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Jn ExPOSITION ~ 6. That the Gentt!u, and the Pope might thus accompliili their Time and Pe– P aRT Il. rtod of42 Months, wtth an itweflmtnt of the Pope into his old Ttrriroric,, tuJw L~ towards the expiring of that his Time. Which Reafon the nextWords do give. [Andfo theyjhaUtreaddort!ll the Holy Cityfor42 Months] and be found domtlletr– ing in it (in a manner) as fully as before, towards the end of their 42 l\.onths; that fo their Leafe may well nigh expire in a full Poffef!lon : And thJt fo the confulion of Anti-Chrif'r (the greatef'r work to be done for the Chwch, from the Apof'rle"s Days) may be the more glorious unto God. Thus Dame/ teemed to fore-tell, that afttr thole Tidings 0111 of the North jhOJt!d trouble h11n, (which was this Separation ofthefe Northern Kingdoms from him); as alto out of the Eaft, (through the prevailing of the Turk, when he came fo near unto his Territorits) that enraged with this, he iliall go forth in great Fury, ch•p. I 1. 44· and plant hi< Tabernacle, (his Power and Jurifdilhon) •gain, upon the g!orioJH holy Mountain, (where the Temple f'rands) between the Sea;. And what follows? even that after all this his recovery of Power over thefe Churches of the Reformation towards his End, yet he foaU rome to hi< End, and none Jba/1 help hzm. And after Rome"s recovery of her Power thus; and when the Whore begins to fing her Sif'rer Babe/', Song, ju!l afore her Fall, (as Rev.r7. 7, 8.) and Gtith in her Heart, I ft M tt J!<!!ee1!, tmd am no f11tdow, as having ht:r ahci(:nt Par:m10urs again; and fo, thinh.s JbeJbaU (now)J'e no Sorrow: ther<.forefoaUher Plogues come in one day; for J•ro,.g >s the Lord that j~tdgeth her: And thereby will be teen God"s Omnipotent Power in Iter Confufion. There is nathing al(o in it, that clap. 1 7· the ten Kings, or States ofE11rope are twice mentioned, as giving their Power unto the Beafl; and ver. 17. are thdccond time C1id to agree to do it ; through fame fr< cial Hand uf God to fulfil hi' Will: even till thole Words ofGod, uttered by ]).,,.·/. in the fore·cited place, iliall be fulfilled; (For untofome Word of the Old fcf'rament, do thc!i: Words here refer.) SeC\:. 4· An Appendix to t/,e firft a1zdJecond Verfes of Chap. 11. rJI!(uting other lll– tetpretations, g•llm of t•.e Meajuring of tbe Temple, and Outward Co11rt. ( •viJtcb you may read, or uot read, M you pleafe.) THis Interpretation ofJ ohn's Meafuring the Temple, as in this latter Age to be performed, being thus made forth, to hold in all things (as you have , feen); Ifhall not need to fpend much time (and yet f<llnc) in refilling other InttfJ'n:tatlOIIS. Mr. Mrde would have the New Book-Pmphecy to begi;, here at this 1 Tth Chapte1·, and the fixth frumpet under the Seal-Prophe-cy, fully ended bef< •re, at the '"''nclufion ofthe 9th Chapter; and the Oath of the Angel, Chapter 1 o. to fuppl) the feventh Trumpet: And fv makes the Angel here in chap. 1I. to begin again anew, aloft fro~John's Time: And (o, this 111h Chapter, to be a iliort compendiousreprefemationofthe Stary ofthe Church, in all Ages, beginning here anew from John"s Time; and as it were, the Contents, and briefSum ofthat larger Story, which begins at Chapter 12. And fo, would have all the feveral States of the Church, in all AgtS, more briefly here reprcfemed through all Times: As, · r. That ofthe Primitive Times, until Ami-Chrif'r's riling, under the Type of the Tewp'e me.[11red; till when (lays he) the Church remained Pure, according to the Pattern : And therefore, J chn is bidden to meafore it, as a Pattern of the Truth unto after-Ages. And then, 2. The Face ofthe Church, during Anti-Chrifl's Time, for 1260 years, under the Type of the Gemiles treading down the OutJvard Court, and Holy City: Thereby (lays he) reprefenting, bow the Papif'rs iliould arrogate and pof– fefs the Name and Face of the Church fi> long time; which yet, becauCe it will not bear the Meafi1re ofthe Reed, John is therefore bidden to kave out, as nei– ther in Doctrine, nor Dlfcipline, keepingto the Word, nor unto the Primitive Pattern,