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106 Jn ExPOSITION ~ indefinitely); .And when.he (that is, that ]aft Kin~, the Pope, ~he Head of P A KT 11. that Monarchy, whomDaniel had !aft prophefied ~f m the fore-gomg Chapter, L~ from the 36tbverf. to the end) fball h(J'l)e accomplijbd to flatter ~he 'Power of the Holy People; thenaUtbefethings fballbe f~tlft71cd: t?at IS, then 1st_h~T1me,when thefe things (which he had fpoken of to be done JUft before Chnft s Kingdom) !hall begin to take end and accomphfrlment. . Now in a direB: correfpondency and anfwerablenefs unto the Angel mDa– niel, cloth this Angel here come down in ~his Vifion, _now~ at the very end of that Time,(according to that courfe ofT1me run out m th1s firft Seal-Prophecy) which that Angel in Daniel had fworn about; even now when this fatal Pe– riod of the Fourth Monarchy (according to the Series of this Vifion) was near approaching. And firft he renews the Oath then taken, and fwears again here, (chap. 10.7.) That Tin" fba/1 be no longer; but that in the Dd)s of the feventh Trumpet, the Myjiery Jba/1 be fitlftlled, wl>ich i< JPok.fn of by aU the 'Prophets: that is, the Fifth Monarchy, or the Kingdom of Chrifr, (which was to fucceed the other) of which all the Prophets fpeak, as you have it Af!J 3· 2 r. Thefe words of the Angel's Oath do imply, that now that the Vifions of all Times_paft in the for– mer Seal-Prophecy, from the Pnmmve T1mes, had brought Thmgs to the !aft Scene of the World's Time; Now ( fays he, as ftanding in the Extremity, and towards the approaching end of all) Time foa/1 be no longer, (or, as Mr. Bright– man well interprets the word) [Delay J fba/1 be no longer, Stay now but a lit– tle (fays Chrifr,) here you are at tlic !aft Sands; tarry bnt till the feventh Trum– pet blows, it will end all. And (accordingly) the Angel herein this rrthChapter, explains diflinB:Iy by word of Mouth, what, and how much that Time of the Pope, mentioned in the Oath in Daniel, was; and what that accomplifoing to flatter the Holy Peo– ple, (which in the Oath in Daniel, was made the immediate Fore-runner of the fulfilling of all things) alfo was. So that indeed this r rth Chapter here is, as concerning the Point of Time, but an Explication of that 12th Chapter ofDa– niel, at leaft of that part thereof, and by this Angel's Oat)l and Speech there. And it is the fame Angel cometh here to exprefs dil1inB:ly (as became the Reve– lation) what was there delivered darkly and indefinitely. And it is as if the Angel here had fpoken thus, or to this etfeB:, (in more plain words, for the comfort of the Church): ' Now Beloved, I come now, after fo long a while worn out, to bid you to ' lift up your Heads; for Time now in thele days· of the fixth Trumpet is expi– ' ring, and my Kingdom is at the Door: for the Times of the Beafr, prophefied 'of by Daniel, (of which Beal1 you !hall hear more in this little Book-Prophe– 'cy, which is open in my Hand, and·which I here bring with me, and give you) 'do now lhortly end and determine. Daniel's period of a Time, Times, and 'half a Time, allotted the Beafr,. the Po~e, the lal1 Head and King to reign in 'the Fourth Roman Monarchy, 1s nowm thefe T1mes very lhortly to expire, 'and with him the Times of this prefent oppreffing World. And that you, my ' Church, may know, and have infallible warning, ·when the expiring of this 'Beafr's Time to fcatter the Holy People !hall be, I will both explain to you how ' long this Time in Daniel, (where it is but confufedly mentioned) is allotted 'him to fdtter the Holy People, my Witneffes; and I will alfo tell you, how 'or in what manner it !hall be, that he !hall accomplijb (as Daniel's phrale is) 'to flatter the Power of the Holy 'People; that is, for your comfort I will reveal ' to you, and defcribe the very manner of that eminent and ]aft Scattering, ' which in the Oath in Da11iel is made the immediate Sign, when Antichrift's 'Ruin, and all thole other things, lhould begin to be fulfilled. And further, I ' will prefent to you what the Face of the Church !hall be in that Age imme– ' diately before the fcatteri~tg the Holy People; that fo you may have, togethor '·at once, both a true compute of the Time, as alfo of fi.1ch Occurrences (and ' fuch a Face of the Sky prefented) as may be an eminent Signal unto you : 'that when you fee thefe Things done, then know, that the Time is expiring 'and