :j~;;;ijj;~~ ;f;~:/:~~';/;Js:~.Pb;;(:o~~~/;~::~"fand calleth him a b!dftd Confdfor. Ltb.2. Epift. 4- Da~ ~ng a!IJ matter of the C~mon-wtaltb. And tt lollowrth :1fk~~~~~lS~~~ti~:ri~~ ;;:;e :;;~/J;:/:r';~ ~ r!~J~~~~ l;~~~~f:h1P;:;fa,7~~~ha;,~~r~c~~r~2;: rt•~b.,;, putwuhthtmmprifM!,whmhtmdtdhu_Jife. A1_1dthU? helhcr11, !Sa kmdof fcourging) andfoc6 bebroughttO<d:. ~~~.~ ~t S~~~ 0~~~~~:; ~r;!;~f0rhr~jC:ff~~dr;e~f~~~ i~ f~~erTt~~p~~~!~~;~~ Bu~i rl;~r~~~;; ~~i~~~~~~~~·, ~r~:­ {~;;,o} ;.:,t~~~o~~ f;,d:'~t::~ ~~~d~:3en~;i~~d~:;:,;:he~~b;'~~ ~i~~mr:~ rh~ 1h~ih~~id pdri r~l~~rte~o:!~d~i~~~ ~~~ ~:{c1';!ta~'~~n~~~. helt of the PtrfCGution at that fr~~ihr~~t~hee<;~~~} ~~~o-;:~:'th~~eh~:;~~!~~~;ir~vi~: c 1 After Fabian~s (or as 2_onarn: cal!eth him Fla'Vill~us) fatthhtl Ma~ty rdom. Eujtl'rts in. one place f:tith th:tt he fat ,•;;;~ next fucceeded mto the Btfhopnck of &mt Cqrnelm1, two years, m another place he fmth that he fat three years, ~~~:.:~ ~~~~~~::~~i:~~.~t~~~~s~~~%~~~~;;1~ ~r~~ ·;;~~ '::;.;::.· sz~~~J.~o~::~:'f~h~~;':~~:~ ~!"Id.~ as by the full :tgmment, bcth of the Clergy~men, and In this. forefaid Perfecuti~n of Dreirrs.' it fecmeth by 1b.'n not al(o of the people. Hierome addeth al(o, That he was a fonte Wrtters :~l(o th_:tt CJpnan was baniihed; but I fupd;~h::C man of grtat Eloquence : whereby it may appear thofC: pofc rather his &mfhment to be referred to the Reign of ifi:: ~Et'~~ed:d~ct:;c~t~o;:=,m~td0~~:ft~~ lai%(ch~; ~~~;) ~~e~~~~~~·h~:;:~ n;r~h~ea:: gjf i~:~~~~?\'~~~~i~~~:~~:,~:~~~~~;~~ ;~~ht~:=!~r!.!.~o:~:.~~r:~!·~7.~tb~~!~ ,~,,., ~~: ~~:~~J~~~~~~~;r :Jc~~~~ ~~ec~~~!:Z: = ~~i7;=e~=fu~hh:~~~1~:~~~:ou:~khh~ n';:: ManJr. and tranfpof~d to Vaticanum, at the inflac~ce of a cer~ ~enicd, but manfully and boldly widillood the Adverf:~.ry tain devout \Vom:m named Lltcina, having no great ar~ till he was lxmifhed,and :tlfo :~fter: :tnd therefcre was comgument or caufe to write theroof unto the Churches, but mended of Cyprian to certain Brerhr~ to have for ~~~~ tt:t~~d, i:ha~~~~~~~hed~~~~r~::;{~nt~f~o% [~ ~1 et~~h:'o:h~n\~~ f~~~~fll(~ah~}~;,~~ ~~h~}~ ~6; M•ppslk•• ftohcal S:unts, their li~tS might be forgiv~n them, &c. In da_Y before .he fuffcred, to the Procon(ul m the :11lfiJ 1 • the fecond Epitlle wnuen to .Rujfus :1 Bdl10p of the Eaft m1dfi of his torments, and f:tymg, Vsdtb~s eras agontm: Church, he dc:crecth and ordameth, that u~ Oath ought th:~r is, To morrow you fhall (tt the mnmng for a wager, to be re< or exaCted of nny head or dnef Bilbop,. tOr &c. Was brought ford~, accordmg as he fordpoke, to Mar~ ~~1};:.