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of the RE V ELATION. 121 . "-A./) Now then, 2. odd to this, that this Outward Court thus conGfhng ofa Multi- Chap. +·.· tudeof F.tlk Worfhippers, is here made dtCtinct from the Gen.tiler: lor this Out-~ ward Courr, and the Worfhippers thereof, are givm to theGentiiCJ; and iherefore arc to be left out in the New Meaiure taken. . . . , Now a Company of Worfhippers, who are diCtinct, both from the Tru~ Worfhippers of the Temple, ami from the Gentiles or 'Papi)ls, mufl needs be the multitude of Carnal rProteflants that fill our Churches, and make an Out, ward Court, together with the Temple. For if the .Gentiles be this Outward Court themfelves, then who are thefe Gwti!CJ that are to tread it down? , Neither, 3· can it .be thought that the Gentiles, polfe!Iing the outward F~ce of the Church, fhould fo fill up this Outward Court here meant, as to be made (as they are here) the other (o\e contradiCtinct and oppofite Party to the Tern– plc and true Wotfhippers: Unlds we would f<ty, That all 'Protejlants are thq Inner Temple, as well as the Pridts and true Worfhippers therein, and both ro be here meafured ; and fo the 'Papi)ls and they fi1are the(e two alone between them. But we afiuredly knowing that of 'Proteftants, not one of an hundred are True Worfi1ippers, (according ro outward Judgment, by thofe Rules th<; Reed warrants us to judg of others by) may as ofluredly a)ro conclude, that this multitude of Carn:.l Profeffors are not here intended by the Angel, as at all included in the Temple, ' and among the True Worfhippers; efpectally feeing he puts the R.eed into John's Hand, to meafurc none but fuch as are vtGbly True Worfhippers. And therefore they mufl necefiarily make ltp.that third Party, ·diflinct both from the Temple Worfl1ippers, and from the Gentiles; and are they, who are to be cofl out by the one, and feized on by the other, as the Out· ward Court is here (aid to be. And more fure I a.m, that according to Apollo~ Jical JnCtitution, futh as they ought to be left out by thofe 'hat build true Churches, and Churches to be meofured anew without them. And therefore, if this meafuring the Temple fall under the Times of this fixth Trumpet; I cannot but imagine this New Reformation begun, to be intended ; and that re– entry the Genttles are now a making upon the~ Outward Court of our Churches, and their yielding tO them, to be the giving t?ereof unto the <..iemiles here. And, 4- the Papifls cannot fo well be meant here by the OlltWard Collrt, as fome would have them. For l fee not, that the Angel would vuuchfafe them in this his mention of thtm here through this Type, fu much as the bare Name of the Outw>rd Court unto his Temple. That Romifh Chtnch is not worthy in his efleem to be (o accounted of in the proportions of this Allufion. l:lur he rather calls themGentileJ; os being Idolatrous Worfhirpers; ond c!fe-whll'e the Synagvg11e "f Satan, Worjbippm ~~the Beaft dlld lis lm.1ge, Sodcm, Eoy;, &c': as being in a further diCtanc~ and degree of Con:parifon remote fi·o01 the True Temple here, and the Worfhippers therein. And fo between the True Wor– fhippers in the Inner T emple, and thtfe Gentiles, he p\aceth a third fort of Wor– fhippers, who are not Gentiles in their Worfhip, but fcparote fiom them in it as. well as the True l(rat!ites; and who worfhip the True God ofter the manner of •the Worfhip of the Temple, outwarJly; and yet are but o11trvardly Jews (os Rom. 2. 28.) and remain nncircumcifed in Heart and Life. And thefe in this Allufion cloth God allow the Place and Name of the Outward Court; which till the Reed, the Light of the Word came, diflinguifhing True Worfhippers from them, were accounted as of the Inner Temple, but are now difcovered to be witho11t, (as the Word in the Original is). So that, the O.tward Cb11ri cloth typtfie out a Company, who in thefe Times have a g1eater nearnels to the True Worfhippers than the Gentiles have, and yet are but witho11t. And thougli thiS Outward Court is here faid to be gi11en to the Gentiles; yet (mark it) not to them, as thofe who are reckoned the Worfi1ippers therein, !lOt as the Treaders of I he Outward Court (as in Ip. r. the Phrafe is of God's Houfe); God reckoneth not them fuch ; but as the treadm down of this Outward Court, (as they are fa·id to do by the Holy City in the next words) God bringing in upon thefc Carnal Profelfor>, for their contempt of the Gofpel, and of the Tt4e WorR. fblppef.;