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AN EX'POSITION 0 F THE REVELATION. P.A R T· I· '. CH A P. t The 'l)eftgnof the 'Book, of the Revelation. That# is aProphecy, 'ttJherein, ·as in aVijion, the Story of a!! Times t8 reprefented. .The prophetical part of it begim 11tthe Fnur..Lh Chgpi_er. An Expo(ition of the Fourth Chapter. The .17i]ion ?! the 'Throne; 'Beafts~ and Elders: d 'l{eprejentation of the [hurch in aU Ages. H E three firl'c Chapters, contain Seven Epinies to Seven Particular Churches ; but from this Fourth Chapter, to the end.of the Book, is laid down a more Pro· phecy from John's Time ~o the Worlds end. There is therefote this Character of Difference pu~ between that part of this Book in thole three firll: Chapters, and this that begins here, That that concerned things that theri were pal'c, things ,that then were; and things to come hereafter,. (as Chap. I. 19.) whereas this delivers thole things only which m11fl be hereafter, Chap. 4· I. . . In thisProphecy, as in a Vifiion, is the Story of all Tim~s aCted and repre– .femed.. A Comedy is the reprelenting of a Story pafl:, by Men ; this a Prophe– tical Vifiori of things to .come, a/led by Angels anfwerably; as in· ii.1chlm~r)udes and Shews; there is firfl: .a Stage b)lilt, a.Scene or !?lace_fuppofed where the things were done, and a Chorus or Company of ,SpectatOrs fitttng on the Stage continually, and giving their judgment and approbation, ( wbtch was the cul'com B . ili i