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of the RE VEL AT I 0 N. ~'-"""~ Chap. 4· ------------------------------------------~ CHAP. IV. The Expojition of Chapter I I. rrhich 'WitS but briefly touch'd upon in the Firfl: Part, the larger Explica-: tion being, referved here M its proper place. S E C T. J. PIJ(OLEGOMENA. Fi1Je Generals premijed for tbe U11derfla11dillg of it; THE firll: is to !hew, Who this Angel here fpoken of is, and what is his Purpofe, and when the Time of his coming down here in this Vifion. And for this, know, that the Angel who comes down here, and deli– vers all the Contents of this I Ith Chapter, unto verf I 5· unto ]oh11, and that, immediately by" ord of Mouth, is Chrift himfelf; as appears by his words, verf. 3· [I will give power to my Two Witnejfes J which no Created An– gel could fpeak. And obferve withal, that Chrif!: himfelf cloth fpeak no where' in this Book, but only in this, and m the firf!: Chapter. And above all obferve, that this isthe very fame Angel that came to Daniel in the end of his Prophecy, to confirm it with an Oath, chap. I2. of that his Prophecy. This his alike Gef!:ure here and the~e,doth argue: there, lifting up his right Hand to Heaven, andfwe<ring ly Him who liveth for ever, ver(7.and fo here, taking the very f.1me Oath, with the fame Ceremony alfo, verf6. ofchap.Io. And then you may take notice, that his Oath is taken about the very fame thing,and to the fame purpofe. You !hall find that that Prophecy of Daniel, containeth (though more coofufedly) the very fame things that this Prophecy of the Revelationdoes more clearly, As namely; the Tyranny of the fourth Roman Monarchy, and the opprdiion ofthe Church thereby, firfl: by the Hcatheni!h Empire, then, under the ]aft Head of it, the Pope (of whom Daniel had prophefied, chap. rr. of his Prophecy, from the g6th verfe to the end); after whofe Time expired (as Daniel had !hewn) !hould come in a Fifth Monarchy of the Saints, chap. 7· All which things you have in this Book, and the Vi!ions of them more .difl:inctly prefented. As, namely; how under the feventh Trumpet, after the Ttme of the Beafl: expired, that fame gloriousKingdom was to come in. Thus, in the fubjciJ: Matter of both they do agree ; and fo alfo in fetting down ihe Time determined by God, how long this !all Head, the Pope, and his T yranny, !hould continue, do the!e two Pro– pheciesand thefe two Angels both agree. For concerning this Time, and the ending of the Tyranny of this lafl Head (the Pope) over the Church (after which !hould come in the Kingdom of Chrifl:) it is, that the Angel there in Dame! cloth take that his Oath : And di!courfeth of that hisTime, and the man– ner of the ending of his Tyranny, in that I 2th Chapter of Daniel, and at the end of that whole Prophecy. Ancl ( anfwerably) concerning the ending of that very Time, and the manner of the ending of the Beaf!:'s Tyranny, and the fucceeding of Chrift·s Kingdom when that is ended; that is the very thing that the Angel here fweareth about, and in like manner difcourfeth of jufl: at the end of this firfl Seal· Prophecy. So that his Oath and Speech, both there and here, are about the very C1me thing. And obferve the accord in both: for there (Van. I 2. 7.) he fwears, That, It (namely, the Pope's R.eign) j/101dd be for 4 Time, Times, and half a Ti11JC, (fo mentioning it there confufedly, and more P indefi-