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6 'Vfn ExPOSITION ~ And the fourth Beaft "'"' lii<S a Jlpng Eagle; J theTeacher, who bath Eyes like l' ~ an Eagle, quickly to fpie out all BrrorJ; and then they foar aloft into high ..._ Myfl:eries. Verf 8. They had each of them fix WingJ apiece 1 to lbew their aptrtefs and readinefs to fly and aCt all manner of ways. So in Ezekjel the Cherubims had, who were l>ypes ofthefe. They rejl not Day nor Night] to lbew they labour continually; crying, Holy, Holy, Holy J; thefe worlbipped God in Trinity. And they are the Mouths of the Congregation ; for when they be_!lin, the four and twenty Verf. 9, ro. Elders filii dorPn: Verf. 9, ro. And .when thofe BeajtJ give Glory, and Honour, and T!Ja,!q to hint that fot on the Throne, who liveth for ever and ever; The four and twent7 ElderJ fall down before him that fot on the Throne, and worjhip him tl-at livcth for ever and ever, and ca.ft their Crawm before the Throne, foying, Ver. I l. Vt:~j I I· Tho1t art worthy, 0 Lord, to receive Glory, and Honour, and Power : for thou haft created all thingJ, m1d for thy pleajitre they are and were created. And then they alwgether, both one and t'other, praife him for his Wor/q of Creation; acknow– ledging him both the Efficient, and the End for which they were cre•ted : and not only for whom they were createrl at firfl ; but for whom they are fo flill; their B"ing and Motion ferving to that end, and working for his Glory mate– rid/6•. CHAP.