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To all the Profelfed F a 1 E Nos and F o L L o.;, E R. s of the P 0 F' E S Proceedings. · Four Q;feflions Propounded. TO you all and fingular which profefs the Doarine and Reli~ion of the Pope your ~oly !:"Mod!; Father and of your Mother-Church of Rome, pretendmg the Name of Catho/Jcks, qiX'III..... comm~nly termed Papifts, wherefoever abiding in the R..ealm of B,g/and, thefe four ::r~r: Qbteflions or Problems hereunder fol_lowing I would move, defiring you all either to mufe upon them, or to anfwer them at your letfure. • · The firfi Q!Jefiion. F 3::: /cr~~;:~: ~n=~~~;;np~~}'~;~~~~:~:~~~~ :t~~~IJ~}op:;;ilf2!~~~ ~~}o~u~; ~~~~t~5)r~i~r:/a'a~: ~o111~ ltbaptet dtbtntl}) anb fi~tp ftft r~~. ~b~~ f~~o~~i~al~~10~b~~~ ::~~~c ~o~t~;bh~~~ f;: 11 • · · , &Pardus iJ, The Wolf fhall dwdl with the Lamb, and the LtOPJrd with the Kid ;. the Calf, the Lion,and the Shttp fhall fml togethtr, and a young Child {hall rule: them. The Cow al(o and the Bear (ball abide together with their yow1g Ones, and the Lionlha\leatChaltandFodderliketheOx,&c. · 1lllpon tbcfe p)emUTu nGtu foltobltt~ mp queaion ; ~otu tbt a:UurdJ of Rome ran ~~cb"~f:t~b~ea~ntW:p~~ ot.~loo. liceanumiCc(lfefbl~ottg:bt, ~lOPIJtt ,as pmaining: to tbe t:butcb1£dump~ant; R.cfuucloq c~munto 1 replp again, t"bat .bp t~.e tuo,ns in tbt Came place 11no in t~t fame fentence tJp~rfftD, tbat fenCe cannot nano, foJ,afmuc~ as tbe PlOPbet in tbe bET? fame plate, blbere ~e PlOpljrOetb of tl)UI pcacrabft bllfel" lin«ftt<!l10D.IIbolp~ountafntufttoutljurtingo)ktlfinu:, mranetl,lplai~lpoft1Je~artlj, antlll:lebkt(l aiCotbe oufr: of tljat «OOip peace. lkcau(e([aitf) i)e) the Earth is replen i!hed w1th Knowledge and Scimce of the Lord, &c. Ibid. .9nl:l furttermo'r tlJr \.")opbet, fpeakintrof tbt fame nap tubrn tbis (ball bt, atltletl), (aping, In chat day the Root of Jtffi !hall fiand for a lign to the people, for the Gtntilrs to .be convttted, and to (cek unto_ him, &c. C!lbit'\1 J:Jap in no tllife can bt applieD to tbe ctbunb in ~ea'otn !l::num):l~am, but onlp btte ~t1itant in _ea:!~cbintblbicl} plate of J(aiah furtl)er btrt is. to be nottb bp tl}e 1Dap, tbat b.P tbis peaet~ble Mount Sion ~~;{~p ~~~~~:t:~~bm~~,f~t'~oe ;r~~':mc~ ~~~ ~~~~~:a~~~r~:a:~~~r~;r:~~';!a~!f::~n~~et~~~~~~t;~ ~!