~~~0~1 ~1~1:~ kw~;;tdtJoi1~1~~~y ~l~~~:~~ff~;;~~ ~Jd7uff~r.and there With no ldS con!lancy than patitt~e Court, Without Precind', except only m rhe Court of ~nd thus much o( the tyr:mny of this wicked Dec111s T!; ~~ Rome by Appdlanon : whereby wh? feeth not the train of agamfi ~od his Saints. No\~ to touch alfo the of ~lOll of ~:;~'~fert~rl~t ~t1o=tu~~~~~~~ ~~~:::~e;~e~~~ ~e:::~~~~~e~~~~~h~~e~.~th~~~;~,h;~; ~~~~e ~ Dw••· ~itle of Cqrntlms, and of ancient Bifh?PS? If CtJrn!luu continue:: fo it happened wtth this l)'l'3JU11~1 Tormentor, <hd write any ~pifdrs to any indl'td m chofe rurbu!mr who rrigning but two years, as flith&ftbm1, or three at :~~rd~e ~:M;:~~ r:~:~tt~ r~~eufai~~~L~=~~~; i:?;n~ ,~i~~~\~~Jih:·a~n:~ t~m~~~!a:rn \~~~thk ~~!;:·::· ~~;~~~:~ga~11~~;.:J~:~e~et~~~~~\hd:n;~ ~ff~~tr::fo~0~1~~/!~''So~~~a~~ ~~~~~n~~: ~~ :r;~:~~dw~hew~~;~~~f~~~fu~!~~~~~ ~t~~1:;;!i~ ~m!1t~t~fe:~att~!:in~b;~,illp~~:; n . as mdml he dtd : for fo we tind it r(O)rded .both ~n EM[t-- GolthJan~, and betng by them oven:ome, \ell he fhould taU ~!~:;e- ~~~;:CI1~ ~t~~~~d~~~~~~~~£:~: ~~~fb~t~~pat~ ~n:~~~a~n: ~~:~~~era f~~Jr!fc~~· where he was f.i~~~ aumha Letter of the m:tnnerofth~ Council, the third alfo Neither did the jufi hand of God pbgue the E.mperor ~~l!lftpuof of the caufe of NIYUa_trrs, mtd agam of the Repentance vf only, but alfo revenged as well the Heathen Genttles and ~m~;::.., fuch as fell,. wh~eol there is no word touched :Jt all in Pcrfe:u.tors of his Word throughout all Provinces and '!"u~~~~:!n theft foref:ud Ep1CUrs decn:~l. Domm.iOllS O\ the Roman Mon:~rchy ; nm?ngfi whom.rhe forJ'"f<.. ~;;; !~~;t~~~~~~[!;;:~:i~:~~J~1f~~t~1 ~~~~~~i0~i~i~~2~~i~~if.¥l~~~~~=~ t t he remamed Bin10p after the dath of Du:ns, to .the where he drdarcdt .the mort.thty of thJS .Plague to be fo ~~~~f~!f;b;r:~/as:rrr;~~~:~:. ~~~~:~tb!l!~;;~ ~:=tn~\~~:~:drl~: \~~~~ccf~ r: 8A~P~lr!~~~h~~ mqJum 'Vt'!um, ersqr faurdom [~t(J '11/Ctr. But Dama[t~s greatncfs of the Plague touched alfo the Chrijhans Comean~ SabtU~t~u, Ins Followers, aflirm, that he wa:' OOrh what, ret it fcourged the Heathen Idoh:rers much mor~ : exil:d and alfomartyred wtdn:thetyrannousRelgJt of betide that the orderoftheirbehaviatumthe oneand mT!M:br ~:~~~i~~~~~&~~ him , Huw he ~urft be p boJJ f(J jiJt?U fuch ftri/Jbq':-'" followed th~ to thdr gra\'CS. Yet :~U this llayed not 11efi, that he. neztht~ carmg for tht gqJs, nor ftarmg them from domg their du.ty, and fh~wing'~ercy one to ~:a1;f~;{;~n1r!;;:,~7;:,;r/fr!a~:k;;; ;h-[~o=~~ ~.~~ftt~rb~ ;~~}u~~~[ ~:'efe:;hr;a~~gu~11 b~~:~~~~~ Corntltus an{wermg ag:~tn, thus P:1rg«< hunfelf, d«l~rmg ed not the flrtker,ncither .yet confidered th~y their Neighro the Emperor, Thtu Lmtrs mdml be bad wnttm, bour, but every mall ihifung for h.imf~U~ 11t1thcr card one f<><