Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

I IO cvfn ExPos 1 TION ~ whole Series of Time ibould end and expire; namely, with tho(e Occurrence' ~ here mentioned. So that, the Angel's !cope is not Gmply to mention this Pe- . riod of the I 26o days, CN. only to compute it, (though fo alfo he makes men– tion of it); but withal to thew how that with thefe Exploits and Occurrences, or when thefe things here mentioned fhould f.11l out, this Time was near its end and expiration. Whereby this Angel here doth dircilly hit the very aim and !cope of that his former Oath taken before Daniel; which was, that with tlie very expiring of that his allotted Time, he ibould accomplifb to fcatter the Power of the Holy People. And therefore he fo mentions this whole term of Time here, as withal to thew how it !ball at la£1: be accompliib'd and fulfilled; and to that end he mentions fuch particular Exploits, asthis Beaft to his very la£1: (ball play, even till his Kingdom be taken from him. Nowto explain this further; In the qtbChapter, the Bea£1: had pnwergiven hinJ to do (as the word is) 42 Months; and during that Time, to ma~ War with the SaiiJts, and overcome them• . And Power was ~iven him over all To"g•es, .,d Nations, a11d Kindreds; (that JS, over the Ten Kmgdoms of Europe) verf. 5, 6, 7. Now the Gentiles here, and that Idolatrous Company that woribip ibis Bea£1:, (verf. 3, 4· of that qth Chapter) and that fet up this Power of his, are all one and the fame; and their Leafe here, of treading down the Holy City, runs, and is made (as you fee) for the very fame term of Years here, that it is there. Only mark the different fcope of the mentioning of them in that I 3th Chapter, and here; namely, that here it comes in to fhew, how this whole Time ibould end, and fully be accompliib'd; and alfo with a Narration of that very particular !all War and Vifrory, which this Idolatrous Company ibou!d obtain againll the Holy People, even their !all fcattering them before the end– ing of this their Time. But it comes in there, as it was confidercd whoily,and entirely, as yet through all Times to be fulfilled; with all thofe Wars and Slaughters, which in that whole Time Antichri£1: ibould make againll the Saints. So in chap. I 3· Now that the mention of thefe two Computations of that whole Time, does thus come in here in relation to thefe !aft Exploits, and War of Antichritl, at and towards the ending of that Time, is many ways evident. Of both which I !ball dcmonllrate ibis (everally, and apart. And, 1. for the mention of their treading down the Holy Cit;·, for 42 Montht ; this comes in but (as you may obferve it) upon that one particubr Occurrence of giving up the Outward Court anew to the Gentiles; to this, or the like purpofe, as if the Angel had (aid, ' Call out that fame Outward Court of the 'Temple of this prefent Age, (which bath indeed hclp'd 2gainll the Papills, ' and kept them off, but yet hath defiled the Churches) leave them out ; tor this 'Court is given to the Gentiles now. in this !all Age,_ for them to re·enter upon, 'and to get power over. And fo With thiS !all treadmg down, and overcoming ' that Out\•ard Court, (which once they had polfeffed, but loll from their Do– 'minions) it is that they !ball have acc•mplijh'd that whole term of 42 Months 'allotted them for the treading down of the Holy City, (namely Europe, the 'dellin'd Seat of this Church, and of their R.eign ). And thus their full Do– minion over the whole for 42 Months fpace, or length of Time, !ball be made good by this ; that however they had loft for a while part of their Dominion over it, yet they regaining this Outward Court now towards the end, they will be found to have polfeffed the whole 42 Months, fir£1: and !all. That look as upon the giving in of the !all Payment, we ufe to make mention of the whole Sum as paid : fo here, upon that !aft eminent regaining their loll Power over fame of the European Kingdoms, the whole term of the Time of their reigning comes to be mentioned. This I here premife, to prevent that great Millake which bath diverted Inter– preters from taking the meajuring this Temple here, and giving 11p the Outward Court, to be meant of fome fpecial Occurrence to fall our, or fome Act to be done