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of tbe R EV E L A T I 0 N. 93 f'-'-,./'-"""i Chap. 3; ------------------------------------------ ~ CH ' AP: Ill. Tbe Expoftion of (bap~er 16. @A' Vi-vifion of tbe· Vials' ; the tWo /aft brzejiytoucb'd. THE Execution of thefe two !all: Vials cloth follow the five Firll, from verf 1. to the 12th; and they are Vials upon the Beafl:~the Pope,and his Adherents; God by degrees plagutng them as he dtd the Egyptians; until the Fifth f.1lling eminently upon the Seat of the Beall:, 'R.!me it [flf. his Kingdom be (o darkened and defpoiled of its Glory and Power; that a,lthough the Beart may remain, for .Jefus Chrill himfelf (at his coming, under the (evcnth Vial) to have the !art blow at h1m, and the full glory of the Con– quell:; yet (o weakened and darkened, as that [ believe the Period ofhis Power to do (as the word is in the Ongt~al, chap. I3: 5·) for 42 Months, or I26o Years, is there [et, and the Date of hts Leale cxptrcd. / Now for the 6th and 7th Vials ; becaufe they arc further off to come, ond that the 7th Vial, and the preparation unto it, from verj. 13. belongs to the Kingdom of Chrifl:, as being the immediate making way thereunto; therefore I will but briefly touch upon both thefe, and d!fpatch them firll:. The five firll ( efpecially the 4th and 5th:> being thole that concern thefe Times, and which chiefly ferve for the openmg the I Ilh Chapter, I !hall treat more largely upon. Now the 6th Vial is upon the great River E11phrate1; that is, the Turk, whom the fixth Trumpet left llanding in the Eall:. And he is compared to the great River (which is the Epithete given to the River E11phrates in the OldTeftament) a• the Alfyrian Monarch and his Army are called, in the 8th of lfoiah, and the 7th verCe. And to the River Euphrates; for his firft Seat was (as you heard out of Ch•p. 9· I4.) upon that River. Now this River i• to be dried up, for the Kings of the Eafl:, the Jews, to po!fefs their own Land, according to that Prophecy of their !all Converlion, lfo. I I. I3, I4. compared with the 15th and r6th ver(es of the fame Chapter. The 7th Vial is general, upon the .Air, the whole Power of Satan all the World over. The Reliques both of Turk and Pope, and of all the Churches Enemies throughout. the World, (as verf I 4·) rnuftering up all their Forces againft the Chriftians in the Well:, and the Jews in the Eall:, are to be over– thrown by Jefus Chrift himfelf, and his Armies; as you may read more at large in the 19thChapter, from the I Ith ver(e to the end,that beingan Explication of this Vial, the !aft upon the World, as the I 8th Chapter is of the 5th Vial, the moft eminent upon the Beaft. SE Cl'.