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118 Chrifliau Re!igiou planted iu England, by whom. J(i"g Lucius. to com·~rt the King, or dft- to incrt:lfc t~ faith then teth) direCt~ his L:ttrn to Eltuthtri111 Bilhop of R()l'11t ~~~~~n~P%~~~~:g~~~::::e, ~~~ t~1~tc h~tt!~~~ ~he r~:;:ti~~~~j1~h;~.~h~~~J~::~c; ~~:tu~ff=! in?ecd the moll part o_f our Englijl1 fiorics confe!S, ncuher thn:c. IS m Authors when this fhouid lx. Naudmu wdl l grtatly flick wnh them therein; )"et what ha-:c G.ithit ~Amto156. bucthatcannotb~ forfomuchas they got thmby wl:cn they ~a\'C calt ~I their gain? m Eimhmu1 was not_ yet Bilhop by the fpacc _of twcncy few \~OTds r_o conclnd~ thiS mar_rer, 1f fo be that the years ~frtt that. Htnrtcus Jt ErforJia faith, it was Amh Chri(bah Fa1th and Rchgion '~ tirH derived from Rmnt 169. 111 the ni~Jctccnrh ynr <_>f Vtrus Empaor; but that to this our N:ttion by Elwthtrm~, then let them but agreeth not Wtth approved Htftori~ which all confent thit gr;tnttousthcfame FaithandR.ehgiot_l whi~hthen was Vtrusreignt'<inotmll<."tten years; andifhehad, yet that What dllft.taughtat Ro"!t, ::md from_thenccdcnved hnherby the yearcometh nottotheytarofour Lordr69, but to the :,~:l>ethe faid Ehuthmus, and_wcwtlldelire no more; for then yearJSr.Someotlu:rsfay, thatEituthtriuswasmade Bi· htt <:burch neithq was any Umverfal Pope abov~ a!~ ChurchtS and {hop in the Ji~th year of Comrnodus, which was the year of ~~~;~ ::,~~;~~~::5~\:E;:~::::·~::.:~~~:~~~r~:~,~~ ~17~~~d~;r3:~~~:~~::;~x·~:f~/fE:,~~~ mau~... fti~~· 'N;ft~!~ a,~; ~r~in~~~~J~~~~;~ ~~~~e;~~ .; ~~~~t ~f~hc~~\:;h:11:d0~~~ch~~tf~;~~~~ of Purgatory was then. offered up::m hallow~. Altars, us, . or by fome F~ganm, and Damianus, or Dimiam11, F•t~"'· t~ ~l;~"Q[i:;~u~~t~Gff~~~~off~~h::~,T~f ~;l~IC~;:i(Xh~r!~vi~~e t~inL~~'tn ~:J~~!~~;i~f D··-·'· the PropleasofthePriefis t~God, becaufe they ihould Chri!lsF:mh. Tite~~mpltS of Idolatry and all other appe3r neither empty nor unkmd lxf~ the Lord, as w~ Monuments of Ge._mhty they fiabvcned, converting the nuy underftand by the time of Cypr_,~n. Neither was then ~rople from their divers an~ many Gods, to fcrve on~ :my Tranfubrtantiation OOJ.rd of, whiCh was not brought living God. Thus true Religion with lincen: faith increaitt before a thoufand years after. Neither were then ling, Superfi:itiondecayed, with allothcrRittSofldola- Elghcalld :my Irmges of Saints depan;ed fet up ~~~ Chu_rches? yea, try.There w~ the.t in Britain 2 8 Head Priefts which they fl:; 1~,i~ a grtat number of the Samcs worfmpptd m this our called Flammts, and thrrc: ArchprieftS among them, which I~ 1bl• time were not ~ yet bon1, nor the Churches whercin wcr~ called Arch-Fiamints, having the o~·crtight of their ~h:!:'~.c&. they were WO~tpped were r~t fet up, but came in manna-s,and as Jud~esovertherelt. Thefe28 Flaminu l>Uhop.. long after, efpea~lly in the_nme of !rme and Conffam they tumed to 28 Btlhops,. and the thrte Arch~Flamints ~f~t:1~J;~~he~;·i~~C\~~ ·p~\~~ ~~~~g:10:V!