Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

128 rvfn ExPOSITION ~that according to the courfe of Time in this Vifion begun, this Time was not ~ye~ ended. To demonflrate this; confider, 1. That thofe words [Time j/Jdll' be no longer, but till the Days of the feventh Angel] do imply a long Series of Time already paf\ in the Vifions of the for– mer Angels, and Time hitherto brought down ; and fo, he muf\ needs fpeak this, in a refpe{l: to Vifion or Repreffntative Time, (as I may fo call it) which he, as an ACtor coming in his due Place and Order flood under. And accord– ingly likewile he mu(l: be fuppofed to fpeak unto 'fohn as a SpeCtator brought to the laf\ Stadium or Scene of Time: And therefore he fpeaks, as taking it for granted, that there was fame Time yet lefr, according to the Series of this Vifi– on; and yet, no more, but until the Days of the feventh Trumpet, which was next to come upon the Stage. And fo the Angel mufr be fuppofed to fpeak thofo words, as yet f\anding under the Days of the fixth Trumpet, as yet not ended, but os having fome Time flill to come. For fhould he be fuppofed to beg,in again aloft at the top of Time, and fo to bring John thither, as having ended the former Prophecy ; and then, with a New Vifion, to begin to run over all Time again ; he fhould, in the fame Speech, take in two feveral Ac– counts of Time at once. For whilf\ he fays, Time (or Delay) fba/1 be no longer, (which imports that whole fpace of Time under the former Trumpets, from the Age wherein John lived, to be paf\ and off the Stage alr.ady) in refpeCl: thereto he mu(l: be fuppofed then to f\and under the fixth Trumpet, as viewing all that Time gone over. But in the following words, when he fa'ys, [But in the Days of the fC'i:&Jtb Tmmpet, 1vhm be j/Jd/1 begin to blow], he fhould fpeak, as taking all T ime afore him anew, and as beginning all Time again, (according to this Opinion). And it were firange, if in the fame Sentence, two Speeches fhould bear fuch differing Dates. 2. Thofe words [B11t in the Day of the feventh Angel, when he Jball begin to found] do alfo argue this. For, r. He fays not to ]oh11, T he Yifion of thJt Angel, and his founding, I will not give thee now (]ohn ) which yet fhou!d now in order follow; but he fays, The Days of his founding (as (peaking of Vifion-Time) are yet to begin. [ Wben the Angel (C1ys he) fba/1 begin to fo!md] as manifef\ly noting the Time of founding according to the order of Reprefentative Time in the Vi!ion, not yet to be actually come to be prefented ; and not the Vifion only fufpended unto Jol.n. And, 2. when he faid, cf.ap. I r. I 4· that the fecund Wo i1 pajl, he adds; Behold, tf.e third Wo cometh quic~ly; as noting yet fame fpace of Time between this and the [eventh Trumpet to come, as between the fixth Vial, and the Se– venth, there is to be. So that the Vifion is not fulpended only, but really (according to the Series of this Prophecy) it f\ill went on, and this Seventh was to follow. And, 3· accordingly, when in the I rth Chapter, the feventh Trumpet doth indeed .found, there is a Voice heard (in anf\ver, as it were, unto what the Angel had faid, chap. I O. that Delay Jbould be no longer) thar, Now that Time is eoiJJe, &c. He had (aid it f\10uld be no longer then till then ; and now, when it founds, the Voice fays, that Time i1 come. So that then, and not till then, according to the Series ofthis Vilion, was the Time of the founding of it. And all this argues the Vifion of this I Itb Chapter, and the Occurrences of it, to be a Suppkment or Addition, to come in towards the end of the fixth Trumpet, and not to begin again at the top of Time. So that rather I take it, he fiill fpeaks all in this 11th Chapter, as flandingin the laf\ days of the fixth Trump<t, the Times whereof are not ended; and fo mentions fuch Occurrences as fhall f.11l out in the latter Times of it, in which Jobn and he do fiand (as bath been fhewn). And, 2. for that other thing fi1ppoled, namely, Mr. Mede's making the firfi 4 00 Years until Antichrif\'s riGng, to be the Temple meafored, as fo long agree– ing with the R.eed, •nd fo continuing as ao exact Pattern for Churches, and fo intended in this mcaji:ring, I fay two things ; - I. If