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tSo Jn ExPOSITION ~~Things (which is to come) above any other Paffage; and fo, is fingled out as PART 11. a fore-running Type and R.efemblance of lt. . _ . . ~ This great Refioring of all thmgs _(of wh1ch we fpeak) 1s to begm With the feventh Vial; which (as was find) JS all one With the fevenrli Trumpet; when old Thi11gs are 'to be done away; and aU to be made New. Now as then there is t: 1 id tO be a great Earthq11a/;f, (and that ftrch aone a< never,war Jince Men were 11 po 11 the Eartb, Chap. 16. 18.): So herethere1s Cud to be a great Earthquak_s alfo. And as the Etfel.l: qf that Ear~hquake, is the dividing the remainder of Brrb)fcu into three Parts, and the f~liing of the_ Cities of the Nation!, verC '9· of that 16th Chapter; fo here the Effel.l: of thiS Earthquake, IS the fo/Jing of a tenth part of the (ity, and the flaying of thefe Nrwm of Men, And as that is u{hered in with a Rejirrre{/.ion, wh1ch Chap.20.5,6. IS called the firft Reforre{/.ion, (that is, the firll Phyfical R.ifing of the Bodies of the Saints:) So this alfo bath a Rdi 1 rrel.l:ion (though not Natural and Phyfical, yet Metaphonca!) of Dead Witne!fes unto a better Life than ever they had before. So wonderful a Work and Change is this to be, that it fhall be even as Lift from the Dead, (as the Apefile [peaks of the Converfion of the Jews). . And again, as then after that R.efurrecbon there IS a New Heaven? and a New Earth; [o here there IS an Alcendmg mto an Heaven. So glonous fhall the Condition of thefe Witne!fes be, in comparifon of what it was before, that it fl1all jufily be counted a Heaven, if compared with their former bell Condition before their Killing. Thus among the Gentiles will God give one Inflance, as a fma!l Scheme, Type, and Shadow of this his Kingdom; to confirm the Faith of the Saints in it; and that, (as is mofl probable) in thofe Churches of Europe which he means chiefly to make Partakers (afterwards) of this his New 'jerufalem, under the feventh Trul)l_pet. sEcT. vm. An Interpretation of tiJat [laufe, Verj. 14. [The fecond Wo is paR:]. A reconciling Jome 1Jijjicu/ties about it. THere remains nothing now in this Ch~pter to be expounded, excepting this ·C!aufe whtch follows, verf 14. [1he fecond Wo i-s pajl, and behold, the Third cometh qllick._ly J which is the clofe of the fixth Trumpet. For the three la!\ Trumpets being called three Woer, Chap. 8. 13. whenrhe fifth Trumpet had done founding, it is faid, chap. 9· 12. One Wo i-s pajl, and behold, there come two !foe; more, &c. And now when the fixth_ Trumpet's Time of ending comes, it IS fiud, The fecond Wo" pajl, &c. wh1ch IS all one as to have faid, The fixth Trumpet, and the Woof it, do here determine, or at leafi begin to determine and end. Now the fixth Trumpet being the Empire and Tyranny of the Turk._; and the fixth Vtal, bemg that great and deadly blow that fhall be given that Empire to make way for the Kingdom of the Jewt, the Kings of the Eafl, mentioned in that Vial: Hence Mr. ;,:il.1ede interprets this paffing away of the fecond Wo to be the very fixth Vial, (as this Fall of the tent.h Part of the City he makes' to be the fifth V~al ). Which 1f 1t be fo, the difficulty to me (which I fee not fo clearly by him reconciled) is, That this palling away of the fecond Wo as it is here r~corded, feemeth, for the T!me of it, to fall out together with this Re– furrel.l:wn and Earthquake, and wnh the Afcenfion of the Witne!fes and Fall ?f the tenth Part of the City, and all thefe to determine and end (a; it were) m one common Penod. For as foon as the Holy Ghofl had made the Narration of ail thefe, he concludes with this, . The fecond Wo i-s pafl. · And then, he making the fifth V1al to be the Penod of the Pope's Reigns, and the Witneffes