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of the REVELAT I 0 N. Tbe Couples were thefe. I. 5 Mofes ( Prophets to the Church in Eg)pt, and in the Wildernefs. (_.Atron$ . ~Eiia< ? Prophets to Ifrael in .Ahab's Time, wherein Idolatry yrevailed, 2. ~ Face ofa Church was feen, and but 7coo htd m Cor~ Eli.fb• .) ners that were Godly. . • sZerubhabel'l._ Prophets in the Days of the finifhing th~ Tem~le, after the 3· (']ofo 11 a 5 People were come forth from Bab.Jfo, s Capttvtty. And that to thele three Pairs the Allufion is here made, is manife!t. I. To Mores and .J,.ro" : For (L) Thele execute Egypt's Plagues, ver. 6. like as they did. (2.) They devo11r O:;illC11 with Fire, ver. 5· as .JI1ofes did twice by his Gain: Sayers in the Wilderriefs. 2. To E!uu and Elif/"'; for as they fhut up Heaven, that it r:rined not; fo thefe here do the like, ver.6. 3· To ]of/mr• and Zemtbt~bel ; for therefore in ver. 4· thefe are called the Two 0/;ve Trees, and Candlejlicl«.that begun and fini(h'd the Temple after the Capti– Vity. Nowout of this Allufion made to luch Perfons, you may in the general ob– fervc, That they are eminent both ili!inifters and Magi!trates (for luch were ali thele Types in their Times) ; who elpecially are here intended, under the Noti– on ofTwo Jlllitn<jfes. And thus we have had the Defcription of their Q,tality; Office, Condition, and Number. Then fqrrher, T hey are fer forth to usby their fever'\) Exploits, which they are to perform and execute during the whole Time oftheir Prophecy. And thefe are particularly related in each Verfe following: Which before •I explain parti– cularly, let me Premifcthis in the General to your Notice about them. That the Angd Joth enumerate them, and order his recital of them fo, as to draw our Eyes unto two of thcfe Exploits or Facts efpecially, as being the more eminent, and as thole which were neare!t to the Times ofthisla!t Age, wherein :John mea• fured the Temple. And thefe are, r. Their dcvouriJJg their Enemie.rwith Fire, which is mentioned, ver. 5· And 2, Their being Two Olive Trees, &c. ver. 4· . Which Two are firft mentioned, and fer in the fir!t view, as being fuch, as did fet fimh thefe Witneflcs according to what they fhould be in this latter Age. And to confirm this, you may obferve. . 1. That thofe Words in the 5th Verle, [If any .JI1a12 h11rt them, Fire comes out oftheir .:J/1o11ths, &c.] have incit-ed a direct reference to thofc Words, ver. 3· [And I willgive to my Tn>o Witlleflcs, &c.] So that it is as ifhe had faid, 1willgive to my 1wo Witnejfes P01ver, that ij"a11y Man hurt them, Fire /ball come out of their Mouths, &c. And the Particle [.cir] [....f,d] I willgive, &c. is there (ver. ~-! advcrCrtively put for [B11t]; as noting out that f'pecial oppofition, that thefl! Witne(Jes fhould have Power to make againrt the Gentiles, that thould enter up– on tlreir Outward Court. B11t (fays he) I will give to my Two Witmffis PowerI tbat ifanyManhllrt them, &c. To this (! lay) dothefeWords [A11d lwillgive] OJer. 3· refer, as well as to thofe other Words [They foal/ Prophecy, &c.] which follow in the 3d Verfe, (as Pifeator alfo obferves.) That whereas he had faid three things in the tjland odVerfcs; As · I. That the Temple was robe Meajirted and Finijl!d in this latter Age, by the Godly in it (whofe l'erfon ']ohn fuftains.) 2. That thcirOut>vard Co11rt (which fenced the Temple and Witneifes) wastd be regained by the Papirts, and trodden down. And 3· That the Gentiles whole Time of raigniog (upon this Occalion mefi.: tioned) was to expire. ~ Chap. 5· ~