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of the R EVELAT I 0 N. 'and determining. And this I my felf do thus immediately _Inform you of, be- '"'-A..r'l 'caufe that lafl: flattering will be fo great a one, as 1 all the Faith you have C:hap._, i· • will be put to it '.and therefore it is that I. have took that \)ath, a.s it were, ~ •(now) in thefe Ttmes ; for that your Forth had need of tt, to confirm it. • Which Oath therefure do you remember and have in your Eye; for even now • your Redemption draws nigher than you are aware of. This is the firfl: Thing I premife. 2. 'PROL0G6MENON. Now in the Cecond place, obferve in how fit a Scene Or Place in ibis Come– dy, or Vifion of all Times fucceffively, hitherto a[ted before John, and by him penned for us, cloth this Angel Chriji here take to enter upon the Stage, and a/1 this Patt in. You before heard at large, hoiV that the Seals and Trumpets; in Chapters 6, 7, 8, 9· contamed one Prophecy, that ran over ali the Times from John until the end : and then, that the little Book; that is open in the Hand of this Angel here, Chap. I O. cloth contain another Prophecy of the Church, which in like manner begms at the Trmes of John, and fo again runs over all Times umo the End. Now this Angel fl:eps in now, jufl: now; as in the lafl: Age, and towards the expiring of the fixth Trumpet, and fo of that firfl: Revolution of all Time, with his New or Second Prophecy m hts Hand, ready to be dehvered. And yet bccaufe that forne Sands, or fpace of Ttme remamed under the firfl: Prophecy, not yet compleated; He therefore in this; as a convenient Seafon between both, fills up that little (pace of Time, that thi$ fitfl: Prophecy had yet left to eontinue, with an additional Difcourfe of his own ; to inform the Church what fpecial Occurrenceswere now,before the final confummation ofall under the feventh Trumpet, to fall out in this fmall Interim, as a Warning to them when the End of all, even of both Prophecies, ( viz. of this Seal-Prophecy, and alfo of that other Book-Prophecy) !hould be: Now the Sixth Trumpet, which is the Turkiih Empire, we yet fee fianding. An utter End of the Roman Empire had been as compleatly fet forth in the Sixth Seal, as it could be; and only now the Ending of it remained, and fo there was no other Matter of that kind, or belonging thereunto; tO be added : And yet that being to continue Come hundreds of Years afore its ending !hould be, and the Seventh Trumpet !bould blow, he therefore fills up that Space of Time, un– til the SeveQth Trumpet !hould blow, tlnd entertains John, with relating what CJ>ecial Occurrences, that mort nearly concerned his People, !hould f.1ll out in the Wefl:ern Church, over which the Pope had the Dominion, now towards the End of both Turkifh and Popifh Empire, and fo in this lafl:. Age, before the ending of thefe Times : Which Occurrences, though they prope.rly belonged to the Book-Prophecy, whtch (as was faid) properly takes cogni(ance of Mat– ters of the Church; yet they fitly come in here between both Prophecies, as the Signal of the ending of the full Courfe of both Stages of Times. And when be had thus, in this Difcourfe, filled up that remaining Time in this Interlude, with fuch Occurrences as were indeed yet to fall .out together with ir; in the Times before the Sixth Trumpet"s ending l then (I fay) he ccmcludes his DiC– courfe with this, The fecond Wo is pajl: That is, the Time of the Sixth Trum" pet ends alfo hereabouts ; and fo then; as in its orderly Time, blows the Seventh. 3· 'PR0 LEG6ME. N bN~ Obferve the manner of his deiiverihg all this to John; hameiy, that he titters this his Narration as a ChorM, or as an btterlocHtor in" a Comedy ufeth to do hi$ Speech, and not by Vition only, whereiri heoperis ·and explain.s what couirt not by Vtfion well have been underrtood ; and therefore gives it oy word of MoNth. Aild as thus this Angel cloth here, fo the like cloth that Angel in the 1 -jth Chapter. ( And i the tather put together the Parallel Speeches of thefe two Angels; P 2 ( cbap.