Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

rv/nEXPOSITION ~Funeral of this Great Whore, the City of Rome. And it is much that two ~ whole Chapters Ihould be fpent on purpofe to fet forth the Pageants of the _ Church's Triumph over her. Surely, here this Great Kingdom ends; and thertfore, after that the Church prepares for the Lamb's Marriage, Chap– ter 19. Now that that Whore prefented in thofe two Chapters, (the I 7th and I 8th) is this City of Rome, is evident by the lafl: words of the 17th Chapter. The Whore is that great City that reigns over the Kings of the Earth. And fo thofe two Chapters are but a fuller feuing forth, and enlargel)lent of this fame fifth Vial, as being the mofl: Eminent, and the mofl: Fatal of the Vials upon the Beafl:. Which Chapters therefore, I !hall not need to fpend time in explicating of, but do now hafl:en to the Expolition of the I Ilh Chapter, which was by me mainly intended, becaufe that contains the State of the Church, and the Condition of · it in thefe Times, and thofe that are next a coming upon us. And I join that next unto the Vials, becaufe thefe Vials ferve direa:Iy to expound it; and it mentioning the four firfl: Vials, goes on then to !hew what !hall befal the Churches of the Reformation, under the fourth Vial, and afore the Fifth ; ,with which fifth Vial thofe Io6o Years, or 42 Months of the Pope's Kingdom (there in that Chapter computed) are to end and expire, (according to the Notion even now given). And as the I 4th Chapter !hewed us the Condition of the Church within it felf, to the Times of the fourth Vial (as was proved) ; fo this 1 Ith Chapter begins where the 14th Chapter ends. And from thence the Sup– plement of the Story of the Church's various Condition is to be fetch'd ; as will appear in the opening of it. CHAP~