Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

cv.fn ExPOSITION ~in verf. 5, 6, 7· and the Sixth feems to be all one with that which follows, verfr4. PART II. when it is faid, The fecond Woe i1 paft : and then the feventh Vtal 11 all one ~with the feventh Trumpet. And this Interpretation he thus makes out. Rome, which now is the Seat of the Ileal!, bemg but the tenth part of Anci– ent and Imperial Rome, (as Hiflory and Choregraphy tells us) the !cope there– fore of the Angel here mull: be, to !hew how that Relique of Rome before brought to a tenth part, by the former Wars and Trumpets, chap. 8, & 9· !bould now wholly and for ever be defaced and overthrown. And fo (accordingly) the Name! of Men that are faid to be Jlain, he makes to be thofe Dignities, (hap– ly, Eccleliamc•l Dignities, fays he) whereby Men are ranked in Italy whilfl Rome !l:ands,as Cardinaii,Arch-Bifbopi,BijhopJ, &c. the Merchants who in Italy have enjoyed fo great Traffique,_by reafon of this Whore's Merchandife, thele are to· gether with the Fall of the Ctty, to be depofed, and czvzlly to dze (as the Wtt· nelfes before had done) this Seat of the Beafl now falling into the Proteflants Hands. ( An Interpretation, learned, and ingenious). But that which hath carried my Thoughts to Come other diflinC!: Event from this, (though this ultimately may be intended) hath been the Obfervation of that fo different EffeCt:, mentioned verf. 13. as wrought upon the Hearts of the Remnant of thofe (and fo of the fame Company with them) that are flain with the fall of the City, in this Earthquake ; together with that other contrarv EffeCt:, which the full and fatal Ruin of the Seat of the Beafl (under the fifth Vial) is {aid to have upon the Remnant of the Beafl's Company there, as the Event of that Vial. Here the Remnant of :JUen that are 1101 Slain, are faid to be ajfrighted, and to give Glory to the God of Heaven ; but there, upon the exe– cution ofthat fifth Vial, in the height of it, it is {aid, TheY. gnawed their Tongue! for pain, and blaJPhemed the God of Heaven, becaufe of their TormeJJti, and tbeir Sores; and repented thent not of their Deed1; {o chap. 16. 10, I 1. Now if we interpret this, their giving Glory to God, here in this Chapter, in the lowe!l: and mofl dimini!bing fenfe that can be fuppofed, and as not ariling to true Repen– tance ; yet at leaf! it implies an acknowledgment of God to his praife, ( luch as Achanmade) though happly forced, and out of fear conflrained ; and if it be fo taken, yet it is utterly oppolite to bla.JPheming the God of Heaven, which thele other feeling his Hand, (upon the Ruin of Rome) are faid to do: This Rem– nant here (chap. 1 1.) being fuch as were, through fear, drawn in to be of the Popi!b Party, and therefore do now repent. So that, it rather feems to me to be Come fpecial Occurrence, more nearly and properly belonging unto the Witnelfes Riling and Afcenlion, as immedi– ately making way unto them both, in thofe Parts of EHrope, where the Witnef.. fes had chiefly been killed; where, for the helping forward their Refurredion, God caufeth this Earthquake, and mighty Commotion of the State 'of Things, and of the Peoples Hearts. That whereas through a forced Confent and yield– ing, the Popes Power had again been entertained by that tenth Part of the City, for the Killing the Witl,lelfes, they now do cafl off that Power, with a mighty Commotion a!ld InfurreC!:ion, and fo proceed to ruin the Oppolite Par– ty ';Into the Witnelfes, who were the Inflruments of that former Slaughter. Of whzch Party, the Remnant unllam do, as Men affnghted, give Glory 11nto God, and turn back agam to embrace the Truth, and acknowledg God to be in thefe Witnelfes, and in their Caufe. So that, although this may, and !ball end in the Ruin of Rome, ( which is the highefl EffeCt: of the fifth Vial) (for this Refurredion and Afcenfion of zhe Witnef!es, are tmly the preparation unto it) ; yet this other Paffage of the Earthquaf<!, &c. that here ts fatd to be the Ja.nte Hour. with their Riling, is ra– ther to be underflood of the Means, or Thmg, makmg way unto that their RefurreC!:ion. So that, this Infurredion, or Riling of the People in the tenth Part of the City, (which is meant by the Earthquaf<!) is the preparation unto their Refurred~on, which ends in the Ruin of Ro1JJe. The Scope of the Holy Ghofl here, bemg to !hew, what dtd properly and peculiarly concern the Ri· ling of the Wnnelfes, as the Means to tt. Yet fo, as flill this Earthquake here, and f.11l of the tenth part of the City, are reducible unto that fifth Vial, as a degree unto it. And fo, that fifth Vial may alfo be ultimately intended in this Palfage