Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

cv/nEXPOSIT!ON ~ ~· I. Of God's Prejhtee in there Churches: So lfa·4· 5· under the Allufion to the Smoke in the Temple; God's Prerence in his Affemblies under the New Tejlament, is there rpoken of. And here it is interpreted the Glory of the L<•rd ; tor (o it follows, The Temple wa; filed with Smokg from the Glory of the Lord; thot is, his glorious Prercnce, which lfa. 6. 1. is faid to fill the Temple. 2. Of God's Defence, and Pro:ecrion of his Church; and therefore it is here alto added, [and from the Power of the Lord]. So that none can enter in to hurt them within the Temple. And thus al(o lfa. 4· 5· the Smoke is interpre– ted a D tfcna; and verf 6. there is faid to be a Covert and a Reji1ge front the Storm, &c. 3· Of Offince alro to their Enemies. So in the 18th Pfolm, Smoke is made a Sign of God's Anf:<:r and Wrath; A Smokg afended in hi! Anger. And fo, whereas it is laid, That no lvlan wa1 able to enter into the Temple, one probable mcaniug of that expreffion (to me) is, That whereas God poured forth upon the Enemies of his Church Vials of Wrath, and thefe Plagues were rained a– broad upon th<m, ( againf'c which this Temple, (as was f.1id) was the only Re– fup;e and Covert, Men f'cill uGng to fly unto the Temple, and to the Horns of the Altar, as bting their Sapcruary) God in his juf'c Judgment hardneth, and fo kccptth thore his Enemies of the Popifh Party, from joining themftlves to this his Temple·; fu that they, through the obduratenels of their Hearts, (of which you may f'cill read iu the Vials) are not able to enter into it, and fo perifh, and are dcf'cro;-ed by there Plagues. And whereas it is faid, They entred not in, ti/J t/,e jh;en Pl,,gue; were fuljil!ed; the meaning is, that they never entred, as Gen. 8. 7. atod rPfalm. 112. 8. and ,A{J, 3· 2 r. [Vntil] is put for [Ne. ~er] . . CHAP.