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of the R E V EL A T I 0 N. 147 the Temple. Some reckoning from that Captivity of J econitlf, in the fir(\ Year~ of Nebucbadmz.z,er; (ome from that of Zedek,jah, in the 19th Year of Nebuchad- Chap. 6. nez.z,er, (os the Jetuits, SanlJi11< and Ribera do affirm). I will not meddle with ~ the J.)i(pute about it ; but that God kept a double Reckonmg of that fevemy Years, in retpeCl: to a double gradual Accomphlliment, to me feems evtdent. For Ezekiel begins the Captivity from that carrymg away of Jeconi,u, Eze"' I. 2,3. & chap. I 1.1 5· and the Prophet ]eremit~b, in the 29th Chapter of his Prophecy, ';"f 10. comforts thole that were carried away with ]econia<, with this, that after teventy Years God will vijit them, &c. Now one levemy Years was ended, when C;r111 gave leave to lay the Foundation of the Temple, as reckoning fi·om the fir(\ Captivity. And yet after this, in .<:_;cbarjs Time, when the T emple was ro be again mealured and fimllied, there ts another leventy Years faid to be ended; as the Time wherein this Temple, which hitherto had lain imperfect, was to be pc•feCled. This you may fee by Zech. r. 12, and I 6, compared. For there the final ending of the feventy Years, is made the Foundation of the ]J(\ Work of perfelling the Temple, and God's returning itt Mercy, according 10 his Promite, for to do it. So that, a double Captivity, and a double lcventy Years, ending in a double Work, (the one of laying the Foundation, the other of finilliing the Temple) leem to have been in the Holy Gho(\'s Eye. Now why may it not be lo, even in this allo, That the Computation of the 'Beajl's Reign, and the Church's coming o11t of Bab)'ion, the k,jffi11g of the Witnejfes, and rhe me".fio·ing of the Temple, may have a double Accomplilliment and expi– ration, and all intended; yet (o, as the latter mainly aimed at. The like Inflance might be made of the Computation of another Period of Time and Prophecy fulfilled, (which becaute I may, in the cloture of this I Ilh Chapter, have pmicular caule to mention, I will alto inf\ance in). It is that of D•mel, Chap. I 2. I r. the things in which Chapter refer to the Times of the End, under the New Tejlament, (when is the Time of which the Angel tells him, that lCnorr:ledg fl!ould be encreafed, &c.) And Daniel enquiring when thele things fuould be, the Angel antwers, From the Trme that the d•ily Sacrifice (namely of the Jews) fl•,,/1 be taZerz alVO)', and tl<e Abnmination that ·mak!th defolote, Jet 11p, ]hall be 1290 Da)!. Now by Hillory it is evident, that there bath been a double taking away of the Jewi(b Sacrifice under the Days of the New Teftament, and a double letting up the Abomination of Delolation, (that is, Heathenilli !do. !:my). And fo, a double Computation mu(\ needs be taken, of thele I29o Years. When Vefhfion and his Son Tittn Ctcked :ferufolem, def\royed the Temple, 'and advanced Heathcnill1!dobtry in the room of it, then was one Time when both thete things were evidently done, (both the Jewifh Strcriji<·e taken away, and the Abomination that mak!th defo!ate (et up). And if from that Ttme we reckon I290 Years; that fir(\ fetting up Heathenitm inflcad of the Jcwilli Wor– <bip, being in the Year after Chrill's Birth, 69 or 70, they end in I359, or J36o. When indeed, the fir(\ great encreale of Knowledg, and difcovcry of Antichri(\ began, under Wicb,fijf, ThoulerM, &c. and a great diffufion of the Light of the Gotpel among(\ us GentilCJ. But there was another, both reajing of the daily Sacrifice, and Jetting up of Heathenilli Idolatry by }dim the Apof\ate Emperor, about the Year 363, who both fuppreffed the Chrif\ian Religion, (typified out by the daily Sacrifice) after it had been fet up by Chri– ftian Emperors, and alto advanced Heathenilli Worlliip. Yea, he did let up the Jewilll Sacrifice again, which till his Time had cealed, and was then taken away, and never unto this day let up again. And it is obtervable, how lpecial an Hand God hath had in binding the Jews from letting up their daily Sacrifice at Jemfolem again. The Turk, whom they live under, tollerates all other Re– ligions, and theirs allo in all other exerci(es of it, but luffers them not to live at 'jeruj1iem, or to Sacrifice there; and yet permits the Chri(\ians to inhabit in it, and to pofTeG the Sepulchre of the Lord, and to perform all Rites of their Re– ligion ; And though the Jews wou!J give much more for the like kind of Li– berty, to have that place to dwell in, and to Sacrifice there, yet it is prohibited them. V 2 Now