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166 cv1nEx P o s r T I o N r~ upon I TuJJ. 4· I , 2. applyed unto the Pope; who is that King there men– ~ tioned; and whom .Antioclws (whole Stpry is contained in the former Part of the Chapter) typified out. But the larger Interpretation and Applicarion of all from verf 36. I leave to be fetch'd from them; and (hall only memion my own Conjectu re (as fuppofing their Interpretation good) upon the !aft Vcrfe,, unto the Purpofe in hand. It is evident, that the Angel's [cope there, is, (as I find others to acknow!tdg) to fhew the i/Tue of the Beaf\'s laft Expedition againft the Reformed Churches, after their Reformation, and before his End ; and fo to denote out this !aft War here prophefied of, namely, Antichrift hi< arcomphfbing to ji:atter the 'Power of the Hvly People, (as before bath been at large rLia teJ ). Now wb.en he fhall go fortb in this his ]a([ War, in fuch F11ry and Rage, with a purpofc ulterly to dejlroy ; the main Event and Hfue of that Expedition of his, is made to be this, That he fbaU phmt the Tabernacles of hh Palace between the Setlf, iu the g/(Jrious Holy ;il1ountainr: Yet /Je fha!l come to his oid, a11d none jb,dllclp f,Jn, verC ult. The Allulion in that Phrafe [the Holy Mountain J is to that of Sion, where the Ttmplc f\ood ; which therefore in the ufual Phrafe of the Prophets, is ofren put to exprds the tme Ch11rrh; which is the .iiJo11ntai11 of the L o,.d. This Mount, and the Tt-mple thcrcon, was ercClcd in E111'ope by the Northern Reformation mentioned vel'j. 44· which he fhall prevail againft, and tread down, and phlce the Tents of his Throne upon it (or fome part of it) again. This .AIJtcdiJJJ, and others, acknowledg to be the meamng of the place. And fo, it agrees with what rhis Angel (who came here to expound what he bad told Da– niel) affirms, That the 011tward Co11rt, now at lafr, was to be given 11p 1mtothe Gentiles. That which to G,..fems occalioned the greatefl: puzzle in the fmerpretation of this Verfe, was this phrafe which is added, to defcribe the fituation of this Mountain, [int;r .iHm·ia J [between the Seas J that there the Pope fhould at lafl: replant his Ancient Throne; He fl:ands wondering, why to the mention of • .;:it1ount Sion, (which nakedly ( f.1ys he) without this addition, bad been • enough) there fl10uld be fubjoined [between the Sea. J; which ( fays he) • hath puzled all Interpreters. For Swn flood not between two Seas. And • therefore ( fays he) thofe words muft be added by way of difference and di- • fl incrion from the Holy Mountain : By the Type and Name of which, the Angel had yet cxprelfed the State of the Church. And if his fcope hJd been thereby to ftt forth the Church Univcrfiilly throughout E11rope; then the bJre mention of the Holy Mo11ntai11, (as rhap. 14- I. it is expnfkd by) had been fufticient, and fuitable enough unto fo general a fi:ope. But it being with this addition of difference concerning the fcituation, that it W<lS [ bct1veen tbe Seas J or [omong tbeSea;]; it therefore muft more particubrly defign out fome Church or People of God, whofe Plncc and H.,bitation is for the Scituation of it, thus /;et,vee" the SeM, and thereby fingled ou! from the reft. L11ther, He makes it to point out Rome, (which is the Seat of the Beafl:) whlch f\ands rn lt.dy, between the .Adr~at'1'" and the Tu·hene Seas. But his Ancient Seat (Rome) cannot be here meant; for, v<>J 44· he is f.1id to go forth, as from that his old Seat; and to, as noting out this to be a new-gained Scat, which was not the ordinary Place of his Relidence, as Rome is. Graferus gives a touch, that Germany may be intended, as that Place which fl10uld again be fttbdued unto the Pope, as lying between the 'Bultick._ and the Gm11a11 Oceans; which it does but very remotely; and only the Northern P.trts of it, being bounded with, and touching upon thole Seas. But I rather fear, that thcfe Britifh Wands are here intended ; in that they fo eminently, above·all other Places of the Churches Reformed, and with dif– ference all<> from all others, do fland betwem the Sea., even wholly among Seas; [ Penitns toto divifiiJ (),.be Britrmnos J which Wands likewife God bath made the eminent Seat of the Church in thefe latter Days.; and which he hatb loved above all the Habitations of Jacob. And'