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of the REVELATION. Paffage recorded of the Witneffes Riling, as the preparation unto it. Thus in ~ the Interpretation of the Vtals, I fhewed, that there may be many Sprinklings Chap. 7· of the fame Vial, both long before it come to its hJM1' and Vigour, and alfo af- ~ ter . all which are, notwithftanding, to be reduced unto that Vial of the kind wh; reof they are, or unto which they are either Preparations or Appen· dixes. Yea, further, The word [ City] being taken in a double conlideration in this Book, one (more ftrict) for the City of Rome it felf, another ( larger) for the Jurij(Jiaion of that City, (as was before obferved); accordingly may the tent/J part, both of the one and the other, be here meant, as the one is fuc– cef!ively to follow and fall after the other. And fo both Interpretations may aptly be here intended; the Fall of the one, being as a degree unto the Fall of the other, which is the height of that fifth Vial. Unto this I do the more en– dine for that fuch a double Scope and Aim, in things of equivocal lignifica– tion,' I find the Holy Ghoft often-times to have in his Eye. So in the Vials, (as I before fhewed) ; and fo I believe in this Pafiage, and Event. So that, I exclude not that Interpretation of Mr. Medes, but do only join another with it, though 1think that may be mainly and ultimately intended. _ SECT. V. (More Particttlarly); that by [a Tenth Part o~ the ~ity] is meant; om of the Tm 1\jngdoms of Europe. How 1t u ja1d to Fall. T!Je Earth-quake in it, What? T!Je Names of Men, What? and thei~ Killing. NOw to come to a more Particular Interpretation of this Place. 1. By thetenth Part of the City, I underftand, (as Mr. Brightmanbefore me) fome one tenth part of E11rope; which as it all once belonged to the Jurifdiction of the City of Rome, (and is in tbis Book called Ten Kingdoms) ; fo now again, upon the Gentiles, or Idolatrous Papifts, their recovering the Outward Court, fhall now at ]aft, more or lefs, come under the Jurifdifdiction of that City, but efpecially, or at leaft this tenth Part of it here intended ; where moll: faithful Witneffes fhall be found, and where moft of them fhall be triumphed over and llain, fhall, during thefe three Years and a half become a Part of the City again; and fo is called a tenth Part of the City; CitJ being put here (as it often is in this Book) for the Extent of the Jurifdiction of the City of Rome, which had thefe ten European Kingdoms by Charter allotted unto it, chap. 17. and unto which thefe Kingdoms are a fecond time to agree to give up their Power. In one of which Ten, or in the tenth Part of the whole, the Wit– nelfes fhall firft begin to rife ; and therein fhall this Earthquake accompany their R.efurrection. This tenth Part of the City may perhaps be all one with that Street of the City, mentioned verf8. 2 . By the Earth-quake here (which is faid to be a great One) is meant (as frill in this Book it is) a great concuffion or fhaking of States, Politiques, or Ecclefial1ical, (for of either, or of both, it is ufed ). Thus under the lixth Seal, the great Alteration wrought in the lkciman Empire, when it turned from Heathenifm to Chril1ianity, brought about by the Power of Conflantine, ( with the depoling thofe Heathenifh Emperors, Captains, &c. and altering the Face of the Empire's Religion) is called an Earth-quabJ, Chap. 6. So that, the like mighty Commot1on, with an alteration of the Face of Things, (either Civil or Ecd elial1ick) fhall fall Ollt in a tenth Part of the City, and fhall accompany, or ufhcr in this Riling of the Witneffes. Now~