~h~1m~ ~~i~~~~ ~i~~~~~,R~v~~ tt;;~r~~i~~~.i:;l :~ ~~~~:~~~Jd~f~r;e~/:;;~)H~1;b~:nJ, ~f~~~~ a ilia~~ T~l ~;;c;~~~:(:~ ~~~~,=~~l;r~~~~~;~;!Yd'(;jJ~ fand years after that. The1r_ fervtce was then m thevul- ~ery one under htSOWI~Btfl:op, an~ all things _feded itt g~r ton&ue, as wi~ndfeth Httromt ; the Sacraments mi- a ~ood order ;_ the forefatd Kmg Luctus fcnt ag~tn t~ the mitred m both kmds as wdl to Lay-men as to Priefts, faJd Eltttthmusfor the &man Laws, thereby hkewtfe to ~)."::'"· ~t.f~::~~J~1~~~~:~~:.~J:;f£~;~~ !:~i~1~,~J~~~::::::~.::::.;,~mz:,~,~~:: nerals, Priefls then flocked nottcgethc:r, felling Trentals The Epifile of EleHtherhn~ Bifhop of Rome, ~l~;~p~~i!~r,:7~:g,~:t~f~r:zf•p:ftS~~;dar!; rem to King ~H~IH. ~h:~~idilv,:~~,t~~c:d~ild~ H~:i~:~~~u!fe~~~:~ A ~:;~::P:p!t:::: R~~:~J1~~';;~4~~:/::;/h";. !~V:,~/:. wi~:~~~~S~~a';i';h~l!t·a~JthatH&'~~;~ fuch fullo!::~0~!/7.J,~um Rtg'u Br~tanm4!, and fo forth as"',_•., ~::;;:;~: ~iE::~:~~~~]fiJ.:;~~:~~!If~~ ~!~y;~[~~~:#-:d;¥§~~ffi: ?;&~ Sarum, ofr&rk, ofRnngor, withMattensand ~~Cltfong not. Ythav~rtuiviJ of Jarttbroug_b Got '!'tTCJin:& of the day; a_gain, neither the Orders and Rc:hg.tons of R~alm ofBm~mly, the Law andFastboJCbri.ft >y_t hll'flt ~~~t~1~h~~r,:t~e:;~:fr:, ~o;k~,d~~ f"ta~.~f ;~~h?}"rhe;hsz/h~~:~~'m·~~:~.6:,J;a;;: ~::,fr:r;;::; the Papifts would nec:ds derive the Faith and Religion of Rtalm takt yt a La'!'.anfby that Law(rhrough GoJ, fuf this RealmfromRomt, thenlc:tthemfctusand ltave us firance)rule ourKingJomo Britain.Foryou Bt Godsf/ttherewherethcyhadl.l6;thatis,lctthcmfufferustofiand content with th3t Faith and Religion, which then was taught and brought from &me by Ehuthtrius (as 110w G<Jdt vi~ ~~~~~er ~~~~l~~1~~~~i~~;:::nt~cr:1~~t ';hew~if;e~r:ad~~ o t e Em eror,_but thy judgmmt a'! ju tu; t tu to ay, =~tn~ !~~fe~:~r~il~h;!~~ ~ t~~ A:uf~J~e~,t~~h~~m~fl/~~ teG~:~~~eji:ls£~:n~;~:~~~~a;;~e::.ta=jd~~kan~ ' ~~~~fohit~hdt~ey fo much brag of, neither will they per- ;::~:"Lk; Id~: :e:~h~tl:':;thKh;f~hi~k:S t~~~~ J~~ ~~~~~~;h\\~! :!; '~~:~~~n:"~;_r:~~;rr; ~~~s.~~1;t~~~:~1~e~~~'~;~bornr;,t:;~: ';;~~;~ ~~~;· ;~1:: 0~~~ ath~~~~t t~l~e~~0°~~1e~~?~icte:::~ ~~~:;f~n~ f;:w _o{~h~;;',Ja="a~r/h/iJ; ~h!~t~~0c~:_ ::t/~• 1 ~~~:;::!:~~~a~ ~~~~1~i~;,th~~ :r~l:dwb; t;:.J~~~n~::;,m;::;,~:b a:;/~~/JJ/,t:;: :;;~: ~~~t.·::~;;;~;,~~~~l~~:~iS!,:~;:E/~:~:::.~ ~£i"!:~:ri:~;~;:;}:~.~:E:~::~h!:.~:ifr Looci• • lirfttain1 , who then were the Inhabiters and Porfdfors of Kt~P,a~notrtmam~stbyort, andputiJJofot:,w}n&b iJ:~~~~:~ ;l:ri~~~~/ili~i~~-~~~;; ;;~ ,r~[:f~d~~~~~~. :eg~h~ ~;~~f:1~ri~t;,~-~::~!??~::~~;;;t .Jf,h 2:: /:/::;: :;::" & fiians at that timt m divers plactS (as Mtm11mem:jis wn- whoftVuar 1'0tlbrm rh~ Rtr~lm, Aft«