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A Table of the Stteceflion of the Archbijbop of Canterbury. 45 t 1 0-<»mm Jt j~< "'" P'ff"'"'"• tamm aJ ~ ~ I w >S not •~<i,ffi by tl~ Bdhop, th< Crup-1 . L~;~;,:~~::~ pottjlaw d1Ci11m ordmt~ t. 10hn f:v:dd,~l:r~:h~d~!~~g~~a\~~! 1 rw~fd~~~ec;!~ ~o;~,~~n;;~i't 1trai[Grd~ <I ~J~~~np~~A~~~~~:t~e!d' ,~; ham :1 learned man was EJeCted by full/ 9 • fame. But the Ot~r anfwned, Tha~ \ con(cnc of the Monks: wAocame to A· thofe L:uas wc.-re fa!Oy obtabu:d and ' vinioiJ to have his E!edion Confinnt?. unded to the fupprdlion of th~ Ckrgy, But the Pope refervin!); the vacant Scat m land thnHore therwouldnot ob<:y:v.:hcr~ ~ii~~;~~~~J;;~. ~~~~:;~~f!or~r;! ,. ;hec Bi~~~.~~~~~f;!~J~xili~~~;~;j I gl~md, who Governed the Seat I 5 years. l nterdid«l the Covent: An. I347· Tl1c Chronicl~r o( St. Albam, R.:- "- MallcrJabn Offor.. /,Chrul~lloroff:n.. cordeth alfO, how mthe days of this Arch· lrg[aml, was EltdtJ and Confirmed Arch· ' bithop, Mno 1319, certain Lepmoon·l 52. John [Jt(hopof Can!trlmr]J but notConl«ra·j fpiring with the Turks an_d Jews wa~t OjforJ 10 ttd, and fate but tal months, ~~~ tl:e =~~.i~r~i~~~~i~;~d1~~~~!~~ Momhs. ~~rJ~~~·our Lord, 135o, Ptjhltntla wl uk<S,Pi!;, Bm<b,~.!fochotha pl""' tc ti"•Ti»ma. BwJw.,Jm fullowmgl j Of the which crir~ ~iVtrS of t'!m bemg I aftn: John Stratford, Cate net long., but n• ~.11. G lt ConviCt were worthily bunttd m france. died Within I O months of the Plague, as 1rm 1~· tllljj_ ~5 About the whid~ rcrr, .rh~ l3id Author 53 7'hcmas they fa). \VIudt was called that the ~~:,~:!" '1 maktth a1fo Rc:lanon, how m the Realm BratJ· firfi great Plague m Engf.,nd, ragmg fo of En_gllf7fJmuchmumu.nfc:llam.ongthe warJtn. I.lfore m all quartc:rs, that 1twas thought I Btafis: infomuch, that the Dogs rating I fc:ucc: the tnllh part of mnt to be Jdt upon their fldh (infeCted behkebythc: ~h\c Wacers and f owltautS )fcll down dead 1r In the rune of Stm(m Ijlyp~, which .incontinendy. Ncithc:rdurfimcnforthat \fol. low-ed aftcr.BratJwarJm, King EJ. 1 caufealmofitafleofanyBttf: An.I318, ward, Armo r36z,isrepontd, aftathe l ' ~ fhisE;Jaf;:t'7hbifhop tahlng put\ ~~~~:~e 5~~n~f~tft~f~a~}~~0V~~~~ :.~~~ With. the (@cot Ifa.b~l agalnfl: King £!- j mcnts wh~eUt S. r•. Peter .did Cdcbrate ~~d ';.;':f,. I wartl ho: Husband, dted the fame yar Ill Mafs. Which bcltke were well kept or r :r~thc I which he wasdepofcd: An. I237• Ex fromMoths,tolafifo long.Ex Ch.A/ban.l ~tlh4o Cbro.Sanff. Albaw. \ 54· Sim~ The fame Stmon 1/lyppe among o-- . c ·A. ftcr Walttr the Archbi!bop,as affi.rm· Ijl;ppt. 17.1 ther Gcm!lirutions., Orda"ined through ·'·ll · rcth rhe Chronicle of St. Alb11n, fucceded Churches and Chappds under plin of 'I Stmon Mtpbam. Of whom I marvel that Excommunication; that no man lhould ! Polydcrt nu ktth no word nor .mention : I ab!hin from Bodily labo.urs upon certam I bc!ike he fate not long: after followed S:tintsdays, asisbeforetouched: whtch John Stratford. lfaCI: of his is not a little noted in our I In theStoryof .AJamMmmouth,.itl MonkilhHifiorics. :~~~::v:R:\~~J~Stdt:jo~ 1 ledich~t~:;::/ui!d(d Canterbury C<>l·j ~I~~~ The conclufion of this Fourth Book. THE