Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

ofthe REVELATION. 99 think) neither here, nor chap. ,14. 18. (but this Phrafe [ the Souls rmder the At- cl""'-"""' tar J is, that which importeth Martyrdom, as cbap. 6.) bur [Altar J is here put ~J to fignify Worfhip ; and fo, the An~el ~M.t from the .Altar, or place of Wodhtp, is put to fignify thofe pubhck Worfhtp.pers and Prtefls of God that fiand at the Altar, or in publick Affemblies, and gtve thanks for thele Judgments upon all Occafions. Their Acclamatton ts; that os they had dealt by us, fo now themfelves were dealt with, and indeed, jufl: in the f.1me manner; for they had lingled out particular Perfons, and put them to death by bloody Laws efl:ablifhed ; and thefe Kingdoms being fallen off, have enacted the ltke, and put them to death in the like publick manner. In the fecond place ; this third Vial is upon his Rivers alfo, and greater Streams, namely, thofe Armadoes and Navies from out the Sea of thole King– doms that continue fl:illto uphold the Beafl:, and endeavour to lay all Kmgdoms into this one Sea again. As the Spania.-ds,both againfl: England:in 8~ ; and againfl: Holland often fince, Cent out to regain Ro,,e's Jurifdiction ; who yet have fl:ill been defeated. And unto this Head may be reduced the Defeatment of that late Navy, 1639, (Cent forth to the fame end) as a lprinkling of this ViaV, (though now be the Times of the fourth Vial) fl:ill going on, according to the Rule given in the 6th Premife. The Fourth Vial isupon the Srm ; and ro the Angel that is Executor of it, there is power given to fi·orch Men with Fire. The Effect whereof is, their Blaf phemy. This Vial feemeth to me to have two difl:mct parrs ; 1. The Effufion of this Vial upon the Sun. 2. The fcorching with Fire thofe that adhere to the Beafl:. And 3ccording to my former General Rules, I do interpret it, both of Outward, and of Spiritual Plagues, and both of them falling on the Popifh Party. And fo, the former Part of•the Vial to import an Outward Plague, and the latter a Spiritual Pu– nilbment. Now, 1. for the Vial upon the Sun. The Sun here (according to the third Premife or R.ule given ) may be put for the more illufl:rious Light, or Prince, adhering to the Popifh Party, and fuining in his Political Heaven, whereof he is the great God or ]11piter. And this mufl: be Qither the Emperor, or the King of Spain, or (as it may be) both; they both being of the fame Family of .A11jlria. The Iffue of thefe German Wars (when the Popifh Party t'nall once have had Blood enough given them to drink) fhall be either the R.uin of the one, or the other, or both; and if not of them both, then of the Aujlrian Family in Ger– many (as Mr. Mede firfl: well conjectured) though it may be the Hint of his Co.njecture might have been taken from what was Mr. Park,sr's Opinion of this Vjallong before ; who interpreted this Sun to be fome Prott:fl:ant Prince in Ger– many, who fhould firfl: have a part of thi• Vial poured upon him by the Popifh Party; but being thereby provoked,and afterwards railed a!(ain, fhould (like the Sun) fcorch them with his heat,and fo only the latter part of this Vial fhould fall on them. Thus Mr. Park,sr, Anno 1616, did firfl: interpret this Vial, long before thele German Wars. But I do much rather incline to Mr. Mede's Opinion, be• caufe thefe Vials are wholly peculiar to the Beafi and his Company, and to thole profeiied Enemies of the Church who adhere unto him. And fo this firfl: part of the Vial upon the Sun, cannot be underfl:ood of agy Protefl:ant, but of thofe that do adhere to the Beafi, evell as well as the latter part of it, fcorcbing them with Fire. Now if this Sun be one of thefe two, either the King of Spam, or the Empe– ror, I rather take the latter: For the King of Spai11, though now the greater Light in the prefent Horofcope, and fo would, rather of the two, Ceem to be this Sun : Yet confidering thofe more elderly and former Times, the Empire of Germany bath, for this 8oo Years, been the eminentefl: Principality in Europe, and bath upheld the Pope the moll:, and in thole Times done more that way 0 ~ than