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The Co N T E N r s. CHAP. V. The Expojition of Chap. I I. conti– nued. The Defcription of the Witneffis, verf. 3, 4, 5, and 6. I 34 Sell. I. Some thingr in general premifed. The divijion of the partie~tlar A/Jr afcribed to them: with the order d"d tinte ofedth, ibid. Sell. 2. The A/Jr of the Wit11ejfer; frjl, in the darl<!fl Timer of Popery, withholding the Rain, W/Jat ? Next in the Timer of Sepa– ration from Popery, in the three frjl Vials, verf. 6. I37 Sell. 3· The .dt1r of the Witneffis in thi< their /aft Age ofProphecy. And firjl, their devou– ring with Fire, (verf 5.) What ? The AI· bifion thereof•mto Moles hi< dejlroying Na· dab a11d Corah's Cbmpa111 with Fire, ap· plied, I38 Sell:. 4· Seco11dl;, Their Temple.wor/z i11 their !aft Dayr, in being two Olive Trees, ex· plained; from the Allujion to Jofhua's and Zerubbabel'sji11ijlJing the Temple, I4I CHAP. VI. The kjUing of the Witnejfer;VerC7, 8, 9, 10. of Chap. 1 J. . I44 Sell. I. The Time of their three Years and an half not yet come. A retonciliation of thn a11d Mr. Brightmail'sOpinion, in a double · f•lfi/Jing of it, ibid. Sell. 2. The AU11(ion unto Chrijl'r /aft Pajjion, in thi< /aft jla11ghter of the Witneffes, ex· plained, .149 Sell. 3· That thi< kjl/ing of the Witnejfer if to be exeroted by, and 11nder the Power of the Beaft ofRome : And fo co11ld 110t be meant of any of the former PerflC11tionr in the Re· formed Ch11rchu, which were from among themftlve_r, I 50 Sell+ The Time of the Beafl'r enjoying thir jitO Tl'i/Jory bHt three Teart a11d an half The Time of obtai11ing it, and of kjOing the Wit· nejfe;, may be longer, 152 Sell. 5· The Jlurpneji and extent of t/.Ji< Vi/Jo– ry, horv great ; whether unto Death natural, or Martyrdom, diji:11jfed, 154 Seet.6. Of tlut ColltOIJiit,mt of the Wit11ejJir KiUing. The Nations fteing their dead Bo– dies, and not jitjfering them to be p11t in Graves. Several Smfts given ofit: Whe– ther tah.fn as an Office of Favo11r, or an In– jltry.And whether to be 1inderjlood ofFriends or Enemies; difc•1fed, I 60 Sell.7. Of the Vniverfolityof thi< Slaughter. Whether reaching to a/J Ch11rches reformed, and in them, to aD Profe./Jors, or only to emi~ 'IJetJt Witnejfes. That fiJme one fJtay be more eminently dejigned. Wbat is meant by the Street of tbe City, &c. 163 CHAP. vn. The ri}ing of tbe Witneffis; from Verfll . to the 15th ofChap. 11. 168 Sell. I. Three thi1;p in gweral obfirved.Chrifl's RejiJrrelliollthe Pattel"n oftbil• The Propor.. tior.s between their Killing and Ri(ing. This Reforrdi ion aShadow of that to come, ibid. Sect 2. The ftveral Steps and Degrwof their RejiJrret1io11 and Afcenjion, 169 Sell3. The Events that accompany their Reforreflion, 17 I Sell. 4· The faU of the tenth part of the City, What? Whether thereby be mea11t the Ruin of Rome, (the Fifth Vial)? ibid. Sell. 5· (More partic11larly); that by [a tenth Part of the City J is IJJea11t, one of the ten Kingdoms of Europe. How it is foi4 to Fall. The Earth·quake in it, What ? The NamesofMen,What? andtheirKilling. I 7~ Sell. 6. What tenth part of Europe, or which of the ten Kingdomr it it mofl pi·obable that thir Earthqual<! and Reforre{JioiJ of the Witnejfet Jba/1 faU 0111 in, I 76 Sell. 7. How ·thir their Reforrel1ion and AJ– cenjion, i1 afore-nmning Shadow of the Re· jlitution ofall thingr at the coming ofChrijl's Kingdom, I 79 Sell:. 8. An Interpretation of that Cla~tje, verf. I 4· [ The Second Wo is part ]. A recon– ciling Jomc DijficHitie; abottt it, 180 Secr.9.The {onrliifion ofthn Difcollrji.The Con– jet111res offomeabollt t/.Je Time when thir Kil– ing and Ri_(i11g of theWitnejferjhaU be, 182 AN '