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120 cv/n ExPOSITION ~ the iett;,., not in the Spirit, with outward bodily cxercifo, not i1z Spirit and Truth, ~ ( a• I Tint. 4· 8.) and they are fuch, as to a, who bath 'kill to judg, are, (fur the generality) apparently fucb; even 'jews outwardly only, 11ot with– in, as Rom. 2. 28, 29. Or if Temple be taken for Churches lnfhtuted, or Congregations of True Publick Worfbippers, (as Ephef 2. verf lajl it is taken; as alfo Heb. ·ro. 22. compared with verf 25. where the affembling together to worfbip, is called a drawing near, &c.) i11 that refpeB: alfo thefe carnal Men joined with them, are but as the Outward Court laid to the Temple, who jom in the fame Service, but do dratv near with their Lips only, and (as lfoiah fpeaks, chap. r.) tread his Courts, with Sacrifices abominable to God : whii({ the other, as an Holy 'Priejlhod, are only within the Temple, and dodraw n;ar with .a.Jlitrance of Faith, having theit Hearts JPrinbJed,_ and thnr Bodres wafb d wrth Water, (as the allufion to the Priefl's emnng mto the Inner Temple where the Altar flood, rs, m Heb. 10.22.) . So that in whar fenfe foever the Pap1fls, (whom feme would have to be the Outward Court here meant) might be called the Outward Court, thefe alfo may. ·As whether becaufe they arrogate to themfdves the Name of the Church, and fay, they are 'Jews, and are not, but do lie. In this refpeB: may thefe alfo be called the Outward Court, who with impu· dence do arrogate to themfelves the Name of the Church, ·and under that Name do in feme places cafl out the True Worfiuppers; and who, by reafon of their multitude and number, (the befl Congregations of the firfl Reformation, con– lifting of many more apparently bad than .good, and many of thole Churches having none but Men unregenerate) are m vtew only or chtefly the Church ; whilfl the true vitible Worfbippers are a Company of hidden Ones (in comparifon) ; and therefore the Outward Court, in the Type, was called the Great C01trt. Yea, thefe Unregenerate Prote!lants, are much rather to be accounted the O~tward Court, and fo are mainly here intended: Which will appear, if you -put but two things together. Firfl, Outward Court here is oppofitely put unto all thefe other Particulars enumerated, that were to be meafured; both unto Temple, Altar, and Worjbip-' per; .rberein; and fo oppofitely doth import, not meerly an outward Face and Place of Worfbip; but as withal includiqg Perfons worfbipping alfo; and fo Carnal Worfbippers, in full oppofit1on to the other. For otherwife this Ex– preffion anfwers not the Type, namely, the Outward Court in the Jewifb Tem– ple, in which were the Multitude, as in the loner Temple the Prie!ls. So that, the Outward Court imports andmcludes a Company or fort of Worfbippers, as well as it imports the outward vtfib!e Face of ,the Church ; and that by a Meto– nimy, the Continem being put' for·the Contentmn, the thing co11tt1ining for the thingcontaiired: Evenasthefe Phrafes [Heaven] and [Earth] do often im– port, and are put for all things therein contained. And fo [ 0Htward Court J here implies, a fort of Worfb1ppers therein; aHd in that refj>eB: is oppofed to, and di!linguifb'd from the Temple, aod the true Wor01ippers therein. And in– deed, Churches, and the Face thereof, in the Notion of the' New Teframent confifling not of Material Buildings, (as Can'!l!ron well !hews) it is the Perfon~ worfbipping, who have the Name of Churches. And fo here, Perfons worfbip– ping, diflinB: frolJ1 the Temple and Trne Worfblppers, mufr needs be meant, as thofC tHat do conflitute and make'up this Outward Court. So that take Per– Ion~ away,,and the Face of ·an Outward Court ceafeth to be. Thus Cornelim a Lapide upon the place.. !11 hac-parte Templi ( fays he) 0' in adorantibm Sacerdo– ·tibit:r jjmbolicC Jig1Hf6mtur Fideles, qui Antichrijlum ·tcmporc eruntoptimi, religio· "-(iJfihti, Deo conjunllifJimi, & in c-Hita ejm folidiffimi. Per Atriu!Jt exteriiH intelli· 'git Chrijlitmos infi'rmiores, ·& vit£ laxiOJ·i.f, ideoque \a Dco remolior.u. Hos (ait) ejice ford<, '(id eft) extra Ecclejiam: · .f!<!!<lfi dixr.Jli:t, Rejice eos inter infde/es & Apojlatd< ; quia hi cedrmt Gentibu} & .dntichrijlo ajfiUis, & ideo indigni ·jimt qui inter FideleJ numerent11r. Now