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of the R E V E L A T 10 N. I r; ' Jy And, 6. Thei.r Enemies are now killed in thetr lkad ; as bemg .f..criiJLLd Ull· c·: >~ ) to them, for their kdlmg them before Ccven thoufand of their Encm1es were ..1 f" .....! jlai11, verC Ij. . . And all this is but to make the Parallel of thm Refl~rrechon and Afcenfion, onto that of Chriff, the more full. For fo it Wa! in Chrifi; the lower he Uc– fcended, be higher be Afcended, Ephef 4· 9· Now that he aj~tnded, what if it b11t that alfo he frjl defcended into the lower p11rt1 of tbe Earth l And ( as 'Dr. .Ames bath well obferved) the degrees of his Exaltation were anfwerahly 'oppofite to the degrees of his. Hum1liario.n ; his rifing from the Dead, being 'oppofed to his Death; and hts afcenfion mto Heaven, to hts defcent Into the ' Grave, and going down to Hell, ~ or mto the Stare of Death); and h1s fit– ' ring at God's right Hand, to hts remammg m the Grave, and 111 the Ellate 'of Death. The Third Thing which in General I obferve, is, That in this their Re– furreltion, there is a fore· running Shadow of that la{[ great Vu}c>ry, »hich brings in the Kingdom of Chrift, and of his Saints, fo~ the ThouC1nd Years. Of the glorious begmnmg whereof, under the fevemh frumpet enfumg, verf 15 , this is ordained to be the Dawning. But the Particulars thereof I fhall obferve, when I have difp,tch'd the Parti· cular Imerprctatiou. it is enough now, in General to have obG:rvcd it. s E c T. I I. The Jewral Steps a1ld Degrees of their 'R.ff.,rreaioll and Afcenjion; I. THe firll fiep of their Refu.rrecrion,, is the entrir,g of tf.e Spirit of Life from God into the, ; even as 1n Chnft s Refurrelt10n, the com•ng of hiS Soul into his Body, was the Principle of that his future Life. And fuch a Princi ple this fame [Spirit J of Life here impom. And fo here in this Allulton, it nares out their full relloring to their fermer State ; even to that Lift and Power wl)ich at any time before their Killing they had had. This R.efurredion here is not to be underftood of the Refurreltion of their Natural Bodies; which is not to be– gin till the thoufand Years, (yet 'tis the Refcmblance and Shadow of it); but it fhall be a Rifing of the Perfons of thefe Witndfcs "ho !hall Curvive this fbort Storm, or of their Succdfors fianding up in their Caufe. That whereas they were laid as Men utterly dead, during thcfe three Ycars and a h;lf, in re– fpelt of any active Life of Prophecy; and partly, it may be, through the dif.. couragement.s •nd bafe Fears of their own Spirits, they lay too !till and quicr, (like dead Men) and fuflered their Enemies to carry it, by their not oppoltng themfo boldlyastheyought to have done: Yet now, a bold and fieeled RdO– )ution, to lie ftill no longer, together with an active Spirit, comes upon them, and they Jland up upon their Feet, and make Head again([ their Enemies, ,and fo, in that Senfe, are faid to rift again from the Dead, as it were, namtly compara– tively, to their dejeCted Eftate during thofe three Years and an half And as for thofe who were bodily Oain by their Enemies the Gentiler, during that War and Slaughter; They may be faid to rife in their Succelfors, who continue to pro– fefS the fame Caufe. For the Saints are a Holy Nation, and Community, and what the next Succeffion doth, through the Prayers or Suffcrings of a fi>rmer Generation, that former Generation is [aid to do ; as f;a. 58. 12. and fo J ohn Baptijl rofe up in the Spirit of Elim ; and when Chrift preached, they thought ]ohn was rifen from the Dead. And this Spirit of Life is fa id to be from God, "'"' -ri< e<li, as noting out a more than ordinary Hand of God therein, and a Cpecial demonftration of his Power, fi.1ch as he put forth, when he raifed up Jejiu Chrijl Ji'om the DMd, as Ephef. 1. 18, 19. and Rons. 1. 4· If in any thing · z Chrifi