Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

~ PA RTlf. rvfn Ex P o s r T ro N ~----------------·--------------------------- CHAP. V. The Expo(ition of the Eleventh Chapter continued. The V'ejcription of the lVitneffes, Verfe j, 4, 5, and 6. s f. c 1'. I. Some Things ingeneral premifed. The '])ivijion of the particular AEts afcribed to tbem : with the Order and Timeof each. NOw I come to the Angel's Difcourfe concerning the two Witnejfes; who are theHoly People, whole Power is at lafi tobeji.ottcred. Tbe Defcrip– tion ofwhom is fet down, to make way for the relation of that their fcattering. Two things (as was laid) are here related about them. I. The Delcription of their Condition and oftheir Power, ver.3, 4, 5, & 6. 2. The lafl fcattering ofthem, and ofthis their Power. I. For their Defcription (which the Angel mJke•, to the end that ]ohn might know whom he lpake of, who were at !aft to be thus killed); He dcfcribes them as throughout all Ages they had oppofed Anti-Chrifi: which he doth upon that occafion, that he had (or to mention their whole Time. But efpecially he fets them out by what in their latter Times (the Age immediately foregoing thistheir killing' they fhould have power to oppofe the Beafiin; and yet, how that after all, he fhould prevail againfi them. So that there i• this ufe and end of this fo largea Defcription ofthem, ver. 3, 4, 5, &6. that the Time of this their !aft kil– ling might be more evidently difccrned, when it was to come; namely, after they ll1ould have done thus and thus againfl: the Beafi and his Company: To Wit, fet up a Temple, and poured out four Vials, and when they fhould be come to one ofthe bighefi Plagues, even to devo11r them with Fire (which is the fourth Vial); that then their Enemies fhould prevail againfi them. Now this Defcription ofthem, is abfolved many and feveral Ways: As I. By their OJ!ia; they are Witnc./Jes and "Prophets. · (r.) Witnejfes, As being in all Ages to teflijj againfl Anti-Chrifi; but efpecially now at lafl:. (2.) Prophets, As being to Prophejj, and thereby to feed the Church, whilfl: in the Wi!dernefs, the fame term of 1260 Years, as )OU have it Chap. 12. 6. where it is [aid, that They (that is, thefe Prophets and Witneifes) fhaU fted her, &c. 2. They are fet ant by their Condition, which is in Sack:Ciooth and Mourning; whi!O: the Pope and his Clergy, are in their Silk Triumphing. 3. By their N11mber; they are Two. For, 1- By the Mo11th oftwo Witnejfes (at leaft) every Word ;s to be eflablijhed. And, 2. They are Two, in Allufion to thofe famous Parts or Couples (for by Couples they have frill gone) in the Old Teflament, living in the like Times 5 and which were fit Types of thefe Times ofAmi-Chrifr, and the Churches State therein, in the various Progrefs of it throughout all Ages of Anti-Chri!t's Reign. The