Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

of the R EV EL A T I 0 N. here: And fu, the Outward Court mufl note out that third fort of Wodhipa"""'"""' pers between thefe Gentile! and the 1emplers, (as I befiJte fi1ewed ). ~-t_, And, 4this being that exceeding great Error and Defe{l: laid in the Founda– tion of the Churches of the firfl Reformation, ( efpecially in our Bririfh Chur– ches) namely, the adjoining this Outward Court of Carnal and Unregenerate Proteflants, and receiving rhem from rhe fir(( into the Temple, Worfi1ip, and Communion of all Ordinances; fo that, the Bonnds of the Church were ex– tended as lilt as the Bounds of the Common-Wealth. Which was done out of Humane Prudence, fl1ddainly to greaten the Party againfl ·the Gc11tiles in the City. That as the Earth helps the Woman, ch,tp. 12. fo this, as an Outward Court, might round about fhield the True Temple and Wodhi rpers in it againfl the Beafl. And then, on the other fide, this being in this New beguri and f'econd ReformMion of thef'e Churches, the main fundamental Princtple which is here mentioned, of receiving none into Churches, but only f'uch Wor 7 fi1ippers as the Reed, or Light of the Word, ( f'o £1r as it gives Rules to )udg others by) applycd by the judgment of Men (who yet may err) !hall d ilcover to be truly Saints, (which belongs to another Difpute); and this Vifion f>lling our in, and as belonging to the Times of this latter Age, and being purpoltly intended (as it were) to amend and corre{l: that very Error: Hence it feems moll properI)' to belong to this Wurk of a fccond Reformation. . .. Yet, becaufe that was a true meaf'uring, and rhrs but the finifhing of that Building, whereof their Hands had laid the Foundation, (and like Zerubbabel's finiOring the Temple); therefore I verily think the Holy Ghofl had an aim at both, as unto rwo f'everal gradual Accompliflrmenrs of it. For this I perceive in almofl all Prophecies; that there are feveral Accomplifhmenrs which the Holy Chofl harb in his Eye; yet f'o, as he fixerh upon one, (and uflrally, the la(( of them) as the main intended. For which I could bring many Inflances; of which one I !hall hereafter give. And that he might have fuch a double af'petl: in this, I !hall fbew when I come to the killing of rhe Wirneffes.