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of the REVELATION. 4· 'PROLEGOMENON. Obferve how fitly the words of the Oath in Dani•l, do agree with ail the Things delivered in this rrth Chapter, from 'verf t. unto the feventh Trumpet;· >verf 15. where the Angers Speech ends. Now thofe Things are reduceable Unto two Heads : _ . r. This Angel's Computation and Interpretation of that Time mentioned it). Daniel, (which when it ends, the Fourth Monarchy (hall begin to end alfo, and thortly after it the Kingdom of ChrHr begins). , 2. Such eminent Occurrences as fhall t:1ll out at the ending of it, as Signals thereo£ Or rather, thus. · In the Angel's Oath in Daniel, fOur Things were intimated. . , r. The Time that the Beaft, the !aft Head of the Roman Monarchy, fhould l1ave tO reign; which was a Tinte, Times, and half a Time. 2. A Holy 'People, who all that Time fhould yet continue to oppofe him, and whom he fhould opprefs. 3· Who yet· towards the end fhould get Come Power againfi him ; Co it is there called, [the 'Power ofthe Holy 'People]. And, 4· which 'Power of theirs he fhould, in the ending of that Time fcat– ler, and themfelves alfo, and that with an eminent fcattering, which yet is the Accomplifhment, or .Iafl: ACt of his fo doing; that is, he fhould never [carter them any more, but after that his Reign was to end, and their Mourning and Oppref– fion to ceafe. Now anfwerable tO this, you here have; r. That Time, confufed!y mentioned in Daniel, but here exaCtly computed by a double account (not to t:1il) both of Months, and alfo of Dap ; the one, as expreffing Antichrifl:'s whole Time of Reigning, even 42 Months ; and the other, the Holy People's Time to oppofe hitri in, even 1'26o D"Ji; though yet in Sack-cloth and Oppreffion. But fo, as both have one and the fame Period ; and as they begun, fo th<:r end togethet. 2. You have the Holy ·People in Daniel here interpreted by Chrifl:, to be his Two Iflitncjfes. 3- You have the 'Power of this Holy People all that while fer forth, ( efpeci– all y that Power they obtained in tHeir !aft days) I wi/J give to my Wiine.Jles, &c. veif 3They had Power given diem to ereCt a Temple, back'd with a mighty Party of an Outward Court. And out of that Temple they have had Power given them to pour out four Vials already : So as that if any Man hi1rt them, thej will fcorch /Jim with Fire, &c. 'verf 5· And in the weakefl: days of their Pro– phecy, they have had power to jhut Heaven th~t it rained not, verC6, c~c. 4· This Angel here fhews, how in the erld of this Time, when they are everi about to cafl: off their Sack-cloth, and to finifh their Tefl:imony againfl: this Beafl:, ver(. 7· (fo the word in the Greek is, [ate about to finifh, &c. J that then this their Power fhall be fcattered, their Outward Court trodden down, and fo; they loft expofed to the Beaft's Fury and Outrage, to be by him fi:attered aniong the N,1tions, and 4illed; Which Nations fhall fee their dead Bodies lying in the Street!, &c. And then he gives a particular defcription of this their oppreffing; unto verf 14- telling us withal, for our comfort, that thus they !hall accomplijlJ to fcatter them, being never to fcatter thtin again any more, after they are once rifen again, fo verf. 11, 12, 13. And thus you fee how this IIIh Chapter!~ but a Comment on the Oath in D.mie/; S· 'PROLEGOMENON. . tartly, Obferve this in General concerning tile jdini iiiemiori or bringirig iri both thefe Occurrences; arid this tomprit:itidri tJf Titiies together. They are ffientls!kd thus together principally and chiellf lil thiorefpect, to !hew how thi\l \v!ioli: ~ Chap. 4· ~