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of the R EV EL A T I 0 N. Pattern, but utterly (werving from it, as the Church of Rome bath done. And "-.A.f'i in this State the Church continues for 1260 Years: the GentHes having that Chap. 4:· , Time allowed them to tread down the Holy City: And the State of the True~ Church all that while, is but as of the(e IVitllejfof i>Z Sucftdotb. This lmerprctation the Reverence had to the Integrity of the Chu'rch for the firfi 400 Ycars' did beget; together With that appearance, (at firfi view) that the Outward Court fhould here be f.1id to be given to the Gentilei, to be by them trodden' down as the Holy City is, for 42 Months. Which mifiake I have abundantly removed in the firfi Scmon, and in the fifth general Premife to this my Interpretation. . . . . . . But further, to remove the Suppofiuon on whtch thts Interpretation of Ius is" ~~~; . . . ' 1. The fixth Trumpet, and the Times of it in this Vifion, are not yet ended here in this Angel's Intention. For the Angel, after his long difcourfc of the Occurrences that are to f.11l under the Times of the fixth Trumpet, cloth then (when the Time of it, according to the Series of this Vifion, did indeed come· to end ) fity (verf. 14. of tins Chapter) The .fecond Wo i< paft, and the Third cometbq11ic/<fy. And you may obferve, that after the expiration of the Time of thcfe Wo Wo Tmmpetf, (which are the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh) fuch a clofure comes in after each of them, [one J!Vo iJ p.ifl, another comes, &c. J And thus, after that the Times of the fifth Trumpet were out, according to the Series of the Vi!ion, this Clofure is added, ( chap.9.12.) [OtiC Wo i< paji, and behold rheri! come hvo other ~Voes more]. Now at the end of the 9th <:;hapter, there is no fuch dole annexed. But here, chap. I 1. 14. when the Angel had related the Occurrences which are to' fall out in the latter days of the ftxth Trumpet, that is, whill1 the Turkif11 Kingdom yet fiands, and .which fhall fall out not long before his Fall; then, and not before, he brings in that dote of the Times of that Tmmpet, [The Jecond Wo if p".JJ, and bebold t/;e Tbird cometh q11iclljy]. Which f11ews, that either part of the Matter, and of the Wo, that goes to make up that fixth Trumpet coat– pleat, remained to be uttered by this Angel, chap. 11. (which when he had de– cl•red, he fays, Tbe Jecond Wo if paft); or that, (according to the courfe of the Vi!ion) the Time of it was now expirerl. And then, 2. the Angel takes his Oath, chap. xo. as yet fianding under the Times of the fixth Trumpet, and after the Times of the Sevemh; and that fe– "enth Trumpet's Time yet not come to blow, according to the order of Time· prefenred in this Vi!ion. And therefore it is not a mcer fufpenfion of the Vi!ion: it (elf, until he had begun with, or run over all Times again, (.as Mr. :Mede would have it) : But its Time to blow was in this Vifion not yet come. This· the very words and phrafe of the Angel's Oath, cf."'P· 10. do imply ; when he f.1ys, In the dap of the Jeventh Tmmpet, when be foail begin to [ou11d. Mmk that phrafe, [The Day of the Jeventh Tmmpet]. It implic·' that he fpeaks according to the compute of Vifion-Time (as I may fo call it) ; for Vi!ion being a repre– fentation of Events, even as a Comedy is of Stories, accordingly thefe Vifiomr that fucceed each other, have a !uppo!ed Artificial Time that runs along with· the reprefentation of thole Events in the!e Vifions, in their due Order ; Even as the feveral Seafons of the Year are in a Prognof'tication laid forth, according· to Arttfictal Names (as m an Almanack you read of Dog·dap, and the like) or, even as in a Map all Countries are reprefcnted with their fcveral Climates or Scituations, by Lines of Longitude and Latitude, which have Artificial Names by Geographers given unto them. So from the 6tb Chapter of this Book, hath· been reprefented a Map or Virion of all Times, and the!e, as !ucceffively go– verned by Angels, from whence they have their Names, as Seafons have from· their Planets that govern them, (as the Dog-days in Summer, from the Dog– fiar's Reign at that time). So the days of Cbrifi's Kingdom to come, are called the Days of the feventh Angel : And fo the Times before it, are called the Days· of the Gxth Angel, or the fixth Trumpet, (under which the Turk reigns).– Now then, in that the Angel [wears, Time fbaU be 110 longer, but till the Days of the !cvcnth Angel; when he begins to found, all fball be finifhed ; it implies, that