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of tbe RE v ·EL A·T ION. ne!Tes ceating to prophefy in Sack-cloth, to be at their Riting, and at the Fall c;;;;~ of the tenth Part of the Ctty: Kbw then can the palling aw~v of the fccond ....rv--v Wo (if it be the fixth Vial) be imagined to fall out _31 the fame time with thtfe; fceing the Vials, as well as the Scab and Trumpets, do fJll out fl!cceffively each after other?' and though not in equal, or alike difrances of T ime each from other, (as Nupier would have it) yet aU of them in fome diflance, (as is moll: like!y ) ; and it is certain, it bath held fo in all the refl. Now to reconcile this Difficulty 0 1. Either the fifth and fixth Vial fhall fall out altogether about the fame Time; and fo the Cooverfion of the feTI!s, and Riling of the E11ropean Wit– ne!les, fall out together as Preparations unto them both, (which I confds,umo me fecms not altogether improbable ); For that Pa£fage in Dan. 12. I. com– pared ..yirh the .!all: Verfe ofChap. I I. would fcem to imply as much. In which Jafl: Ve&, the Angel had fpoke of the end of the Reign of Amichriit, and in the 1ft Verfe of the following 12th Chapter, he fpeaks of the Jnvs being deli– vered from their greatefl: Time of trouble (which is to befal them fi·om the 11trf(_ upon their firfl Converlion); and he feems there to make them both ro be at the Cune time, or at leafl: fo near each other, that the difiance is not confidcra– ble: For he expreOy C1ys, At th.1t Tim< jhuUMichael ftand 11p,- to deliver thy People, ( fo he calls the Jews by way of diilinCl:ion from the Gentile ChriO:i– am, as being of Daniel's Nation). Or elfe, 2dly, Whereas there are two things here mentioned concerning thcle Wimeifes: · · I. Their Riiing, accompanied wit]) this Earthquake. And, 2. Their Alcenlion into Heavtn, which mufl: needs fall out afier their RtlurreCl:ion: It may be, that. as Chrifl:'s -ACcenfion was forty days after his Re– furreCl:ion; fo this their Afccnfion (though mentioned immediately next their RefurreCl:ion) may be Come [pace of Years after; when their Enemies are re– moved, and all Obfl:acles and Impediments .out of the way; then they have a Heaven granted them, and a Voice calling them up thither. And fo it moy come to pats, that this Afcenfioo of theirs may not be until the lixth Vial, though their Riling were before the fifth Vial, and a preparation unto it. But, 3d/y, and lal1ly, to falve all theft: Doubts ; it may be, that the only fcope and drift of the Angel in now bringing in this Claufe, [the ftcond Wo i< paft J (here, verf 14.) was nor fo much, thereby to denote the exaft common Period or Inflant of Time for all thefe Occurrences mentioned ; or ro !hew, how the lixth Vial, and the end of the fixth Trumpet !hall, for the time of them, be together with this Earthquake, &c. but rather, whereas the Tur– kiili Tyranni was one parr of the Cecond Wo upon the Eafl:ern Chrifl:ians, ( fpoken of chap. 9·) and the tr.eading down the Outward Court of Carnal Protefl:ants, by the Papifl:s, and killing their Witne(Ies, another fecond part of that fecond Wo; that therefore now, when he had related and put them both together, then he comes in with this Speech [the fecond Wo k paft J; that is, I have now fully declared what a Wo God will bring, both on the Eafl:ern Chrif\ians, and alfo on the E11ropean and WeO:ern ChriO:ians ; and thefe two do complear and perfect the Story of the fecond Wo, and do alfo belong unto the Story of the fixth Trumpet: which Cecond Wo contif\ing of thole two Parts I have now fully done withal, and fo I pats from it to fpeak of the third Wo, which now cometh q~tick]y, &c. And fo, this Palf.1ge feems to be intended rather matenally to !hew, what appertains to the lixth Trumpet, then Chronologically to !hew the expiring of it. And !0 this great punifhment from the Popifh Gen– ules upon the Proteilant Party in the Well: for their Sins, is fitly cafl: under rhe Trumpets, and joined to that great Plague and Punifhmem on the Eafl:ern Chrifl:ians by the Turk, as a pnrt' of the lixth Trumpet, and fevered from the Vrals as no part of them: They being to fall only upon the Enemies themfelves of both thefe Chrif\ian Companions, namely, upon the Pope, and the Turk. Thus the Holy Ghofl: homogeneally putteth together the puniiliment of Carnal Chrif\ians, both Eafl:crn and Wefl:ern, under t>he Woof the Trumpets; and in like manner involveth thofe other two grand Enemies unto the Chriftian Profeffion