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r~ pART![, !!An ExPosrTION ~----------------------------------------- CHAP. VII. The CJ?..ifing of the VVitnejfes; from Verf. 1 r. to the 15th of [hap,11, SE C T. I. Three Thingr in General obferwd. CJ'rijfr !J?..efurre8ion tbe Pattern of t/,ir. ']he Proportionr betzvem thetr KI!lmg and R1fing. Tbu !J?..efitr~ re[fiozz a Sl~adow of that to come. I Com.e now to their 7?.i.(tng again, and to thofe Events which do accompa– ny It. Three Things in the general I obferve about it. I. That the particular Circum(\ances of it, are like to thole in Chrifl:'s Refur– rection and Afcenfion ; this Rifing of theits being an Allufion to that Refur– reCl:ion of his, (as was before faid) ; and ChriCl: Myjlic,d being in thefe laCl: Days, when his vifiblc Kingdom approacheth, more eminently to be made con– formable unto ChriCl: Perjo11al, both in his Death and Refurrection, the lafl: of his Acts done on Earth before that his Kingdom then. Yea, and (for our com– fort) although there are fome evident Characters oflikenefs to that his lafl: Paf– fion, mentioned in this their Killing here: Yet there are more apparent ones of a conformity unto his RefurreCl:ion, in this their Rifing again. The Ceveral Particulars whereof, will arife to our obfervation in the Explication. This but in the General. IT. That God hath fa recorded the more eminent Circum(\ances of this their RefiureClion, that they do, as it were, anfwer unto thofe more eminent Circum– fiances noted in their Killing; and this, as it were, a Reward fuited and pro– portioned unto the debafement in the other. For, I. Then they arc faid to be kjlled ; and, now a Spirit of [ Lift J is [aid to come into theiJJ. 2. Then they are faid to lie dead in the Street; and now they are [aid to jland 11po11 their Feet. 3· Then theft: their Enemies, or Falfe·hearted Friends, are f.1id to fee them, eilhtr as rejoicing over them, or at leafl:-wife as not helping them: but now at their R.efurrcction, it is twice noted and indigitated, that th<ir Enemies fow them, and that, both when they Arofe and Aji:endcd. So verf I I, I2. both which Acts are done in the very Face of their Enemies, the more to fpight and vex them. Yea, and (asrPamuobferves) theGreekwordfor [See] is here changed; for as there it imported, that they then Jow themwith pleafttre, Cohere it intimates, that they now behold themwith horror. 4- Then their Enemies rejuiced over them, but now great Fear is [aid to foil upon their E11emies who beheld thent. 5· Then they were expofed to fuch contempt, that their Bodies were not Cuf– fcrcd to be buried (which is a degree of Humiliation beyond Death; but now inCtead of this, they have therefore a f:1rrher degree of Glory put upon them, beyond refl:oring to Life. .AVoice calls them up to Heaven, and they afcend, that is, to a £1t more glorious Condition than they had before. And,