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146 vfn ExPOSITION ------~~~--~----~~~--~~-~ rhor·lt)'; and therefore, cl"1p. 14that peacJable Harveft was reaped by an Anp A KT II. gt! crmvncd: Yer, . 1..~ r. The Kingdoms of the World becoming Chrift's, fur him to reign for ever, and this, at the beginning of this leventh Trumpet; his Kingdom then !hall be a'norher manner ofone than as yet he bath had ; even that fifth Monarchy which is mentioned in Dan. 7. I+ and is to begin at the end of the Day~of the Beall. And (if •you mark the words) this fhall be a Kingdom that fi1all not be admi– nifhed by DepUties, and by a ddegated Power ; but by Chrifl the King his immediate Rule and Government_: Thou haJI taken to thy felf thy great Power, a11d bajl reigned, &c. verf I 7. And, 2. when that fcventh Trumpet fi1all ):>egin to lound, then (as chap. ro.) flu// that Myflery be jidfilled, JPok.en of by the Prophcu, (and which Pa11/ calls a Myflery, Rom. 1 1.) even the New Jemfolem, and Kingdom of the Saint!, and the frJI Rejitrre{]io11, as appears by verf. I 5, r6, and I 7 of thts Chapter, com– pared with chap. 20. 2 I, &c. But now fince that Relurreel:ton of the Wttndfrs, which Mr. 'Bri.~hrman would have thts to be, IS almofl: an hundred Years, and yet none of thefe things are begun, nor as yet to begin. 3· The fcventh frumpet, and the lafl Vral, (as hath been often faid) do fall out together; or rather, the ]aft Vial begins the feventh Trumpet, as the ]a(l: Vcrfi: of this I Ith Chapter, compared with the feventh Vial, chap. 16. dmh lhew; for there are the f.1me Tbmdering1, Hail, &c. in them both. Now we are yet but under the f0urth Vial, and lo, very far off from the !aft. Yet I will add this, which may reconcile that Opinion of Mr. Brightman with this other, and haply ferve in the clolure of all, to give fame finall further hint about the Time of the laft Vials fulfilling ; and fo, concerning the expiring uf Timu before mentioned. As I f.1id before, about the 11uafori11g the Temple, that the Angel might have an aim, both at that firft laying the Foundation of True Churches, and alfo at this fecond Reformation now in hand, and take both in his view at once, they both being degrees of the fame Work; yet fo, as ultimately he looks unto the latter, as the fpecial intendment of this Place, ( thongh the other were in it felf infinitely far the greater Work); (o I conjefrure that he might take in two 10/ling! of thefe Witneffes, which fi10uld follow after, or (it may be J accom– pany both thole Meaji1ring'; the one at, or after tlpt Foundation laid, the other at, or upon the finifhing to be begun, and fo ordered, that the firfl lhould be a fore-going refemblance, c1f this other to fucceed. Yet fo, as his ultimate aim and (cope ftill fi10uld be at a latter killing of them, which is yet to come. I have obferved it in many Infbnces which I could produce, That many Pro– phecies in Scripture have had two feveral gradual AcCOtiJplifhments; whereof, both the one and the other, are intended by the Holy Ghoft ; yet fo, as the latter is ufually more eminently intended, and the firft fometimes intended as a fore-going Type of that which _is to follow. You may obferve many Paffages <JUOttd out of the Prophets, and applied by the Apoftles in the New Tejlament, unto the Times of the Gofpel, as being then fulfilled; which yet had a gradual accomplr01ment under the Old TeJiament, tn the T tmes after the Captivity of B<~by!on. So that the Holy Ghoft aimed at both. Thus the 9th verfe of the 1JI Chapter of fj:1iah is quoted by Tau/, Rom. 9· · and applied unto the Gofpel– Timcs. Yea, and you fi1all fomerimes find the fame Prophecy even under the Old Tejlament, fulfilled over and over; and fo, to have two fcveral intended Ac– complifhments. For infl:ance, I will give one whith fome Learned· Men have [,lien upon, (though I find others do diffent from them in it). And I rather pitch upon it, becaufe it is proper to the thing in hand : for it is made the Type of tltis me<t{itring the Temple. It is that Prophecy of rebuilding the Temple after the lcventy Years Captivity in B.tbylo11. Which (as fome think) had a double Accomplilhment aimed at. And as there were two eminent Leadings into Cap– tiviry, the one of JeconiM, the other of Zedek,jM, when the City was de– Ctroyed ; (o (according to Learned Chronologers, and befl:. Interpreters) I find a double Reckoning of the fevemy Years, and of the Building again of the