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of tbe REVELATION. 125 and called the Temple, is EpheJ 2. 20, 21, 22.. For the Apofile there having "'--A.f) fir(( ( 1id of the Eph~(ians, that as they were Satnts Ill common with others, fo Chap. 4· they were built up with all the Eletl:, into a Temple unto God, and ver(2o, ~ 21 . and fo made port of Templum E!eflomm: He after that, fays agam ot the fame Ephejitms, as they were a Company knit in Church·Fellowfbip, that they were built together for an Habitation to God, verf. 22. And fo the particular Church at Epbej111, maae a Temple and an Habitation apart, and, as it were, a little Sanctuary. Now every fuch parttcul~r Church bearsthe Name of the whole, and may alfo juftly be called the 1emple; bec;ufe m a Church fo gathered, the Ordinances of Church-Communion and Worfhip (as the Sacraments, Excommunication, &c.) are to; be adminifl:red, and not out of fuch a Churchftate, or fuch A!femblings; as at the Temple of Jemfalem only, Sacrifices were to be offered. And therefore, 3· by Altar here; which was that main Ordinance of Tempie– Worfhip ferving for Sacrifice, (which was no where our of it to be ufed) I un• derfl:and Church-Ordinances of Publick Worfhip and Sacrifice. And, 4· by Worjbippers, I underfiand the Perfons who only are to be of this Temple, and to approach to this Altar; as only the Priefls then did lnto the In– ward Temple, and unto the Altar : even fuch only who are lively Sto11es, htilt up i11 a Spiritu:ll Hollft, and an Holy Priefthood,to offer 11; acceptable Sacrifice 1J11to God; as it is in 2 Pet. 5· So that, although Temple here cloth connotatc and import Worfhippers, (for now under the NewTeftament, Temple and Worfbippers are materi•lly the fame; as by that place of 'Peter appears, though: formally they may be confidered as difiinct, as here they fcerri to be); and fo Worfoip– pers i·nportcth thtfe Pe1 fons confidered in fuch meet ~tlifications as belong to them as s,,ims, and are required in them to make them mett Worfhippers in this Temple, which this R.eed lays forth: Yet formally Temple notes out thefe Per· fans as to be gathered up in a Church-A!fembly, according unto Chrifi'sin– ftitution. Now then, 5· to meafore all tbefe with this 'J{eed, implies a drawing of a true Platform by the ltules of the Word; by fbewing both, I. What a True Church or Temple is, and how to be built; and what the Power, the Frame and Confiitution of it, &c. this is rightly and truly meafo• ring the Temple. . And, 2. laying out the right way ofthe adminiftration ofall Church· Worfhip' and Ordinance<, as Excommunication, Sacraments, ordaining Officers of Holy Things, who partake, and ferve at tbe Altar, and all this by the Word. This is to meafore the Alt•r. Jn a word; all that which, Rom. 12. 1. the Apoflle calls f.o)'!<UI f.~T~<ioc, Word-Service or Worfhip. He fpeaking to rhe Rommu in that Chapter, as they were a Body of a Church, as in the I )lb Chapter he fpeaks to them as Members of a Common-Wealth. 3· Meaftring the Worfbippers is with the Reed, laying forth who are True Saints, and lrl are meet Matter for, and to be Worfhippcrs therein ; and fo, judging of Men by the Rules o( the Word, and accordingly admitting into, or rejecting from thi; Fellowfhip, and judging them when within, as the Apofile fpeaks. And thus meafitring is taken for drawing a Plat-form of all thefe things. As appears by that medjitring the Temple by Ezeh,jel, (unto which the Angel here al– ludes) Ezei{,43.1 0,11. where it is called a fbewing them the P.dtern, ti'e Form of the Houfe, and f4bion of it; together with thegoings out and comil•gs in for Admi– niftration, &c. all the Ordinances thereof, and all the Forms of thofe Ordinan– ces, and all the Laws thereof. And as there Ezeh,jel Ices difiinaly and apart mea– Cured the Temple, Chap.41,@ 42. then the Altar, Chap.43.13. and then concern– in~ the Worfbippers, the Angel gives Laws, chap. 44· blaming them that they per• mltted Strangers, Men uncircumcifed in Flefb and Heart (fpeaking in the Lan– guage of the Type) to he in his Sanduary,verf.7· giving a Law, verf.9· that none fuch fhould enter m; fbewing whom he would have to be Priejls and Levites, and who not, and their Duties, in the refi of that Chapter: Even fo here John is bid to caft out the Outward Court, as being Strangers unto God, and unclean, and uGog ftrange forms of Worfbip. R. :2 And;