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of the RE VEL A T I 0 N. s E c T. I I. '",.{ partie~tlar mzd more large Explicatio11 of the five firfl ·Vials 011 t/;e 'Beaft a11d hu [ompmry. NOw for a more particular Explication of them : The fir it Vial is principally upon the Beaf!'s Earth, the loweft part of his Kingdom (and this according to that Rule given) both Spir,itual and Politi~al. Now this Vial was the effell: of thofe firft and fecond Angels preochmgs, CtJnp, r4· efpecially of that fecond Angel there: For the preaching the Golpel, and the difcovery of the Pope to be that Ahtichrijl, did draw away many of his Inferior Subjects, and of the common People in.all Kingdoms, (namely the ten European Kingdoms, whtch are hts Earth 'Polrtrcal. And fo hts Anrhonty and Interefl: in the Hearts of the People all Europe through was weakned, and the Number of the Worlbippers of the Beafl: leffened. So as all the World did not now, without contradiction, go after him as they had wont. And there was an effect of this Vial alfo, upon his Spiritual earth ; which his Clergy were: for the Waldenfts and their Followers, by their preaching in thofe Ages, dilco' vering the uncleannefs, idlcnefs, and hypocrily of the Priefls, Monks, and Nuns, (who were the Bea(l:'s Enchanters) they did (as it were) caft up Duft in their Faces, as Mofts did ; and fo they brake out in Botches, and became odi– ous to all the People. So fpeaks the Vial, v. 2. There jell a noifom and grievow Sore upon the Mm that had the Mark_ of the Beafl. Now they are properly his Cler– gy; who being exempted fi·om the Civil Power, are more reculiarly his Sub' je/:ts and fworn Vaff.1ls; and indeed by Ordination do receive from him a Cha– ratJer indelible. (For this, fee the bxpofition upon Chap.r3.) Who are alfo cal– led the Worjhippers of his Image, they bting the upholders of his Idolatrous Do– /:trine. And accordingly we find in Story, that all .thofe firft Gofpellers before L•ther, made it the chiefeft Subject and End of their Writings and Dilputes, to render odious and vile, the Pharifaica! Popifh Clergy, (as in the Book of Martyrs abundantly appears). Neither wa<this Judgment meerly outward, as only bringing fbame through fuch an outward dilcovery of their hateful and abominable Iniquities, which was alfo the beginning of their Ruin; (for it made way for it in all Mens HeartS): But further, it is moft certain, that the Effect of the Light of the Gofpel, which in their preaching was dilcovered, proved really a Curie unto this Popifh Clergy, in order to this their breaking forth in Filthinefs and Botches : in that for this their not embracing it, but (butting their Eyes againfl: it, God gave them up (by way of a Cm·fe) unro all manner of.groG Sins, of Unclean– neG, Sodomy, &c. (o as after this, to commit them with more greedinefS, than before this preaching of the 6ofpel; even as he did the Gentile<, RolJI. 1. Be– caufc they with·held the Truth i1t Vnrighteoufoef, therefore he gave them up the more unto vile Affi&ions. So thefe, after the firft Light of the Gofpel began to dawn; they daily brake out into Botches and Boils more than ever they did before. ~nd thus this Vial was a Spiritual Judgment upon them, as well as an Outward, m .d~lcovering their Sores unto their fbame. And this is the lirft degree of their Spmtual Judgment under the firfl Vial. The Second Vial is upon the Sed. And this is the Fruit and Effect of the third Angel's preaching, namely, Lutherand his Followers; who as in their 06' ll:rine they were raifed up to a greater Light, (comparatively to tlw former ); fo the Fruit of their Dol:trine was a further Plague, both upon the Politictl and Spiritual Sea of the Beafl:. The Sea in a Kingdom or Body Politick, is pu~ for Jurifdiction over many People, (as was (hewed in the fecond Trumpet; chap. 8.) and fo here the Sea of the Beaft, are thofe """'} Ki11gdoms, and l'eo– ples, and Nations, and Tongues, which {he fits upon, (as you may fee it ex· 0 pounded 97