~~ =~~'r,,bc)ro~e~bPgr~~: a~':~~~~t~~ ~fc::e ~~f~~f~bep~~ebla~~~~:,:~rr~~~~~e~,enanb:i~b~::~~~~~ot~~~;frp~ ~~~~ ltfon, from aoutnrf.ll to foftn£ff,. from 1lioltnrc to fufferanct, from fimtntfs to fo)bta~tng:, from p~tlle to~ ..... lnt 't111mfUtp, from c~ueltp to co~_ttpa[ton, from ~pffnrfs to amplfcicp, from f~lenm fingulamp to l)umanttp ann .,f':,'~~ meekntfJI, tottcb btrtur.s:,tftbtp ~an bttn 1~1 ti}tll:l}urcb of R.ome (~cto)btng to t~~ rule of ~afnt Paul, Which~~~~ or ~~~~t2.)31 ~~a~1~u~~~~~ ~,:~ ~~~; r;: ,i~r;~ti~~ ;! ~,eit~~l~t; ';~i~~~~ift~~~ r~;~~~i~~;;~~:r~~~~i:~~f~l~ ti:'o: 5• manp~artp),S. • 1 The {econd Q!cllion. M ~~~~~~!n~;~~ie~~~~t~~i~l~:a!~~~a~~o~:li~~ ~bet~~}~~~~~~b~r~ ~t!,';l~,~~~n~::~~~~~~'b;!~ 1~n~S: l'OUtoaUttljltfo)tl)uspoure~mamljatr~npebear umotljem) tlJa,t nmtJerpou pour feltJegcan ltUe ~>ur•d"*' ~!~~::~~:~a~~ ~~~~trruo~~~~~c~;,1~,e:,~e~a\~eP3~t~~~~~ t~:P,~j~e~~~;; ~J~;~~;n1t 0~~~~~ :;;~:~::; ~;~~~!! J!'earuction, 0~ p~ibp Q:onflJitilttrS tO oppu£i pour Jibes, OJ. bp fcabUitnt tlfahng: to ~trcumbtnt pou ; tf)en ,,.....Dd,~ ]Jab pou Come caure to, anD alfo to tebtngc. j!ow ftrfng in t~r~r Dottrfne pe ~abe n.riti}tt j~;~ ... ~ot )J31afpbemp, 3:Do1atr~, ~uprrauion, n.oJ misbetief to objett 11uto tbnn ; rmng tbrp are bapli?tD m t~e «Curinl;. fame F~lief, anb bdte1J~ rl}e .rame _grudc.IJ of tiJt ltruo ea pe J:Jo; balling tbe fame GJon, tbe fame a;l})ia anb~abtour, tl)tfamelDapttfm, ann an reaoptoronfer\Uitb pou fnllllkinbofa::b~iaian lDotttine, nrf, Jljer no reture to be tri riJ bp anp place of tbe Scrip~rt ; ~otu cl}rn rifttb tl}is .mo~ta1 malice of .Pou againll t~nn 1 3f pou tbinlt tb,em to be .~erttidts, tbtn b)tng foJtb, if pr: can, anp one ~rmence lllbiCIJ tiJrp at=' rogantlpl) oltl, !ontrarptorbrmtnboff}olp~ctipturr, • rJ:pOunnrDbptbccrnfure ofmo!taucienti2Dott0)11• .0) lll~at f.IJ tl)ere tn all tbt ~cripmce to be rrqutreb, but tl)tp acknowleDge anti tcmfers tl)r f11me: ~re anD trp t~eo;bttoftbtirlibrs anDtloing:g; llf~atgrtatfault finD pgu: 3ltbrpfetbe IZob, tbrptuatk untlrr l)i.sfrar, tbey obrp l)ls ll.aW, as men map no: anti t!}ougb rl)ep be l!tran fgretro),s toblaro.s ~im, a.s oti}er· mtn are, flct !~:r~ pou lU\lat l)abe tbrp"Dgnt, hltac l)abe tbtp commilttb o~ brfrctJcb, t»l)p pou 0JOUftl be fo llim~ agafn(l: TU:~~:n~ff~~b0r~D ~~~:;; !r~~!~~~:,t.IJ~;,~~i~df~!!"}~~~e~be ~~!~~~h,~i~~11 jnop~~~l~~~to1 :,c r~:tr~::~~i~ ~~;~!.~"t. tllftb bill ~Xaptain John de Gny~ to JJearo.p tbtfr ~ountcp) Anno 1 530. WIJO O)ibinq tbe poo~ propie .tber~ in ~o ' '1""'hc 1 a 1!3arn full'tll, fct tbe 1fnrn on fire, anb bumrn 11p qlrn, tmomcri, amt14tbiltl)rn t ffnn l!ke'tlllfr m ~;:;~'Z1" a ltburciJ t.teqtftb tl.Je liltc crueltp UlJon tl)em, tnbere tnere murotretl tl)c Came ttmc to rbe number of a t~ ou~ and cob,;,,. ~t~e~~e~fe~:~~7t1:t~~:;~~n~~:~;~:~"~.:;~J;:~11~~;!ar~~~·~~~~~~:t0~e~r!~~~~:rotun.s, lllitb tte moR J:lart lllfo