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Saxon /(i11gs become Mo11/z<. Alrer"arion Civil mrdEcclejiajlical. '4? A Tahlc of foch Saxon King/ aJ were afur Hitherto from Auguflin~ aD the Archbifbop.J of made Monk/. Canterbury were Itahans 1111d Fordgners. r. Kin~!fus,~ingofWtjf·Sa>-"'flm, rg, &rElua/Jm lln Ius tJme the Mona!lcry on1 :~. lvt, mg 0~ Wtfli S:,;co"h" b I J Englif/J 37 S Mart111 was bUJlded m I !: i~t!;;;: Kmg o orr 11m tr tm : ~:s:;;~;,~:~~~tl;;,::.1d ~· 9 Tacutnfl!o 3 ThiS Cutbert after h1s death I 7• Ojfa, Kmgo rft·Saxtms. 1o. Nothelmttf. 51 forbad all Fmlcnl Exequtes I 8, Sebbt, l{mgofEaft-Saxtms. I!. Cutbemu. 17 or LamrntatJon for bun to 9· s,g,bmm, Kiog of E•ft-Ang/.,. "· B"g"'""'· 3 ~ 1~ oud<. Will><m M•lm l loo?~~:~:~~~~ ~C::fr)ll!;;r~r domgs, what IS to be Judged, De 'Vttu, ltb 1, BythefeHJfiorJesttJsapparcnt, what MutatiOns, what 13. Lambrtghws lnhlStnneKtngOffamnlhttd PttturbJuons, and what AlteratiOns of Sr-ue hath bttn 111 or UJmbertHs the Merropolitan Stt from ~:,~.~~~11°~:r;~;:;,~~n::~~~aZ~~~:d ~11~ ;~x::;, 27 ;h;rG!~~{ o7 p~;~1~a~ I Fnfi, to kven altogether re1gmng, thm to one, &c And being overcome With Apoth• .!t<nt><>n oot o><ly luPI""ro m tit< c.,,l Gom» l fiol ool Ao-gum<nt, " f,>th ma1t, but alfo followed m the State EcdcfWbCJ.I, For as Fhr Ha1. that lS, With m the Bmams t1me the Metropolitan Sec was m London, I money. tO mthe Sa.~ons ume,afttr the cornu. >g. of Aujfm,l[ was re- 14. EthelarJus 1 31 Thts EthtlarJus by hiS Ep1files movedtoCamerbury: ~eCatalogueandOrJerof.wluch 15 UlfeJ11r. 28 to Pope Uo, obr.uned the Metropolit.J.ns,from the mnc of Aufh!' to Eghmrrs,JS thus, I 16, Ft~~httiJifr, 3 Metropolitan $(e agam to as in the: Hifioryof MalmuburrmfislS defcr1bcd. m Cawurbur;. The Names :md Order of the Archbifhops of UJ· Ctltwthm. +I.J CanterbHrJ from Ang1tjlhte, to the time of During the courfe of the~c l<vMt<n 1\~hbiltoops ot King Egberl. C~nttrbur;, in R4mt pa!Ted m t 6} thmy Pop<s, ofwhomP"tiY 5 dared. 5 Andthusmu<:h touchi1.1g 3 doms ~fthc Sawnr? rulmg ~ ~ ~~.n~~;~~f ~~tr~;*t ~1~:J, ilt<t the Ex;pull;o.,, ol" 22 1 Br1111inr. The End of the Se<;ond Book. NJ THE