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of theREVELA T ION. But moft others, as Gr,ifer""' M.Jttbirt1 H~c, :vjr.t\-ledc, i\,Jr.!.vood,.&c. do think eh~~ it yet to come. And according to that Scnes of lmerpretatton httherto by mo ~~ given, (if that hold i\ood) it mufl: necdbnly be as yet to ?e executed. And it fc.ems to me moO: evtdent, both by whot IS f:ncl to go before tt, and alro to follow after it ; of which nothing (that is to follow after it) is yet fulfilled, although an hundred Years, fince the Time that Mr. Brigi•tmall interprets it of; are run our. For, r. this is to fall out towards the ending of their Prophecy in S<~rftcloth, or of their mourning and oppre!Icd Conditiofl, after which they are to cafl: off their Sucftclotb. As Jofbua's filthy Garments (who was one of the Types of' thcfc) were uken from him, and a [1ir Miire rrt>< fit upo11 hk Ha•d; fo afiu• their 1\di.trrection, thcfc Witne!Ies arc to be clothed in fii,e Lim;en, as you m.1y read rhap. '9· Now it is evident that the Time of their prophclying in Sack– cloth, of bewailing the Condition of the Church under Antichrifl:, and of' their Oppref!ion by him, is not yet out. The filthy Garments they wore durin_T, their Captivity in B'bJfon, they ihll have on; as Jojb114 al(o had his on in 2<• chary's Time, which was a long while after they were come forth out of B.d,Jion. So the true Witne!Its are fl:ill in an opprdled Condition, whilft Amichrifl:'s Church, and thole uf their Enemies, evtn in the Reformed Churches, are as the Church-Triumphant, in Silk, and at their full liberty. 2. This is here to fail out towJr<b the ending of the f\.cign of Amichrifl:, in refpect of his fower to do: For this is that l.1fl: lcattering ( prophcfied of by J),miel) with which he is to accomplifn his Times. Now we fee. he bath his Kingdom yet fl:anding, and his Puwer to do; and there are an hundred Years more run on Gncc that havock made of them by the Papilts in Germt~n)', and yet Antichrilt's 42 Months arc not expired, we being now but under the fifth Vial: 1\nd when the Seat or Throne of the Bcafl: (Rome it ft:Jf) !ball come to Le ruined, then !ball his Kingdom be full of darknds, and the Glory of it fo dampt and e.tinguifb'd, as it is thought, that ft·om that time his Reign is ac– counted of as at an end. And, 3· we fee Antichrilt as yet but in his firfr march towards this War, he is but now going forth to win ihe Outward Court, which he mufl: again recover, e're he Cln come at the IVitne!Ics; and this killing of them is placed her~, after his recovery of that. And though he hath trod down Gemhlny, yet he is but fetting up and advancing his Engines of Aihult and Ilatt<ry, upon other fuch ]'laces where God bath the mofi of his powerful Witndfcs in thcfc lafl: Times. Thmrf,h alrudy he be evidently !et down in his Siege of them allu, by his In• Hrumc:nts, and rho(e that receive the Number of hi.s Name, who are to be his Jafl: Champions. 4· We evidently fee by what is gone before in the Defcription of thefe Wit– m!lcs, that four Vials of the !even are to be poured out by them, before this their l;jl/i,:g. For in the days of their Prophecy, they jiHite the Kmh with Plagues; )vhich is the firfl: Vial, and turn the Sea &nd Rivers into Blood; which is the fccond and third Vial; and then devour Men wit!> Fire,which is the fourth, And then after all thcfc exploits of theirs, comes their kiUiug. So that this f•lls out after, or under the fourth Vial : But that Slaughter, an hundred Years fince, was but under the fccond Vial, and indeed but in the beginning of that Vtal ; and we as yet Ice not the full effect of the fourth Vial, which is but nol'l a ponring forth. And therefore this killing of the Witnefles here is not as yet fulfilled. • 5· Af<er their rifing ngain, the fecund Wo is f.tid to paf away. Now that fc• cond Wo is the fixth Trumpet, which then is C.tid to pujs' """IJ, when the Times of tt are e'xptred, or the Foundation of its ruin laid. And that fixth Trumpet is (as both been f.1id) the Turk, and his great Power and Tyranny. Whole Kmgdom we fee yet to ltand in its full vigour and flourifh, and no fundamental blow of weakning given to it. , . 6. Much lds is the fevemh Trumpet begun to be blown, (which yet is to come quic41y after that Sixth,. as you have it verf 14.) For although Jcfus Chrifl,. in thcfe Northern Kingdoms, bath been aiiifled in that his 1-brvefl: of hts Eled: Gnce the Reformation, by fupream and Princely AuV thority ~