Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

100 cv1 n Ex P o s r T I o N ~ than any other King, (though indeed fame of the Emperors oppofed the ·Pope). ~ Now God in bringing Punifhments on Kings and Kingdoms, reckoneth with them for what their Predece£Iors in State have done, and refpecteth former Times as much, if not more then prefent. And befides, this German Empire \vas peculiarly of the Pope's Creation, being by him fet up in the firfl Foun– dation of it, in Charlemain; Even as God is faid to fet up the S11n in hii Firma– ment, the Wor/z of hi; Handr, PfaL 19. So the Pope may be l:1id to have ftt up this Sun in his. And fo the Ruin of the Emperor is more peculiarly a Punifh– ment, refpecting the Papal Seat and Authority, than the Ruin of any other l'rince : He baving fo peculiar an Interefl: in him, as in his Eldefl: Son, and chief begotten. This Vial Mr. Mede thought to have been in execution in that great prcvaling of the King of Sweden againfl the Emperor, (Whore Death diverted many Mens Tho~glm from that Interpretation). But furely, though he pro– ceeded not to throw down that Sun from his Heaven, yet there glorious Victories of his, and quelling of the Popifh Party, may well be accounted in it relf a Vial, although it fl10uld proceed no farther, and fi.1eh a darkning of this Sun, as he will never more recover his ancient Glory and Splendour ; and that King did lay fuch a Foundation of weakening his Power, as may end in the utter ruin of that Family in the illue of thefe Wars. Others have interpreted this Vial to be upon the Pope's own Temporal and Spiritual Authority, which is his Sur~, or chief Glory (for fo Sun in the Old Teflament, and the darkning of it, is put for Glory, and the obfcuring of it; as lfo. 6o. 2 0. Jer. 15. 9·) And to, that Power and.Authority which the Pope once had in Temporals, is here to be underflood ; He (o eminently and confpicuoufly fhining over Princes in their Temporal Power, that (as their own DecretaIsfj>eak) they ufed to call the Pope, and the Emperor, the two great Luminaries in Heaven, the S11n and the Moo11, entitling the Pope the Sul7, and the Emperor the Moofl. But how hath this his Glory, in the Confciences of his own Va£Ials, and in the Eyes of thole Princes who fometimes were fubjeB: to him, wained more and more ;> (which now at !aft may haply grow yet more dim). The whole Kingdom of France ever denied him that abfolute Temporal Power he once challenged. And in thefe latter Time~, how is the King of SJ13;,, rather become the Sun, and the Pope the Moon;> who is glad to beg Light from him, and to flatter other Princes, to be by them upheld, who once flattered him, and whom he excom– ':"unicated at his pleafure. So that the Pope indeed is but the Chaplain to the King of Spain, whom he makes ufe of for the acquiring of an Univerfal Mo– mrchy. But which of thefe, or whether both of thefe are here meant, the Event mufl: judg. And thus much for the firfi Part of this Vial. Now, 2. for that other part which follows, [and power WiH given him /o fcorch Men with Fire]. This hath been much miflaken; As if becaufe the Sun ufeth to rem-eh with Heat, therefore that Power were here given to this Sun, to fcorch with Fire; and fo it fhould refer to theS11n's Heat. Whereas (I take it) it is mentioned as a diflinct Power given to this fourth Angel ; that a~ he bath power to pour out a Vial on the Pope's Sun, (be it taken as Political, or other– wife) fo alfo that he hath a further Power given him, to fcorch all thofe with Fire, that fhall continue to advance the Pope in theft: his declining Times. Which (asI take it) cloth (according to the Rule given) properly refer to a further and greater height of Spiritual Punifhments, (and fo this latter part makes up the Spiritual Plague, as the former part did the Political and Outward Plague) inflicted upon the Upholders of the Beafl: in the Times of this Vial ; even upon the Learned among them, efpecially thofe who now take pains to write for him, or to bring in his Authority into thefe European Kingdoms again, where the Light of the Gofpel fhines fo clearly and perfpicuoully, as they can– not but long fince have been convinced of it ; their Sea being turned into Blood, and difcovered to be corrupt, and their Writings (their SpringI) ro clearly re– futed and turned to Blood alfo, that thofe that live in thofe Kingdoms, and fl:ill labour to bring in Popery again, cannot but manifeflly go againfi their own Light and Knowledg. Now