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of the REV EL A T I 0 N: 5 and Coa/J of Fire. Yea, he fent 0111 bis Arr9ws, and flattered tbem, imd he jbot out "--A../1 Lightning1, and difi·om:filed rbmt. And Pfd. 29. 3· The Voice of the Lord is 11pon ~ the W"ters; the God of Glor1 th11ndcreth, tbe Lord is 11f01t many Waters.). They ue f.1id to come out of the Throne? becaufe ~ll Judgments do come from God, as fitting in his Church, aud for hts Churches fake cloth God ufe them. Pfa!. 6e. 35· 0 God, tho11 art terrible out of thy Holy Pf"w: the God of lfrqe! is be thizf .giveth jlrength, and power unto his People; bll!jfed be God. Amos I. 2. And he faid, The Lord wilt roar frdm Zion, and utter bis Voice frcm Jerufalem: and the Ha/;;tatiom of tle Shepherds fball moum, and the. top of Carmel foal! wither. Voi• ces alfo proceed out of the Throne; winch ts more general; and extends unto Promifes, and anfwers to Prayers. . Seven Lamps, 1vhich are the Seven SpiritJ of God]. By thefe are noted out the Holy Gho.ft, and the variety of his Gifts and Operations, or Manifefbi– tions of Himfelf in the Church : That the Holy Gho!t ls meant, is evident by Chap. I. 4· where John wilhes Grace and Peace froi?l the [even Spirits, which are hejiire God'1 Tl.>rone; which he ought not to have wifhed from any, but frorri the l:loly Ghoft, who is the third Perfon. And thefe Manife!tations are wunted Seven, beraufe of the variety of Gifts. For otherwife, that Perfon is but one Spirit, I Cor. I 2. They are compared to Fire, becaufe they give Light, and Heat; and the Allufion here is to the Candlefticks in the Temple. There was a Sea of GlaJli~ unto Chrifla!] in allufion to Sol•mon's Sea; but Verf. 61 this was purer than that, which was only of Braf; Exod. 30. I7, I8, 19, 20, and typified out Chri!t's Blood to wafh in, both for Ju!tification of Perfon, and Sanltificationof Life: So Heb. 10.22. LetwdrawnearwithatrueHeart, in full qf/itrance of Faith, having our HeartJ JPrinf;!ed frohlaR evil Confcience, and our Bodies wafhed with pure Water. I Cor. 6. I I. And jitch were fome ofyou, hut ye are waJhed, but ;·eare fantJijied, but ye are jujlified in the Nanu of the Lord :;efrn, and by the Spirit of our God. Titus 3· 5· Not by Work! of Rightethljneji,wbich we have done, but according to his Mercy he foved m by the wafbing of Regeneration; and renewing of the Holy GhoH. And this Blood of Chri!t fiands in the Church, ~s the Sea in which we mu!t wafh, chiefly when we come to worlhip; Therefore wafh before you worfhip. . And there were four Bea.fts full of Eyes before and bebind]; liy whith are meant Church-Officers, 1. Becaufe ofthe fituation of them, between the Thtone and the Elders, who are round about. 2. Becaufe they are the Leaders of the Praife, and fo the Mouths of the Con 7 gregation, Verf 9· Io. They are not Bea!ts properly, as we under!tand and fpeak; not Brutes, but living Wight1 ,. the Greek word, which wants a full and proper expreffion, inone Englilh word fignifies fo. Tlley are called Living, to !hew that they have, or fhould have Life in them to quicken others. They are four, and the Throne is four-fquare, and fo they are faid to be in the midi}between every Angle i to !hew that they are compleat for Number, and fhould look every way to all the Neceffitiesof the Church, both for Sourand Body. They are folt of Eyes, becaufe they are to be Overfeers; .Aas 2o. 28. And they have eye1 rrithin as well as without, to fee to their own Hearts, as well as w others. · And the firft Bea.ft wadi~a Lion]; who is the Ruling Elder, who needs the Verff· courage of a Lion, to deal with Mens Spirits in cafe of Sins, that deferve ro be ' brought to the Church, or to have Admonition to prevent that courfe. The ftcond WtH li~ aCalf, (or Ox, for fo the Septuagint tranOates the Hebrew word forty times) the 'Pa.ftor, who is like an Ox for laborioufnefs, and taking pains in treading out the Corn. . The third Beall had a Face li~a Man J ; the Deacons and Widows (which are all one Office in a kind) w:ho have a Face of a Ma11 ; a Man's Heart being . difpofed and inclined for mercifulnefs and pittifulnefs, which is proper to a Mani not Bealls. Ana