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Tbe burning ofW.Tailor, and Difciplining of.].Florence. 749 {~':';:} ~~;~~r£.~~~;"7:7.~£~~:~:T~~.~":J:,;:~ bl: ~~~~.T~~ ~~':o•,:~ ~;~:;;;d:~oc:m:;:~ :ifJ:i. pro~~: ~~~; ~~~!/~~iZ,~ ;~~~;~rf~ ~~~;~Ys:~;~~ oth~~~~0~a~~o~~~:h?too~h1 ;tlfo~h~asal~~i~~~ c~~~~ ~~ :~r.ft X~~~ t~~~~~ed~t~h~~~~ ~~~~ ~~:~~~y~:; g;~~;o~f :,~f!;1fo~~~~/f\~~~h::~.~~~fi~~t %: Salat,. that it was lawful in any refped- to_ pray to Saints (and matu:r to offer up [Q rhe Arch.btlhop agamfi him, lefl: ~ne bringeth for the fam.e T?omar Aqut1J) but only in refpe(t Order fl10u!d fi:em more cunmng or pregnant, in findmg ~:0:.::1.!~11, of chat worlhip, winch IS called. Cultntlatrt.e; A1~ fur- out more than could another; or clfc ~h~nce !ell anr of ~i;~~ ~':h[,~t~d!k~~hf~~n~l\~ hfi:;':fi~~i~~lh~f.~~~~!~i~~ ~ ~~~ti~~~~ ;~1:;~r~,~~:'d~~~["rty, m bnnging nodung toGool. moll plainly appearethby hiS OWn words,faylllg,Nunquam When the Saturday WlS come, which was 20th day of l41nt1J neg.-vi, aut negare in: en~()· ~er ita aut r-~~llfJTum Ftbrii(ITJ, Up01l the \~hich day the four Ord~rs were apr:!:~:::t:otbti;[;J,:s:;;~;;n;;;~t'(uJ::;~;~~~~~ b};u:~~ufo~~rep:;~~~~:(~~~~ t~:~:/J: ~~~ ~~: proficert; quia bot efl c/mbt!e ex &r1p1ura, qui! .nmfat- black Fners, then Fncr Wincb.elfq, then Fner L~, a~ter lit, & ex confrma r11timu, &c. And moreover he mferr~th F.ricr .AJ~nvel,. etch Frier f~ Ius 01der (everaUy bnngmg the c:xample Of MJfu, who prayed unto God, allcdgutg h1s Herd!(, as IS a~e-fpc:cihcd . the merits of Abral!11m, Ifaac, and J~~tl)b, wh~ were Thus the. verdH~t of thcfe four Orders bdng givm up da.d,&c. And fil~thermorc:, paffing from the: t~1mony of tc;' the Archb1~p,and (evttally ac~ Ordc:rcoming in with Jerom,and.alkdg.mgtheex.ampleo~Sttph:n,fanh,f(_UDJ hrsHerd"tc:, wh1ch was thet.wc:ntlc:th dayof F_ebruar7; ;:;J::f::/;;;'t~:J!:;~b:'"A;~:~ i:'~~h'h::r:~h ~~i:d~~;:~SI:er~ff~~ftf:~lm:~,K;:n~:l)~:b~ ~"~~~~~~!~~~~ abcut nl ctrdes with the: w1ckcd, and With the: idolaters of fhan confiancy, after long Impr1fonrqcnt, there did con- 1!' s.;1~>o theOlJ 7'eftamtnt, andnevc:r come to thecmter, it is fummatehisMartfl"d?m, 1422. fi•ld. - wholfomc: and !?ood. rounfd, that ~e follow the: mind of The mannc:r of hiS de radins was all 01.1e with the de- ~h~~~}\~a;j~~e~\~tr~ ;~~~o::~~~~~~';: at~d ~~~ fin~f=c~~~~j:~~f~;:;~~~ritt~·of Wtlliam Tai- ~rtcltd~ !fJT, I have e:xcc:rped, to th;: intc:nt that thc:indiffacnt four Artt. Rc:adc:r, ufutg his judgment herc:in,may fee how little: mat- EpiiUe:-Book and Tunidc:. From Acolutdhip, by taking ~~m tc:r was in this, whc:rc:fore he lliou1d be: condemned by the from thttn the Cnld and C:mdkfiick. From anExorcift, ~i?~ ~t~ver~ddb/cl~e ~~~~~~o;~g~~~cf=~!~f·F~ ~~eta:!~~ :h~~J~~ ;~~i~:~~~~~-~~ rmn. m of UnJrm to be: exammc:d, was found aronwus and and Surpli~. And h~cw1fe from Bcnet, m takmg away harticalinthcfep:>ints: theSurpli~,and.tirft'fonfurc:,&c. All which they or1, That ~c:ry prayn which is a pc:tition of fome Su- daly locomplilhc:d upon this godly Martyr, before his pcmatural gift or fiu gift, is to be: direCt~ only to God. burning.