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<!.An Ex P OSITION ~and how long he reigned: fome pitching his Reign in the Y~6r, fome i;, P A R T Il. 363, and others in 36 5· ~ Now I fhall only fhew how both thefe Periods, namely, of I65o, or 56, and 1666, may be reconciled, and how they both may fland together. . The fifth Via\ (as bath been fard) hath two gradual Accomphfhments of It; whereof the one is a Preparation to the other. That Vral IS emptied (as al(o are fome of the other) by two feveral pourings forth of two feveral Portions, the one of the Top, the other of the Dregs of the Wrath of God; whereof this I rth Chapter mentions one, and the I 6th Chapter the other. The firft De– gree of it begins at the Riling of the WJtne!fes, with the Fall of th<; tenth ~art of the City, ( as tokmg the Word [ Ctty] for the extent of Romes Junfdll~hon); which is compleated by a fecond Degree of It, namely, the Rum of the City of Rome it fdf, (which is now but a tenth pm of theAncient (material) City of Rome that once flounfhed) wnh the Rum of wh1ch Cuy tt ftlf, the Time of Amichrift's Reign and Kingdom is reckoned to end; it being the full Accomplifhment and compleat Effulion of the fifth Vial. Now (according to their Conjel.lure) the firft of thofe formentloned Penods (namely, I65o, or 56) may prove the Time of the fir!l of thefe two Occurrences; and the fecond (namely, 1666) may be the Time for the latter of them. That is, fome Time between I65o, and I656, moy be the Period of the Witneflcs killing, and the Time of their liiling, ond of the Fall of the tenth port of the City, and the Earthquake, &c. and then I666, may be the deligned Time for the Ruin of 'J?!me it felf, and for the Wttnefles theor more glonous Afcenfion mto Hea– ven. You heard, in the beginning of this Difcourfe, that the Angel who here gave this I Ith Chapter, is the very fame whom we find to have uttered that 12th Chapter of Daniel's Prophecy: In which he [peaks of the End and Ruin of Antichrifl, Chap. I I. verf.ult. and how long his Time lbould be, and his Power laf'c to fcatter the Holy Veeple; and when he fbould accomplifo, to flatter them, and after that never hurt them more. This the Angel declares, verf 7· of Chap. I2. adding withal, that at, or about that Time, the CMdren of Daniel'; People (that is, the Jewifh Nation) fhould be called by .511icbacl their 'Prince, ( that is, Chrijl, ver( r. and they fhou\d be delivered out of the greateft Diftrefs, alto from the Turkifh Empire, that ever that Nation was in; this you have verf. I. After which R.ui<I ·of Antichrift, and Calling home of the Jews, lbould follow the Rcfurretl:ion of the Saints ; with which Chrift's Kingdom begins, 't:erf 2, 3· Now here in this I tth Chapter of the Revelation, he comes and explains, both what that Time of Antichrifl'; Reig,is, (n•mely, 1260 Years) and alfo what that l.tji Ji:alleri•g the p, wer of the Holy People by him, fhould be; even this ve– ry killing the Wttne!fes, the tignal of its expiring. And then, how the flcond Wo fbould p.ifi away, (namely, the Turkifh Tyranny) and then, under the fevemh Trumpet, t110uld come the glorious ReflirreCfion of the Saints, and the Kingdom of Chrift, (which Daniel and all the Prophets have fo much fpoken · of). Daniel being inquilitive, after the Times when thefe things fhould thus be finifi1ed, the Angd in verf: II, 12. gives him two Periods; the beginning of the Trme of both whrch, ts to be counted fi·om the ceajing of the daif; Sacrifice · that is, (as wa• befOre laid) from Julian's Time. Now the one of thole Pe~ riods, is that of 1290 Years, beginning from that his Time, and ending be– tween 165o, and 1656. The other IS that cf 1335 Years, beginniilg from that hiS T1me alfo, and endmg betwee,n I69o, and I700. Which two Pe– riods (as I underftand them) are let mftwo Polls,the one at the beginning, and the other at the endmg of that whole Stage of Time, which is allotted for the difp>tch of thole great Things prophefied of, to fall out afore the Kingdom of Chrift. The firft (of I290 Years) is mentioned verf I 1. and t11ews when the firft turning of the Courfe of Things, for the Accomplifhmem of all, fl10uld begin. The other (of I 335 Years) you have in verj I 2. fhewing the Time of the full and final End, and compleat accomplifi1ment of all that the Angel had foretold. And fo that fpace of Time between thefe two Periods, (which is 45