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124 @An ExPosiTION ~ And 2. Meajitring is here alfo put to fignify, that fuch aT~mple:-AJt:1r, and P A R T 11 · Worfhippers, fhould now in this l}ge begin ro be built and erected, and i'vlen fer ~ on work to do it. So in Ezek., 43· 10, I I. the Meature is taken to that end, that lfrael teeing the true Pattern, might be afbamed oftheir former Aberrations, and for the time to come, might keep to, and do according to that Pattern, and fquare all by it. Meafuring here retpects not the Old Temple to much, as if the Temple that had hitherto ftood were to be Meafured: but it refjJects a New Building, or finifhing of a Church. So alto Zech. 2. the meafuring the City, ver. 2. was to fignify not the taking the Platform of Jem.fdem as then it ftood built: but as ftitther anew to be built and inhabited, ver. 4, 5· So alto the Temple, as then being yet unfi,nifh'd by the Jews, after the Captivity, the Plum– met or Meaturing-Line, rhap. 4· IO. (which anfwers to the Reed here) fignified that the Temple n1ould be finifhed; which appears, if you compare the above– named Place, with ver. 9· of the f.1me Chapter. And 3· Meaji~ri11g imports Protetlion aJ(o: So Zech. 2. the meafuring the City there, is in the Interpretation given, ver. 5· explained, that God would he a WaU ofFire ro11nd aho11t them, and their Glory i11 the midJJ of them. And to here, fo much may be intimated,and fo, hoped for: For the Outward Court i• therefore not meafured, becaufe it is given to the Gentiles, But on the contrary, the Wor– fhippers are meafured, and called up as it were, out from the Outward Court, that they may be preferved from the re-entry of thole Gentiles upon them, or power over them; at lealt, from fuch power as they had over the Outward Court. To get into this Temple, is the greateft pretervative to keep the Saints from theover-growingCorruptions and Defilements ofthefe Ge11tilcs; and it may unto many prove a Protection, and Sanctuary, from their Power, (as to tbofe Churches in New-England it may be hoped it fhall): God wiU create a Defince 11pon his Glory. And however, they fhall hereby be referved for that Refi1rrection which afterward is to come, ver. I 1, 12, &c. Now in the fecond place, on the contrary, the not meafuring, and the leaving out the Outward Court (and yet meafuring the other) is, I. By the Word, exactly putting a difference between.them that fear God, and them that fear him not; meafuring out who fear him, by Marks, Signs, and Spots upon his People, (as in De11teronomyGod (peaks) which the Word 3ives. And this diftingui01ing and putting a Difference between Men and Men, the Word callsexcl11ding, or leaving them out: Which accordingly, to make way for the right Conflitution ofChurches, in difcerning the true Matter ofthem; hath been the chiefwork of the Godly Minifters in England, in this !aft Age: Who though they wanted the Ordinance of Excommunication in their Churches, yet in lieu of it they had excommunicating Gifts; and were forced, becaufe of that prophane mixture in Churches, to fpend mort oftheir Miniftry, in diftinguifhing M~n, by giVIng Stgns and MarksofMens Natural and Regenerate Eftates, and convmcing and difcovering carnal Men to themfelves, and others: Which God in Providence ordained, to make way for the erection of more pure Churches. For by this Light, was fer up in Godly Mens Hearts a Spirit todifcern between the clean and the unclean ; and fo, to hew and fer apart the Materials for this Temple; as the Stones for Solomon's were. 2. This im~lies a rejecting them from Ch~rch-Fe1lown1ip, and not admitting them mto thts new-reared Temple, as bemg not fit Matter for thiS Building. Which is a kind of Excommunication of them. 3· This leaving out the Outward Court, may alfo imply, a rejecting fuch Forms of Adminiflration in Worfhip, (Liturgies, &c.) and Corruptions therein, which are not found agreeable to the Word. For I take the Phrate of [Outward C011rt,] to import a fi1ll Oppo!ition to thofe Particulars mentioned in the former Words: Which (as you have heard) are thefe, Temple, Altar, Worfoippers, And thereforeoppo!itely, all carnal and corrupt Worfhippers, or Forms of Worfbip– ping, cleaving to O rdinances, and left in the firll: Reformation, (as the Filth which the Sea leaves behind it at an Ebb), thefe are all comprehended under that Expreffion of [011tward Court.] Now (in the laft place) confider the Reafon given, why God ll:irs tip his People, now in this Age, to do thus by this Outward Court: Which is, becaufe, as