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................ · .. :.; of the REVELATION. peculiar to that tenth part likewife, and the main !hock of the Storm to have ~ f.lllen there: though haply all the Heavens may be covered wnh black, and all ~ Churches feel fame drops and fprinklings of it. · It bath alfo fomewhat moved me, that the Place where they are faid to lie dead, is called "'-oml~, [the Street] not f StreetJJ of the Great City], as no– ting out fame one eminent Place or Street of' that Ctty, or fame State belonging to the Jurifdiaion of Rome : fo companng the 'j~trifdrclton and Power of Romt! through and over all E11rope, unto a City, and the Kiltgdoms and States of it, unto feveral Streets. And fo fame one State or Kingdom is this fame """'TC1oc orii; "'"'"ll, this fame Street of that City. I know what Criticks fay, That this is, N!11J1er111 Sing11larn pro PIHrali, [Street J for [Streets]. But the Elegancy of the Allulion feems better made up, by taking it for fame one place of the City, by this Slaughter, made the Market-place, and (as it were) the Shambles there· in, more eminently than the refl of the Streets. And thus alfo that former Interpretation (of [thofeofthe Peoples,Kindredi,&c.] (they being taken as meant of the Proteflant Party of other Nations round about) and their [Seeing, &c. J to be their k._nowing and taking notice of this Slaughter, as flanders-by, aloof off; and their [not jitjfering them to be p11t in Grave1 J to be their prohibiting them a Sanctuary and Ref'cing-place among them, when they fled unto them for help); that Interpretation (I fay) i! made more clear by this, That the Slaughter falling more eminently upon fame one Part, or Kingdom, the ref'c of the Kingdoms and Nations about it, do deny them of that Kingdom !heifer, and a Grave to hide their Heads in, when from thence they flee unto them, and feek it at their Hands. And if in this ]af'c Combat, the Witnejfes be lingled out as the one Party, and by Witneffes be meant only fuch faithful Chriflians and Profeffors, as do, in re• fpeCl: of their God\inefs and Sincerity, hold forth an eminent T ef'cimony and Vvitnefs, above that which others of the croud of common Profeffors do, and fo not Men of Learning, but of Holinefs and Zeal, are they who are here faid to be the real Tormenter! ofthefe their Enemies: then furely in that Part of the Reformed Churches, where fuch Witneffes are chiefly found, who do continue eminently to hold forth fuch a kind of powerful Tef'cimony as Holy Men (for this is a Tef'cimony of Holinefs, not of Leorning) their Fore-fathers (who were killed before them for the fame Caufe) have done; furely there efpecially will be the Seat of this War, and the Field where this Combat is to be fought. Now then, look generally over ( almof'c) ali the Reformed Churches; and how few of fuch Witneffes, with difference from the common Croud, do ap• pear amongf'c them; the Fire, the Heat of thofe Godly Men, their firf'c Refor· mers (which is the thin~ t?at {hould tor~ent thefe Enemies at !all) being gone; and the Ltght only remammg; whtch gtves but a famt, cold, and dull Terti– mony, and which thefe Enemies do therefore defpife. Only in the Wirneffes of Great Britain, both the Light and Heat of Religion have been kept up and en• creafed; and among them only bath the Profeffion of the Power of Godlinefs been continued, with difference from the croud of common Profeffors. And (according to what appears in view) more of Cuch True Witneffesnow in thefe laf'c Days, (wherein this Slaughter is to fall out) are to be found in it, and be– longmg unto it, than in all the Reformed Churches befides; and that, accord• ing to the Tef'cimony which they of thofe Churches (who in thefe Times of Scattering have come hither for Refuge) have, and do give. And furely~ the Place of this killing the Witnefies, mu!t be where mof'cWit• ~effes _are. And fo, that Kingdom may be deligned mdre than ariy other; as m whtch alfo more eminently are found thofe laf'c fort of Champions for the Beaft, who receive only the Number of bl< Ndnte; who yet !hall be the chief' Executioners of this !all Slaughter, and who are to be overcome laf'c of all the Beaf'c's Company, befbre the fifth Vial on the Seat of the Beaf'c, as chap. I-§. tells m. Add untci this, rhis Conjecture upon Dart, I i. 11/t. which Chapter, from verf. 36. bath Grajer111 excellently, and Mr. Mede, in his Difcourfe of D.£nro•rs, upon