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~n ExPosiTION ~~ fhall have double Plagues, SpiritUal and 011tward al(o, on their Spirits, and allo ~on their outward worldly Kmgdom. Even thus Jt became the R1ghteoJH God (as in relation to thefc Plagues he is called, Chap. 16. 5·) to p~oportion their Pbgues to their Sins, and fo to double unto her, double, according to her Worl{t, (as the phrafe is, chap. t8. 6.) For him to ruin this Beafl: and his Adherents but o•twardly only, (as be bath done other Monarchies) was not enough; for he finned, not only in a!luming outward Power, Pomp, and Glory, and a Kingdom like to other Monarchies, (under the Name and ?retence of having Chrifl:'s Power) but a SpiritUal Kingdom alfo. The Merchandize of this City was not only Gold and precioJH Stonet, &c. cbap. 18. 12. but likewife the So11lt of Men too, (as it is there). She traded in Spirituals as well as Temporals; and therefore the highefl: Spiritual Judgments (as wdl as Temporal) fhall befal that State, and the Abettors of it. And as the Plagues of Tharaoh and his Egypti– ans were Spiritual (in the hardening of their Hearts) as well. 3S Temporal ; fo fuch a fpiritual Hardnefs and lmpenitcncy is made mention of in fome of thefe Vials, as well as outward Plagues. And therefore they are allo faid, chap. I 5·7· to be the Wrath of God tbat liveth for ever, an eternal Wrath feizing upon the Souls of them on whom they are poured. And (uch are thefe four firfl: Vials, and fo to be underfrood, bmh of Spiritual and Temporal Plagues. I mention the four firfl: efpecially, becau(, • .re, where this City is called Spi– ritn•l/y Eg;pt, thefe four are enumerated, namely, rhap. I I. 5, 6. And as it is evident rhat thefe Vials are in that I 11h Chapter to be underfl:ood fpiritually; fo it is as evident, that the fame Vials (as here in rhap. I6. they are made men– tion of) are to be undcrfl:ood of outward Plagues; and fo meant of both. 6. For the right underfl:anding thefe Vials, I prcmife, That though there be a Firfl:, Second, and Thir<l Vial in order fucceeding each other, and which in a fucceflive Order begin after each other, and have fome fpecial precife Time for their eminent pouring out and execution; yet fo, as fome fPrinkjings of the Firfl: may continue fl:ill under the Second, Third, and Fourth ; and hlrne R.e– liques of the Second, under the Third, Fourth, &c. and fo of the reil:. And this fecms evident to me, in that their Soret begun under the firfl: Vial, are made mention of under the fifth Vial, verf I 1. of that Chapter. And fo in like manner the f.1me effetl: (namely, Bl4phemingJ which is a part of the fourth Vial, (and an effetl: of it) is alfo continued in a further height under the Fifth. And fo again, on the contrary, it may fall out that fome droppingt of a fucceeding Vial, may begin in the Times of the Vial foregoing it, and go be– fore, as the droppings of Storms do, before their Strength and Fulnefs comes; and fo may thefe, before the extremity of pouring forth the Vial it fd£ As for Example; During the Times of the fourth Vial, fome droppings of the Fifth may begin, and fome preparations to it, though frill the fulnefs of that, and every other Vial, hath a fpecial Time in its due order fucceeding. The feventh and !ail: Thing to be premifed, is; That all the Plagues on the Popifh Party, firfl: and !ail:, are reduceable to one of thefe Vials: For, Chap. 15. I. they are faid to be the !aft Tlaguet, in JPhich the Wrath of God i< jilijilled upon that Party; and fo every Drop and Sprinkling of Wrath and Vexation poured our, goes to fill up fome Vial or other, as a part of it. SEC 1".